A Lack of B6 Linked to Cognitive Decline


Vitamin B6, uncommonly known as pyridoxine hydrochloride, may play a large role in defending the brain against the rigors of aging, according to a paper published in Nutrients. Researchers in Scotland examined 155 subjects who had taken part in a previous cognitive functioning study from four years prior. During the original inquiry, all the participants exhibited normal cognition. Four years later, the scientists re-tested for mental acuity as well as for pertinent biomarkers.

Nearly three-fourths of the test subjects regularly consumed foods fortified with B-vitamins. However, it was sufficient amounts of vitamin B6 that correlated with healthy brain activity.  Those with low levels of the vitamin were 3.5 times more likely to see a drop in cognitive functioning. A marked decline was also noticed in those with merely sufficient levels of B6, indicating that B6 may be more important to healthy aging than once believed.

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Vitamin Deficiency Is the New Normal


Some disturbing news was released in the United Kingdom that likely affects the rest of us in the West and all those worldwide who consume foods associated with the Western pattern diet. According to a survey released by England’s National Health Service, nearly seventy-five percent of the working adults aren’t getting their recommended daily allotment of vitamins and minerals. And, sadly, ninety percent of children aren’t acquiring them either. It seems, in fact, that vitamin deficiency is the new normal.

The AIM Companies provides a variety of whole-food juice concentrates and nutritional supplements to help you achieve your daily nutritional requirements. Here’s a vitamin-by-vitamin breakdown of the survey’s findings. The recommended daily intake for a vitamin or nutrient may vary from government to government, just keep that in mind.

Vitamin A

RDI: 900 micrograms daily (men)/700 micograms daily (women)

Percentage deficient: 8-11%

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Vitamin D 

RDI: 600 IU

Percentage Deficient: 20%

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Riboflavin (Vitamin B2)

RDI: 1.3 mg (men)/1.1 mg (women)

Percentage Deficient: 8%

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Folate (Vitamin B9)

RDI: 400 mcg (600 mcg for pregnant or lactating women–folic acid/folate prevents birth defects)

Percentage Deficient: 4%

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RDI: 8 mg (men)/18 mg (women)

Percentage Deficient: 25% of women

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RDI: 1,000 mg for both genders

Percentage Deficient: 8%

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RDI:  11 mg (men)/8 mg  (women)

Percentage Deficient: 4%

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RDI: 150 mcg both genders

Percentage Deficient: 8%

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RDI: 55 mcg both genders

Percentage Deficient: 33%

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RDI: 420 mg (men)/320 mg (women)

Percentage Deficient: 12%

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RDI: 4,700 mg

Percentage Deficient: 10%

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RDI: .03-.05 g from EPA and DHA (fish) and .08-1.1 from ALA (plants)

Percentage Not Meeting Mark: Nearly 100%

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Cold Season? Protect Yourself with Zinc


The long, dreary winter months are often punctuated by long, dreary colds.You try and avoid illness by keeping your hands clean and by stocking up on vitamin C, but still you still somehow wind up ill.

You should try taking zinc. Zinc, of course, is an essential mineral that can only be obtained through diet. Zinc has been known to help with prostate, vision, reproductive and intestinal health, and it has also been found to boost the immune system.

The Cochrane Review  evaluated 15 scientific studies that had collected data from over 1,300 test subjects. The review determined that zinc consumption seemed to reduce the duration and severity of the common cold. People who took zinc were also less likely to get colds in the first place.

Although most people get adequate zinc from their diets. Those over the age of sixty might not be getting enough. According to the NHANES III data “35%–45% of adults aged 60 years or older had zinc intakes below the estimated average requirement.”

Because prostate issues become more likely with age, ReAssure SP might be the best supplement you can buy if you’re over the age of sixty. It contains 15 mg of zinc per capsule (100% RDA) as well as lycopene, saw palmetto extract and pumpkin seed oil, everything you need to ward off colds and stave off prostate issues.

CoQ10 Shows Promise for Fibromyalgia Sufferers


A new study published in CNS Neuroscience & Therapeutics indicates that Co-enzyme Q10 or CoQ10 (to its friends) may relieve some symptoms of fibromyalgia, a disorder that can cause muscle pain, fatigue and sleep, memory and mood disruptions. Researchers in Spain conscripted forty fibromyalgia sufferers to partake in the study, giving half the group a placebo and the other half CoQ10.  Here’s what the scientists learned:

From the Press Release:

The CoQ10 group had molecular changes, including increment in mitochondrial biogenesis and antioxidants gene expression, and reduction in inflammation.

Subjects in the CoQ10 group also reported that they experienced fewer instances of depression, anxiety, interpersonal sensitivity, hostility and other psychological issues.  More studies are needed to verify this outcome, but these initial results are so far promising.

CoQ10 Is Good for You!

