Healthiest Version of Yourself


Shared by Heather Fausett, AIM Director in Auckland, New Zealand 

Twenty years ago, at the age of thirty-two, Heather Fausett was diagnosed with a rare form of thyroid cancer, with a very poor prognosis. She had the tumor removed, and six weeks post-op, her health had made a miraculous turnaround.

Before her diagnosis, Heather lived a life almost devoid of fresh fruit and vegetables and high in meat and dairy products. She and her husband, Grant, quickly understood the necessary health changes they needed to make, and they increased their raw food intake to ninety percent.

They started taking AIM’s BarleyLife, mostly for the super­oxide dis­mutase (SOD) and anti­oxidant content and within a week started to feel like teenagers.

Heather joined AIM to pur­chase BarleyLife at wholesale prices. She discovered that using the AIM products was a cost-effective and convenient way to consume whole foods and to juice without the mess and difficulty of accessing organic vegetables, to say nothing of saving time!

The Fausetts met Chairman’s Club Directors Mary-Ann and Mark Shearer at the Hawaiian Celebration in 2002, and since then, Heather’s mantra is to help others improve the quality of their lives through good nutrition.

Periodically, Heather runs Healthy Living seminars in her local community. Her aim is to get folks educated, energized and enthusiastic about becoming the very best version of themselves. Her philosophy is that this can be fun and easy, if we learn a few basic concepts because the body is very forgiving and corrects itself, if we look after it properly!

Heather and Grant enjoyed a three-day hike on the Hollyford Track in the South Island of New Zealand in December. Heather and Grant’s three daughters, Kate, Christina and Rochelle (with spouses), are pictured above post-jog after their Christmas Day lunch. They were raised on AIM’s BarleyLife since they were in pre-school. All three are in their twenties and are keen athletes and users of the AIM products.

Testimonials should not be construed as representing results everybody can achieve.

Be Nourished 4 Life


by Celeste Davis, AIM Director, Crescent, Oregon

Was losing weight and being healthier your New Year’s Eve resolution? To help you shed those unwanted pounds, you may need to do more than join a gym or adopt the latest fad diet. You need to look deeper. Did you know that STRESS can often be the root cause behind putting on extra weight and feeling sick? Stress often leads to weight gain due to drinking more alcohol, resting more, turning to comfort foods and binge eating.

As your physical body is energized and your mind is freed from negative thoughts and emotions, you begin to feel like moving your body, resolving physical stress.

The Be Nourished 4 Life program, available online, leads you step-by-step to a sustainable healthy lifestyle by addressing your nutritional, emotional and physical stress.

I received this note from a Be Nourished 4 Life student, who is also a university mental health professor.


3 Types of Stress

Nutritional stress is the consequence of your body not getting the proper nutrients, resulting in minimal function. Your body is not nourished. Addressing nutritional stress with the alkaline diet and the AIM Garden Trios’ powerhouse of nutrition is the best first step.

Your body is the vehicle for your soul – your mind, will and emotions. When you resolve nutritional stress, you feel more energy and less pain. This new energy and vision gives you the ability to effectively address emotional and spiritual stress. You begin to love yourself and become more engaged in life – resulting in the ability to truly love others.

Learn more about Be Nourished 4 Life here:

Our Journey with AIM


Our first introduction to a green juice product was in 1987, when Mary was handed a container of powder. She was pregnant with our youngest daughter and was told it would be good to take for her pregnancy and nursing. After taking it for months, she stopped as we thought it was for pregnancy only. Little did we know then the POWER of what would become BarleyLife.

For the next seven years, we spent thousands of dollars on vitamins, minerals, Chinese herbs and chiropractors. Then in March 1994, we spoke with Edna Smith (Chairman’s Club Director) at a Toronto Health Show, where her booth featured Herbal Fiberblend and a green juice powder. After our order arrived, the green powder turned out to be the same product Mary used in 1987.

From 1994 to 2000, we as a family embraced the AIM products. After missing school for a month because of colds and throat infections, our children started taking the Garden Trio in February 1995. It was like a night-and-day turnaround. For the next ten months, our children didn’t miss any days at school. Surprisingly, we all received the benefits of renewed health.

