Combat Seasonal Allergies with Nutrition

The rate of seasonal allergies is on the rise. Luckily, there are several dietary strategies that can alleviate or ameliorate symptoms.

Omega-3s with AIMega

Inflammation occurs when the immune system reacts to injury, illness or irritant. An allergy is often nothing more than an inflammatory overreaction to a perceived threat: a particle of dust, pollen. Omega-3 fatty acids have been found to help soothe inflammation in people with either allergies or asthma.

Probiotics with FloraFood

Preliminary research sug­gests that probiotics might aid seasonal allergy suffers. Beneficial gut bacteria help to regulate the immune system’s response to allergens, re­lieving symptoms.

Green Tea Extract with Proancynol 2000

Your aunt may have been right when she told you to drink green tea for hay fever. Researchers in Japan found that green tea contains a compound (EGCG) that blocks certain allergic responses. Plus, green tea brims with antioxidants.

Quercetin with LeafGreens and CoCoa LeafGreens

Quercetin is a pow­er­ful plant flavonoid. In test tube studies, quercetin stopped im­mune cells from releasing allergy-causing histamines. It also has antioxidant proper­ties that can reduce inflammation.

Vitamin C in BarleyLife Xtra and Peak Endurance

Most often used to prevent the common cold, Vitamin C also has antihistamine properties. Several studies have shown that vitamin C might reduce allergy symptoms as well.

Note:  The AIM Companies provides AIMega, LeafGreens, CoCoa LeafGreens, BarleyLife Xtra and Peak Endurance.  We are a wholefood juice concentrate and nutritional supplement network marketing company that has been in business since 1982.

Nutritional Strategies for Lyme Disease

Lyme disease is a common tick-borne illness that affects around 300,000 individuals every year. It causes severe pain, swelling in the joints, arthritis, rashes and worse. If detected early, Lyme disease can be treated and abolished, but many will suffer for months on end with some developing post-treatment Lyme disease syndrome (also known as chronic Lyme disease or PTLDS).

Scientists believe that PTLDS may be caused by residual tissue damage and chronic inflammation. Dietary factors can ease or increase inflammation. Sugars, gluten and dairy will fan the fires of inflammation, but there are several dietary approaches that will diminish it.

Good fats, the kind found in fish, flaxseed and olive oil are well-known and stalwart inflammation fighters. Look for those fats in AIMega and CellSparc 360.

Fruits and vege­­tables pro­vide in­flam­­mation-fighting antioxidants, and there might be no better source of plant-based an­ti­oxidants than those found in BarleyLife or BarleyLife Xtra.

CoCoa LeafGreens and Leaf­Greens con­tain quercetin, a substance that may assist with Lyme-related bladder issues, allergic reac­tions and pain.
Finally, probiotics such as FloraFood have been recommended for leaky gut issues associated with PTLDS.

Note: The AIM Companies is a wholefood juice concentrate and nutritional supplement network marketing company that has been in business since 1982.

I was having pain in my hips, knees, shoulders, jaw as well as severe headaches. At times the headaches were unbearable. Within a year, it became more difficult to do household tasks. I was praying every day that God would help me.

A family friend heard of my condition and brought me BarleyLife. After three days of taking it, I was up cleaning the house. When my husband came home from work, I was doing dishes. He was surprised that I was up and feeling so much better. He said, ‘That stuff works, keep taking it.’ So I did.

Later, I was diagnosed with Lyme disease and was put on a 90-day plan. I kept up with the AIM products and my health and energy began improving every day. I was no longer experiencing those horrible headaches and the pain in my joints was reduced.

—Judy C.

Testimonials should not be construed as representing results that everyone can achieve.

The Big Reason You Should Choose BarleyLife Over Other Types of Juices


The thinking behind the alkaline diet goes like this: Foods are either acidic or alkaline. Alkaline foods are favorable because they decrease the body’s acid load.  When the body’s acid load is too high, the body may become overtaxed and chronic low-grade inflammation can set in. This kind of inflammation is linked to a bevvy of unwanted conditions like atherosclerosis and diabetes. It is, by almost all accounts, bad.

Therefore, it is best to avoid acidic foods. However, in this fast-paced modern world, it might be hard to avoid all acidic foods all of the time, and so, it is doubly important then to select foods and juices that are highly alkaline to ease high acid loads when you can.  We can measure how acidic or how alkaline a food is on the pH scale.

The pH scale ranges from one to fourteen with zero being the most acidic (battery acid) and fourteen being the most basic (potash). Water, our old buddy, sits in the center at seven. Most foods fall between two and nine. Often times, the most widely popular things like red meat, soda, cheese and chocolate are acidic, making these already dubious edibles much more so.

The traditionally healthy foods like fruits and vegetables are usually alkaline. It should also be noted that many fruits and veggies that are highly acidic due to their citric acid content will actually become alkalized when metabolized (lemons for example), so there is no good reason to fear fruit. They are healthy and ultimately alkaline, so enjoy.

