Wellness with Green Barley Juice


AIM Members (distributors of The AIM Companies’ wholefood and nutritional supplements) repeatedly meet or hear about people who need something that can make an improvement in their overall wellness. Some are trying to recover from particular health issues. Others simply want to maintain good health and practice prevention.

Most people are overwhelmed by the endless variety of products promoted in health stores, magazines and TV commercials and on the internet. Of course, all are advertised as being effective, but AIM Members know otherwise.

So when you are trying to aim people in a healthy direction, you cannot do any better than telling them about BarleyLife.  AIM has always had the upper hand in supplemental nutrition ever since introducing the health benefits of barley grass juice powder back in 1982.

Since then, BarleyLife has helped a countless number of people to turn poor health around, and today it remains the number one product of choice for maintaining good health. People need to know about this!

AIM BarleyLife (juice powder of young barley plants)

  • Helps maintain whole-body health with natural vitamins, minerals, chlorophyll, antioxidants, phytonutrients and enzymes
  • Delivers anti-inflammatory protection
  • Supports a healthy alkaline body pH
  • Increases overall energy

Note: The AIM Companies is an international network marketing company that provides wholefood concentrates and nutritional supplements.



Kosher-certified Nutritional Products

Kosher US

The AIM Companies™ (AIM) is proud to announce that several of our nutritional products will be certified kosher by OK Kosher Certification. Those who practice the Jewish faith can rest easy when purchasing and consuming AIM products. Furthermore, kosher food laws set a high bar in terms of cleanliness, purity and quality. This is just another example of AIM’s dedication to providing the best, unadulterated products on the market. Our certified kosher products will be denoted with a sticker initially, but the kosher symbol will soon be added to the labels.

AIM BarleyLife, Just Carrots and RediBeets wholefood powder concentrates are now kosher-certified in the United States. They will soon be certified in our international markets as well. Watch for the OK symbol.

BarleyLife Profile of Free Amino Acids


AIM’s Quality Assurance Department recently tested to see which free (unbound) amino acids are in BarleyLife. Mind you, this test did not look for the amino acids that are bound to the plant matter but, instead, only examined the unbound amino acids.

Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins. The body produces some amino acids on its own, but there are quite a few like lysine, leucine and phenylalaline that must come from dietary sources. Athletes often take amino acids for performance boosts and exercise recovery, but amino acids are also a healthy part of a balanced diet and support overall health in surprising ways. Here is a list of amino acids that BarleyLife provides.


Our Journey with AIM


Our first introduction to a green juice product was in 1987, when Mary was handed a container of powder. She was pregnant with our youngest daughter and was told it would be good to take for her pregnancy and nursing. After taking it for months, she stopped as we thought it was for pregnancy only. Little did we know then the POWER of what would become BarleyLife.

For the next seven years, we spent thousands of dollars on vitamins, minerals, Chinese herbs and chiropractors. Then in March 1994, we spoke with Edna Smith (Chairman’s Club Director) at a Toronto Health Show, where her booth featured Herbal Fiberblend and a green juice powder. After our order arrived, the green powder turned out to be the same product Mary used in 1987.

From 1994 to 2000, we as a family embraced the AIM products. After missing school for a month because of colds and throat infections, our children started taking the Garden Trio in February 1995. It was like a night-and-day turnaround. For the next ten months, our children didn’t miss any days at school. Surprisingly, we all received the benefits of renewed health.

January 2000 was a turning point for us. It was when we truly realized the AIM products were helping our family. For six years, we had maintained our health. Asthma, sinus infections two to three times a year, etc., were things of the past.

Our friends often complained about illnesses, and once they recovered from one, they just caught something else. We decided to share the products even though we had no intention of doing the business. We have held meetings in our community and had a booth at various yearly events. We participate in teleclasses and webinars, read health-related articles and attend AIM Celebrations. Our first was Nashville in 2000. We paid our own way to attend. It was so amazing listening to the speakers, meeting all the new faces and seeing and talking with people that had been featured in Living Well Magazine. It was very exciting to be a part of that event. We have only missed three AIM Celebrations since 2000 due to family weddings. Seventeen years later, we are excited to attend Nashville 2017.

Our sincere thanks go to The AIM Companies’ owners and staff, who are always willing to give a helping hand. They also have excellent products that actually make us “Feel the Difference.” Our upline sponsor, Edna Smith, has been very willing to support us in whatever ways possible. Dr. John Shewfelt (Chairman’s Club Director) is always available to answer questions related to health issues. We send a huge thank you to all our downline Members who have trusted us. Because AIM is our business, we have made special friends within the AIM community, which we hold very dear to our hearts.

We want to THANK AIM for touching our lives with health and wealth. In Partnership for Life!

Help from The AIM Companies and God’s Provision


My dad, Chairman’s Club Director Ralph Casey, was a minister, but both my parents used to do a lot of work for churches. It didn’t pay much, but that wasn’t why they did it. My father liked to quote the expression Jehovah-jireh, which roughly translated means “God will provide.” When my parents were about to retire, they were in a lot of debt. The AIM Companies™ showed up, and then they were suddenly doing all right. Maybe it was coincidence. Maybe not.

My mom, Chairman’s Club Director Margaret Casey, and I continue to help people through the AIM products. They’ll call up and want us to place an order and we do that for them, but Dad was the real salesman. People liked him and he liked people. He didn’t mind making phone calls, and as a minister, he contacted people all around the country. He was unique. He never did anything the way it was supposed to be done. Dad didn’t have home meetings or try to sign up all his friends. He just talked to people, and they listened. At one point, I think it was back in 1992, he sponsored five Chairman’s Club Directors in a row.

