Prepare or Repair!

A comment from AIM-sponsored athlete and oldest competing IronMan Lew Hollander:

A few thoughts on The AIM Companies’ products. I really love all of them. They are well thought out, and well presented.

For health and long life my motto is: PREPARE or REPAIR. Now that sounds simple enough, but most people do not prepare for old age. What does the health world tell you? To diet and exercise. For one’s diet it is fruits, nuts and vegetables. Now AIM has it all in an excellent grouping of products: BarleyLife, CoCoa LeafGreens and ProPeas.

CalciAIM is well designed, especially for athletes. You want 3 to 1 calcium to magnesium (386 to 104) so you are about right. NOW where you really have something is Red Rush nitric oxide boost. It is my favorite AIM product because it has beet nitrate that the body converts to NO (nitric oxide), one of the most important molecules in the functioning human body. It was molecule of the year. It assists in the Krebs cycle, which is a series of chemical reactions used by all aerobic organisms to release stored energy. This will improve brain function, sex life, improve longevity and energy levels.

My personal routine is to mix all the above every morning with orange juice and pomegranate, ½ and ½ in a big glass. Now I am pretty well covered for the day, so I can eat whatever I want and not worry about getting my veggies.

What you do between ages 30-40, will determine what you will be able to do at 80-90 and beyond, I hope. Prepare or repair.

— Lew Hollander

AIM Healthy Chocolates

balls.pngThis Valentine’s Day why not try making healthy, naturally sweet, chocolate desserts inspired by the No-Bake Cocoa Bites recipe from Courtney Dunstan (AIM Preferred Member) and an Amazeballs recipe from Jensina Donald (AIM Director)?


  • 2 heaping Tbsp. CoCoa LeafGreens powder
  • 2 scoops ProPeas
  • 1 cup organic rolled oats
  • 1 Tbsp. chia seeds
  • 1½ Tbsp. toasted sunflower seeds
  • 1½ Tbsp. toasted pumpkin seeds
  • 3 Tbsp. honey or medium maple syrup (adjust to reduce sweetness)
  • ½ cup almond butter or Wowbutter (alternative for nut allergies)
  • 2 tsp. vanilla extract
  • 2–3 Tbsp. coconut oil
  • Unsweetened coconut flakes or organic cocoa powder for coating


  • Mix dry ingredients together in a bowl Add honey (or maple syrup) and almond butter (or Wowbutter)
  • Add just enough coconut oil to form into shapes (e.g., balls, bars, hearts, etc.)
  • Refrigerate for ½–1 hour
  • Store in sealed container in fridge

Protein Before Bedtime, Muscles by Morning

Protein Before Bed

We live in the Internet Age, so we have all probably seen pop-up ads that make claims like “Slee

own that sleep increases muscle protein synthesis rates after exercising. However, it was unclear if similar “gainz” would be made after resistance training.

But “gainz” were, indeed, made.

From the Journal of Nutrition 

Muscle strength increased after resistance exercise training to a significantly greater extent in the protein-supplemented (PRO) group than in the placebo-supplemented (PLA) group (+164 ± 11 kg and +130 ± 9 kg, respectively;P < 0.001). In addition, quadriceps muscle cross-sectional area increased in both groups over time (P < 0.001), with a greater increase in the PRO group than in the PLA group (+8.4 ± 1.1 cm2 vs. +4.8 ± 0.8 cm2, respectively; P < 0.05). Both type I and type II muscle fiber size increased after exercise training (P < 0.001), with a greater increase in type II muscle fiber size in the PRO group (+2319 ± 368 μm2) than in the PLA group (+1017 ± 353 μm2; P < 0.05).

ProPeas and Red Rush

For exercise, we have Red Rush to help with stamina and recovery.

For post-workout, pre-bedtime protein, we have ProPeas. Take it before slumber. It has no sugar, so it won’t keep you from your hard-earned “gainz.”


p Yourself Slim” or “Snooze to Lose Weight” or maybe even “Yawn to Make the Pounds Gone.”  I can’t personally vouch for my made-up headlines, but I do know that a good night’s sleep is important for maintaining a healthy metabolism.

But what if I were to tell you that you can build muscles while you sleep? I know. I know. That really does sound like the midnight ramblings of an infomercial huckster.  However, according to a new study published in the Journal of Nutrition, it’s completely possible. Of course, you still have to exercise. So there is that.

The study looked at forty-four young men who underwent 12 weeks of resistance training. Some supplemented with protein before bedtime. Others did not. Previous studies have sh

Protein as an Afternoon Snack May Help with Weight Management

Protein Weight Management

For many years when I would get hungry in the afternoons, I would reach for a nice cold barrel fish. Back then, eating barrel fish was very convenient for me because of my proximity to barrels and fish. But little did I know that eating barrel-raised, protein-rich fish while watching my mid-day “stories” was helping me to keep slender.  Although all that nonsense about barrels and fish isn’t true because it’s completely insane, there is true and staggering new evidence that protein in the afternoon may help you manage your weight.

According to a study out of the University of Missouri, Columbia and published in the Journal of Nutrition, mid-day protein-snacking can help improve diet quality and reduce appetite.  This short-term study looked at thirty-one overweight and target-weight teenagers. Some were given a high-fat snack, some a high-protein snack and the sad, last group were given no snack at all.  Those in the high-fat group consumed twenty percent more food during the day than the protein group, and the no-snack group ate thirty-percent more than Team Protein. Members of the protein group also saw a decrease in their fat intake and asked for their dinner twenty minutes later than the other two groups.