January 2000 was a turning point for us. It was when we truly realized the AIM products were helping our family. For six years, we had maintained our health. Asthma, sinus infections two to three times a year, etc., were things of the past.

Our friends often complained about illnesses, and once they recovered from one, they just caught something else. We decided to share the products even though we had no intention of doing the business. We have held meetings in our community and had a booth at various yearly events. We participate in teleclasses and webinars, read health-related articles and attend AIM Celebrations. Our first was Nashville in 2000. We paid our own way to attend. It was so amazing listening to the speakers, meeting all the new faces and seeing and talking with people that had been featured in Living Well Magazine. It was very exciting to be a part of that event. We have only missed three AIM Celebrations since 2000 due to family weddings. Seventeen years later, we are excited to attend Nashville 2017.

Our sincere thanks go to The AIM Companies’ owners and staff, who are always willing to give a helping hand. They also have excellent products that actually make us “Feel the Difference.” Our upline sponsor, Edna Smith, has been very willing to support us in whatever ways possible. Dr. John Shewfelt (Chairman’s Club Director) is always available to answer questions related to health issues. We send a huge thank you to all our downline Members who have trusted us. Because AIM is our business, we have made special friends within the AIM community, which we hold very dear to our hearts.

We want to THANK AIM for touching our lives with health and wealth. In Partnership for Life!

Help from The AIM Companies and God’s Provision


My dad, Chairman’s Club Director Ralph Casey, was a minister, but both my parents used to do a lot of work for churches. It didn’t pay much, but that wasn’t why they did it. My father liked to quote the expression Jehovah-jireh, which roughly translated means “God will provide.” When my parents were about to retire, they were in a lot of debt. The AIM Companies™ showed up, and then they were suddenly doing all right. Maybe it was coincidence. Maybe not.

My mom, Chairman’s Club Director Margaret Casey, and I continue to help people through the AIM products. They’ll call up and want us to place an order and we do that for them, but Dad was the real salesman. People liked him and he liked people. He didn’t mind making phone calls, and as a minister, he contacted people all around the country. He was unique. He never did anything the way it was supposed to be done. Dad didn’t have home meetings or try to sign up all his friends. He just talked to people, and they listened. At one point, I think it was back in 1992, he sponsored five Chairman’s Club Directors in a row.

A great thing about The AIM Companies is the retention rate. People love the products. Once they try the products, they’re bound to stay with them and even come back after being gone for years. The AIM Companies and its people are noticeably different from other network marketing companies. It has always been about helping people, not the money.

One year, at an AIM celebration in Canada, the speaker on stage asked “How many of you are here because you wanted to make money?” Not a single hand went up. They were all there because the money just sort of happened. They found something really good, and then they shared it with people.

Editor’s Note: Margaret Casey, with the help of her late husband Ralph and son Kevin, reached the Million Dollar Club in October 2016. Congratulations!

Singing the Praises of Red Rush


We recently received a letter from Preferred Member Ginny Dietrich.  She wanted to share her Red Rush testimony in the form of a song! Enjoy:

“The Red Rush Rap”

by Ginny Dietrich

  • Red Rush! Red Rush!
  • Say, what’s all the fuss?
  • I noticed the commotion
  • But never had a notion
  • Of trying this new drink
  • Didn’t think it was for me
  • Because I am not athlete
  • (Though often on my feet)
  • Because of all my walking
  • My calves would end up tight
  • They’d hinder me from sleeping
  • With their tightness in the night
  • I’m not from Lake Placid
  • But I’ve got that lactic acid
  • A buildup in my calves
  • And believe me, I don’t laugh
  • They ache by end of day
  • When I lay me down to sleep
  • Who would have thought the answer
  • Lies in the humble beet
  • So finally I conceded
  • That what I really needed
  • Was some dietary nitrate
  • ‘Cuz often I am up late!
  • A shot of Red Rush does the job
  • And soon the tightness leaves
  • I fall asleep easily
  • And fall into sweet dreams
  • Oh, Red Rush, Red Rush!
  • Now it is a must!
  • I’ll never be without you,
  • ‘Cuz nothing beets Red Rush!


