Building Relationships

By Nicolas van Rensburg,AIM Future Development Consultant Are you ready to take your AIM business to new heights in 2023? Success may not come easy, but there’s a secret weapon that can help you grow your business: relationships. Relationships are the lifeblood of network marketing. By building strong connections with your Customers and leaders, youContinue reading “Building Relationships”

A New Lease on Life Through Nutrition

Shared by Giles Richardson, AIM Group Builder in Roodepoort, South Africa. For the greater part of the past 40 years, I have lived with stiffness and severe pain in my body. Getting up from a chair or into a car has been a major challenge. I was also plagued with stabbing nerve pain running upContinue reading “A New Lease on Life Through Nutrition”

Getting Your AIM Business Off to a Good Start

For Members who are new to AIM, getting your home-based business up and running could not be simpler in regard to red tape. As soon as you sign up as a Member, you’re officially in business as an independent distributor of the AIM products. You’ve chosen well. And just like starting any business, there’s aContinue reading “Getting Your AIM Business Off to a Good Start”

The Business of Network Marketing

The business model of The AIM Companies™ launched in 1982 encompasses the world of network marketing, a concept that has been around for roughly 100 years. This way of direct selling bypasses physical retail shops relying on the foot traffic of customers. Network marketing provides an opportunity for individuals to start and grow businesses byContinue reading “The Business of Network Marketing”

Reclaiming The Power of Togetherness

The world has made it through one of the most isolating situations ever imaginable as a result of a virus. During the worst of the pandemic, social distancing became a way of life that meant being physically apart from family, friends, colleagues and everyone else. Schools, organizations and businesses, including those of AIM Members, hadContinue reading “Reclaiming The Power of Togetherness”

Becoming Maskless

Shared by Amanda West, AIM Director in Pretoria, South Africa. For years, and long before the pandemic, I have been wearing a mask: Amanda’s “mask” of fabulously fantastic, bubbly fun, always smiling and laughing. However, deep inside I was desperately crying out to God to save me. I was struggling with my weight, bloated andContinue reading “Becoming Maskless”

The Testimonial AIM of Living Well

Making specific health claims in testimonials has to be backed up by evidence-based science. For the most part, there’s nothing scientific about Members relating their personal experience about the health benefits of using the AIM products. But that does not take away from the power of their words. When The AIM Companies™ publishes these personalContinue reading “The Testimonial AIM of Living Well”

Fortify My Family

AIM Director Emily Layton personally knows that out of the most painful experiences can come beautiful things. She ended up having a business that greatly serves people’s nutritional needs as a result of her 13-year-old daughter’s health issues. “It started about three years ago,” Emily related. “We were in the throws of darkness, trying toContinue reading “Fortify My Family”

You Can Do It Too!

Shared by Mari Nel, AIM Director in Paarl, Western Cape, South Africa. I’m a stay-at-home mom of three, and my journey with AIM started almost 15 years ago.Attending AIM health talks, I learned about the products and supporting my immune system with wholesome food. My family and I have been benefiting from AIM nutrition everContinue reading “You Can Do It Too!”

AIM for Making Life Improvements

If you are an AIM Member, you took a step to improve your life as soon as you signed up and ordered nutrition that works. And if you are ready to sign up for a membership in the AIM Family, then you’re about to make a life improvement worth noting. There are all sorts ofContinue reading “AIM for Making Life Improvements”