ProPeas: Vegan Protein

The AIM Companies, the same great company that brought you Red Rush beet juice also brings you ProPeas pe

Plant Protein May Preserve Muscle Strength


My favorite part of the old Popeye cartoons was when he’d open up a fresh can of spinach, swallow the semi-fluid green mass in a singular gulp and then flex his muscles. It was best when a mini-cartoon would appear on the side of his bicep. Sometimes it was a bundle of dynamite about to explode or a volcano erupting and every now and then his biceps would just become anvil-shaped. And although the Popeye mythos is marred by a misconception about how much iron was actually in spinach, (A decimal point error led folks to believe that spinach had 35 milligrams of iron per serving instead of the actual 3.5 mg.) new research has shown time and time again how important plant-based nutrition is for athletic prowess.

A new study on the effects of protein on older adults published in the Journal of Nutrition reconfirms this premise. In this study, they compared the benefits of animal and plant protein. Protein from animals was associated with gainz of muscle mass, but protein from plants was linked to improved muscle strength. They believe that the advantages of plant protein come from its alkaline properties and/or is symptomatic of an improved diet.

From MedicalXpress:

“Many large studies suggest that those who eat diets high in animal foods have an increased rate of death and risk of diseases such as cancer, heart disease and diabetes, while plant-based diets reduce the risks of dying and chronic diseases,” she said.

The diets of many older people lack an adequate balance of protein, carbohydrates and fat, Heller said.

This study isn’t trying to undermine the muscle-gaining power of animal-based protein, but the researchers believe that protein intake should be balanced. Additionally it was noted that to build muscle and maintain strength, you’re still going to have to exercise.

For the best plant-based protein in town, we have ProPeas. It’s alkaline. It tastes great. It helps maintain muscle strength and assists with weight management. 

Protein for Breakfast: A Slimming Strategy


They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. That’s why I eat it for dinner and lunch, too. Then “they” say that you can’t possibly do that, but I say that it’s important to have dreams, big dreams.  So “they” said ‘phooey on that.’ I may never see eye to eye with “them,” but there is one thing that we can all agree on: Breakfast is important.

A study out of the University of Missouri published in the Journal of Obesity adds more evidence to that consensus. They found that teenagers who ate high-protein breakfasts, on average, cut 400 calories from their diets and lost body fat mass. Protein’s ability to satiate hunger has been well documented.

Nearly sixty percent of young people skip breakfast, possibly because they are young and rebellious and think they know everything which drives their parents crazy. But smart eating habits are developed early in life, and since twenty-one percent of US teens are obese, it’s a situation that may have, at least, a partial solution–eat more protein for breakfast and more breakfasts in general.

The twelve-week study looked at three groups of teenagers. One group ate a high-protein breakfast (35 g), the second group ate a normal-protein breakfast and the last group continued to skip breakfast. Those who consumed the high-protein breakfast cut calories and body fat. The other two groups gained body fat. The high-protein group also had stabler glucose levels than the other two groups.

ProPeas is AIM’s all-natural, vegan protein supplement that provides 12 grams of protein per serving. It tastes great in almond milk, and makes a great addition to any breakfast, no matter your age.

Why Premium Protein Is Worth Its Weight in Muscle


Anyone can go to their local Everything-Mart and pick up a gigantic tub of whey protein powder for about fifty bucks. It seems like a good deal because, good gosh, that tub is huge and there is just so much protein in it.

However, a series of lawsuits have revealed that a lot of the name-brand protein makers may not have been making as much protein as they have advertised.  Recently, an article published in Forbes looked at the string of lawsuits brought against some of the top protein supplement makers, alleging they have been “protein spiking,” using fillers like nitrogen and free-form amino acids (the building-blocks of protein) instead of actual protein in order to save money.

According to these allegations, some companies are producing protein powders with less than half the protein that’s advertised. Others have been accused of adding (non-harmful) ingredients without putting them on the label, a practice that’s illegal.

The problems seem to have started when the price of the material needed for whey protein supplements increased, so instead of raising their prices in a very competitive retail market, the companies allegedly used cheaper filler or increased the nitrogen in the product. (Protein is often measured indirectly by examining nitrogen content).  The lawsuits are still pending, so we will have to see what becomes of this scandal.

The AIM Companies has been selling premium pea protein in the form of ProPeas for several years now, and we are consistent in our commitment to quality, honesty and integrity. Our tubs are a little smaller than those retail monstrosities you’ll find at the drug or department store, but you can always count on us to provide exactly what’s on the label.  That’s kind of our thing. We’ve been selling all-natural whole-food supplements for over thirty years.

You don’t spend all those hours in the gym, sweating, running and throwing up weights just to waste your time with cut-rate protein powders that compete to undercut the competition by decreasing quality.  If you’re willing to put that extra time and effort building up your body in a manner that most people won’t, isn’t it also worth switching to a premium protein like ProPeas?

ProPeas by The AIM Companies: 12 grams of clean, vegan, non-GMO pea protein in every serving. It’s worth its weight in muscle.