Long-Time Success with Herbal Fiberblend


Shared by Mili and Henry Huff, AIM Group Builders in Rossville, Georgia

One day I was in the AIM office and Ron Wright (AIM Senior Vice President and co-owner) handed me a plastic bag full of different kinds of not-so-good-smelling herbs. He said they were for healthy bowels and asked me to try them. I knew that one of my AIM customers had chronic bowel trouble, so, without telling Ron, I accepted them and gave them to her. In a few days, she called and said her bowel trouble was completely gone.

Some time later, I was traveling to Hawaii and offered to put on a couple of AIM product meetings there. Toward the end of one of the meetings, I could tell that one lady in the front row was anxious to say something, so I acknowledged her waving hand. “Aren’t you going to talk about the new herbal product that AIM is coming out with?” she asked. ”Why don’t you?” I offered with a smile, whereupon she got up and enthusiastically told of intestinal parasites and other problems she no longer had.

Flying home, I decided to give the herbs an honest try. I bought some. Ten days went by, and I didn’t have any bowel movements! I kept taking it. Two days later, I had my bowel movement. It looked exactly like one of the pictures in a booklet that Chairman’s Club Director Teresa Schumacher had given to me called Cleansing the Body and the Colon for a Happier and Healthier You. I learned that the molecules in some of AIM’s herbs are smaller than the molecules of the accumulated, hard-packed grunge inside some colons; the herbs work their way between the grunge and the wall of the colon.

Happy to say, I’ve had healthy bowel movements every single day since then. On the rare occasion that I get diarrhea, I just sit down with a teaspoon of Herbal Fiberblend mixed into a small bowl of applesauce and the diarrhea clears right up.

My husband still takes it every few days to stay regular. I am now seventy-one and my husband is seventy-three. In July we’ll be taking a cruise to Alaska for our 50th wedding anniversary and think we might possibly be the only people on board our age who are not on any kind of drugs or medications. Praise the Lord for Ron and Opal, Dennis and Kay, Teresa Schumacher and AIM’s nutritional supplements.

The Great Wheelbarrow Race Brings Opportunities and Red Rush Awareness

RR Awareness

Shared by Nikola Wilkie, AIM Star Sapphire Director

Recently I had the opportunity to volunteer my professional massage services to a group of bravados participating in an annual fundraiser called The Great Wheelbarrow Race. This year, forty-two teams of ten pushed their barrows along the historical gold mining path of yesteryear, which is now the main road from Mareeba to Chillagoe. Jumping in and out of a minibus that carried each team, they relayed with runs of twenty to thirty seconds. It is exhausting to run without the action of your arms and a precarious business climbing on and off a moving vehicle.

I took along five boxes of Red Rush and offered a bottle to anyone who gave a donation to my selected charity. The competitors ranged from elite athletes to the unfit, who thought they would just give it a go for the sake of charity. It’s a funny thing with Red Rush because the effect is profound but very gentle. Some people find it difficult to give direct credit to simply having more oxygen in their muscles. Unless they have a comparison, they don’t realize the strength of the change; they only notice that the exercise was easier. However, there were quite a few who came back for more.

A few serious athletes who tried the Red Rush were in training for the Asia-Pacific IronMan held in Cairns each year in June. Leo, a runner, does a 1¾-hour circuit regularly. With one bottle of Red Rush, he took six minutes off his circuit time. He said extra training for six months would have been needed to build enough strength to reduce his time by that much.

Aaron tried Red Rush only once and then used it before he competed in a Mountain Bike Challenge. His response to my question of how he managed the grueling 35km rural, reef and rainforest track, he said, “Did it quicker and climbed all hills 18 minutes faster. Am I fitter or did Red Rush help me? Probably both. I took two bottles, one bottle two hours before the race and one at the start of the race.”

I have worked as a naturopath in Cairns for twenty years and have been sharing the ideas behind the Healthy Cell Concept through Living Well information sessions. Those interested in improving their health, needing support and wanting to learn more about how to stay on track come along for just an hour each week. It’s a great way to encourage each other.