A great thing about The AIM Companies is the retention rate. People love the products. Once they try the products, they’re bound to stay with them and even come back after being gone for years. The AIM Companies and its people are noticeably different from other network marketing companies. It has always been about helping people, not the money.

One year, at an AIM celebration in Canada, the speaker on stage asked “How many of you are here because you wanted to make money?” Not a single hand went up. They were all there because the money just sort of happened. They found something really good, and then they shared it with people.

Editor’s Note: Margaret Casey, with the help of her late husband Ralph and son Kevin, reached the Million Dollar Club in October 2016. Congratulations!

Why Juice Powder Concentrate Is Superior to a Leaf Powder

Wholefood Juice concentrate.png

When selecting a green barley juice powder, you may not think there is much of a difference between the brands.  It’s all just a matter of an attractive label design, some fancy marketing blurbs on the packaging and a price tag.  The ingredients seem similar, and surely, any old canister will do.

That is simply not true.

If you’re in the market for a green juice, it’s because you are, in some way, concerned about your health. You’re run-down, groggy, under the weather. You’re just not feeling like yourself, and you want to improve your life with better nutrition.

Nothing is more important than your health because without your health, you have nothing important. Therefore, selecting the juice powder that offers optimum nutritional value should be of paramount concern. That’s why BarleyLife should ultimately be your choice.

BarleyLife is a juice concentrate. The young, fresh leaves of barley are juiced prior to the concentration process.  This process is done quickly and at low temperatures to preserve the important enzymes found in live plants, and it protects the product against the oxidation process as well.Juice.jpg

BarleyLife juice concentrate magnified. Although it may not be readily visible to the naked eyes, you can see how the product is globular in shape. It’s also a rich, dark green.

A leaf powder stands in stark contrast to our juice concentrate. The leaves are first ground up and then dried, a technique that allows cellular processes to reach their lowest energy state and deactivates enzymatic activity, especially if heat is used to speed things up. The drying mechanisms may also  incorporate a cyclonic air stream which can yield a very fibrous, grit-filled product.

It is also much more difficult to obtain nutrients through whole leaf powders due to the body’s inability to digest cellulose. No matter how fine the leaf powder is ground, some nutrients will be lost during digestion. Additionally, with a whole leaf powder, you get a one-to-one ratio of leaf to powder. For instance, if you eat a leaf, you get one leaf’s worth of nutrients. With a concentrate, it’s, well, concentrated which means you get more nutrition per ounce.

Whole leaf powder magnified. The difference is striking!

Oxidation has already ravaged the whole leaf powder of this competing brand.  Notice the yellowing.

The reason why some companies choose to sell leaf powder is because it is cheaper. They can produce quite a lot quickly, inexpensively and easily. It allows them to grow their barley leaves large, right up until just before the grain head forms and then get the most volume from those leaves. This is great for the company because it lowers the cost of their product, but it also lowers its nutritional value, longevity and enzyme content. (Older barley leaves are less nutritious than young leaves).

The AIM Companies uses state-of-the-art harvesting and concentrating processes to bring you the best green juice product on the market. We don’t skimp on quality because we don’t expect you to skimp on your health!Click on the side panel and get in contact with one of our distributors today!

The Big Reason You Should Choose BarleyLife Over Other Types of Juices


The thinking behind the alkaline diet goes like this: Foods are either acidic or alkaline. Alkaline foods are favorable because they decrease the body’s acid load.  When the body’s acid load is too high, the body may become overtaxed and chronic low-grade inflammation can set in. This kind of inflammation is linked to a bevvy of unwanted conditions like atherosclerosis and diabetes. It is, by almost all accounts, bad.

Therefore, it is best to avoid acidic foods. However, in this fast-paced modern world, it might be hard to avoid all acidic foods all of the time, and so, it is doubly important then to select foods and juices that are highly alkaline to ease high acid loads when you can.  We can measure how acidic or how alkaline a food is on the pH scale.

The pH scale ranges from one to fourteen with zero being the most acidic (battery acid) and fourteen being the most basic (potash). Water, our old buddy, sits in the center at seven. Most foods fall between two and nine. Often times, the most widely popular things like red meat, soda, cheese and chocolate are acidic, making these already dubious edibles much more so.

The traditionally healthy foods like fruits and vegetables are usually alkaline. It should also be noted that many fruits and veggies that are highly acidic due to their citric acid content will actually become alkalized when metabolized (lemons for example), so there is no good reason to fear fruit. They are healthy and ultimately alkaline, so enjoy.

BarleyLife, our flagship product made from the juice of young, fresh barley leaves is considerably more alkaline than a host of common juices. With pH measurement of 6.60, BarleyLife is comparable to water.


That being said, you may wonder if lemon juice–for example–has a more alkalizing effect on the body after it has been metabolized. They have a way to measure that. It’s called a PRAL score. BarleyLife has a potential renal acid load (PRAL) value of -6.77. The PRAL value adds the protein and phosphorus content of a food and subtracts the magnesium, calcium, and potassium content. The lower the PRAL value the more alkalizing the food.  Orange juice has a PRAL score of -2.9 and lemon juice has a PRAL score of -2.5. Those are still very respectable scores. Salami, for example, has a PRAL score of +11.6. That is a very bad score.

So if you’re looking for a top-tier alkaline juice to help reduce your acid loads and fight inflammation, then look no further than BarleyLife. It’s a cut above the rest!


A quick test on BarleyLife Xtra. It’s BarleyLife, just mixed with other fruits!