Exercise Recovery in a Shake!

Shared by Eric Vollmers, AIM Preferred Member in Vernon Hills, Illinois.    In February 2002, I was introduced to BarleyLife, Herbal Fiberblend and the rest of the AIM products by an acquaintance. I have my staples, such as the Garden Trio, ProPeas, Peak Endurance and GinkgoSense, and rotate most of the rest. I loved themContinue reading “Exercise Recovery in a Shake!”

AIM Healthy Chocolates

This Valentine’s Day why not try making healthy, naturally sweet, chocolate desserts inspired by the No-Bake Cocoa Bites recipe from Courtney Dunstan (AIM Preferred Member) and an Amazeballs recipe from Jensina Donald (AIM Director)? Ingredients:  2 heaping Tbsp. CoCoa LeafGreens powder 2 scoops ProPeas 1 cup organic rolled oats 1 Tbsp. chia seeds 1½ Tbsp.Continue reading “AIM Healthy Chocolates”

Cool Greens for the Summer Heat

When you feel you’re melting in the heat of summer, look to AIM greens for something refreshingly nutritious in cold drinks. AIM BarleyLife, AIM BarleyLife Xtra or AIM CoCoa LeafGreens will add a healthy variation to the mix. The following single-serving drinks were individually mixed using an AIM blender bottle for easy liquid measurement and blending convenience.     Tastes differ from oneContinue reading “Cool Greens for the Summer Heat”