Vivid Results with BioVivify

Shared by Breana Long, Preferred Member in Dallas, Texas.

A major step in developing new products at AIM is extensive testing. AIM Members and staff participate in this stage of research. Breana Long was one of the Members who took part in a 3-month trial of BioVivify. And she is thrilled about the results she experienced.

I think BioVivify is great! I tested it during covid time when I couldn’t go out to get my hair done like I usually do. I really wanted to focus on using products that would help. I didn’t know that this product is really different. After two or three weeks of taking it, I started noticing improvements.

I’m 27 and sometimes struggle with acne. Since I wasn’t going out, I didn’t wear makeup like I usually did. But BioVivify helped to keep my skin clear, so I didn’t need makeup. I felt like it was really helping my skin. There was a lot of improvement.

As for my hair, well, it’s really coarse. I’ve been going to the same hairdresser since I was around 10 years old, but, of course, lockdowns stopped everyone from going to get their hair done. When I was finally able to make an appointment, my hairdresser noticed a big difference. She said that it seemed like I had more than a year’s worth of hair growth. My hair had grown so fast and thick. I really feel like BioVivify helped with its texture.

Overall, I just feel that BioVivify has been really good for my hair and skin. I could really see positive changes after taking it. I think it’s amazing. I really do. It’s nice to have a product that’s really helpful, not just a fad that everyone is using but doesn’t actually work.

Testimonials should not be construed as representing results that everyone can achieve.
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