In addition to the possible aforementioned benefits, CoQ10 can also be employed to aid with cardiovascular health, cholesterol management, energy production and more! AIM Members know that the best way to get their daily dose of CoQ10 is with CellSparc 360! It provides 60 mg of CoQ10 per capsule as well as fish and palm oil!


This Is Why You Haven’t Seen Progress on Your Diet


If you’re struggling to lose weight, but that weight just isn’t coming off and your resolve for dieting is fading, well, don’t give up!  Keep at it. It might just be your body readjusting to your healthy, new lifestyle, according to a study published in Cell Host and Microbe.

The ill effects of the Western diet/American diet (a diet high in carbs, red meats, fats, sugar and processed foods) might be harder to shake than once thought. Researchers in Saint Louis who were behind the study believe that people who have been subsisting on the American diet for years may have trouble losing weight when they shift to a healthier plant-based diet.  This is due to the fact that the Western diet depletes and weakens beneficial bacteria that live in our guts, and because the gut flora has been so damaged by unhealthy eating, it makes it harder to lose weight.

That doesn’t mean weight loss is impossible. The researchers saw evidence that the gut flora was able to repair itself after the switch to a healthier diet had been made, but the weight-loss benefits had simply been delayed. So if you’re trying to shed pounds and you’ve been eating that high-fat, very processed Western diet for some time, you might have to get the inside of your stomach straight before you see any results to its outside.

In the meantime, take care of your gut flora with AIM FloraFood triple-blend probiotics.  Not only can it help your beneficial gut bacteria flourish, but it also assists with immune system health, cholesterol levels and overall digestive health.

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Want to Lose Weight in the New Year? Fight Inflammation!


The new year marks new challenges, new choices and new resolutions. This means many will look to lose weight and to become healthier. For that, nothing beats diet and exercise, and likely nothing ever will. However, there are a few diet and fitness hacks that can make weight loss a little bit simpler.

For example, protein (like ProPeas) and fiber (like fit ‘n fiber) have relatively low calories,  but when people eat them, they tend to feel fuller. That means, a dieter can replace a a high-cal meal with low-cal protein and fiber without having to worry about cravings later,  and fewer calories are consumed overall and eventually the dieter loses weight.

That’s a long-standing well-known weight-loss trick. A newer strategy involves the conversion of white adipose tissue (fat) into brown adipose tissue which the body consumes as fuel. Basically, most of our fat is stored as white fat, but scientists have found evidence that this white fat can be converted into the easy-to-burn brown fat.  So they have been looking for methods of changing unpopular, hard-to-lose white fat into quick-melting brown fat.

There are variety ways that white fat will brown.  Withstanding the cold, exercising and, according to one study, consuming dietary nitrate (like the kind you would find in RediBeets and Red Rush).

But now, the latest study published in Cell has found that inflammation may hamper the body’s ability to convert white fat into the easily burnable brown fat.  If this latest science pans out, it means that if one were to attempt to lose weight via the “thermogenic strategy,” that person would have to reduce inflammation to achieve best results.

Inflammation is very unhealthy. There’s no reason to not try and reduce it. It’s linked with a bevy of diseases and conditions: heart disease, depression, joint pain etc. If you’re trying to get healthy, then being rid of inflammation should be a top priority.

And one of the best ways to fight inflammation is with BarleyLife by the AIM Companies.  BarleyLife is super-concentrated, all-natural nutrition, and it is jam-packed with inflammation-fighting antioxidants. We’re proud to share that our AIM Members have been using this product for over 35 years, and we’ve heard thousands and thousands of inflammation-related success stories.  Also, at fifteen calories per serving, it can help battle inflammation without making the battle for your waistline harder.

Can a Lack of Vitamin D Cause Diabetes?


By now, you have probably heard that a high-fat diet can increase your risk of metabolic syndrome–a cluster of symptoms that may lead to maladies like diabetes or heart disease. However, new research on mice indicates that those darn fats may not be the only culprit behind these ailments.

The study published in Frontiers found that a fatty diet may not cause metabolic syndrome all on its lonesome. The rodents in the study that developed metabolic syndrome also had to be deficient in vitamin D, leading scientists to believe that vitamin D deficiency may play a similar role in the development of human metabolic syndrome.

Additionally, the researchers pointed out that vitamin D is important to the cultivation of healthy gut flora. A  high-fat diet, of course, is anathema to beneficial gut bacteria.  This is because vitamin D increases the production of anti-microbial molecules that protect good bacteria, decrease blood sugar and improve fatty live.

From the Press Release:

“Based on this study, we believe that keeping vitamin D levels high, either through sun exposure, diet or supplementation, is beneficial for prevention and treatment of metabolic syndrome,” says Professor Stephen Pandol, at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, USA, who collaborated with Yuan-Ping Han’s research group at Sichuan University, China in the study.



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