BarleyLife, our flagship product made from the juice of young, fresh barley leaves is considerably more alkaline than a host of common juices. With pH measurement of 6.60, BarleyLife is comparable to water.


That being said, you may wonder if lemon juice–for example–has a more alkalizing effect on the body after it has been metabolized. They have a way to measure that. It’s called a PRAL score. BarleyLife has a potential renal acid load (PRAL) value of -6.77. The PRAL value adds the protein and phosphorus content of a food and subtracts the magnesium, calcium, and potassium content. The lower the PRAL value the more alkalizing the food.  Orange juice has a PRAL score of -2.9 and lemon juice has a PRAL score of -2.5. Those are still very respectable scores. Salami, for example, has a PRAL score of +11.6. That is a very bad score.

So if you’re looking for a top-tier alkaline juice to help reduce your acid loads and fight inflammation, then look no further than BarleyLife. It’s a cut above the rest!


A quick test on BarleyLife Xtra. It’s BarleyLife, just mixed with other fruits!



Celebrate a Healthy Cell Environment with AIM


AIM’s Mission and Promise to You 

In April, we celebrate our planet and the diverse and abundant organisms (like us) that are living well thanks to the goodness and bounty of the natural world. So when selecting wholefood nutritional supplements, the first thing you want to do is to make sure that whatever you choose comes direct from nature and doesn’t contain harmful chemicals that can pollute your body. The AIM Companies knows this. That’s why we only use plants that are tested for the absence of over 300 pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and other harmful chemicals. The USDA reports that 50% of foods that are labeled “organically certified” still contain chemical residues. Our Quality Assurance Department will reject any ingredients that test positive. The AIM Companies goes above and beyond to ensure that you receive the highest-quality, healthiest wholefood products and nutritional supplements.


If you’re feeling worn out or if you’re walking around all day in a haze, if you feel bloated, constipated or congested, if you get sick more often than normal or have worsening allergies, it could be due to a toxin buildup. Your body works hard at removing toxins through organs like the liver, lungs and kidneys, but if you’re eating too much fat, sugar and meat, toxins can begin to accumulate rapidly and may be a real nuisance to your wellbeing. Luckily, there are quite a few nutritional strategies for detoxifying.


Fiber is one of the best nutritional tools for cleansing. Sometimes toxins and other gunk can accumulate inside the walls of your intestines which can prevent you from absorbing valuable nutrients. A healthy dose of deep-cleansing fit ‘n fiber or Herbal Fiberblend may be able to help keep your digestive system running smoothly and your intestine walls gunk- and toxin-free.

Lymphatic Cleanse

The lymphatic system is an often overlooked but highly essential part of the immune system. It acts as a filter for the body’s ubiquitous interstitial fluid, and it also transports fats and vitamins. Herbal Release is the pinnacle of lymphatic cleanses.


The gut does more than digest food. It’s also home to a wild environment unlike any other on the planet, the gut microbiome. And it is estimated that 70% of our immune system is housed in our midsections. All those unpleasant, aforementioned toxin-bringers (sugar, fats, meat, etc.) and things like stress and illness can wreak havoc on your internal environment. That’s why a probiotic like FloraFood is so important. It restores balance to your body by promoting the growth of healthy, natural gut bacteria.


The World Health Organization estimates that over 1 million people die each year from the effects of air pollution. Most of those deaths and many related health problems can be tied back to oxidative stress.


High levels of oxidative stress means that your body is out of balance. When pollution is high, the body becomes inundated with free radicals and cannot produce enough antioxidants to fend them off. That’s why it’s important to reach for an antioxidant supplement like Proancynol 2000 or a wholefood product with a high ORAC score like BarleyLife. Each contains the building blocks of free-radical protection that your body can use to defend itself.

Dietary Nitrate 

Air pollution has also been linked to endothelial dysfunction dysfunction (aka dysfunction of the veins), and pollution caused by heavy traffic has been shown to increase blood pressure and decrease blood flow. Scientists tested beet juice to see if it would help to mitigate this phenomenon. When people drank beet juice, their blood flows were unhampered and improved. You can obtain your daily dose of dietary nitrate from Red Rush or RediBeets.

Vitamin C

A study published in Epidemiology looked at subjects who suffered from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). On days when the air pollution levels were highest, their symptoms were the worst and many were admitted to the hospital. However, if they had low levels of vitamin C, the chances of a COPD sufferer ending up in the hospital was 1.2 times greater, leading researchers to believe that vitamin C’s antioxidant properties offered some protection against the pollution. And you can find vitamin C in Peak Endurance and BarleyLife Xtra.

Sun Damage 

Although humans, animals and all the plants need sunlight to survive, too much of a good thing can be a bit dangerous and unpleasant. That’s why it’s important to be responsible about soaking up those vitamin D-filled rays. One nutritional tip for keeping your skin healthy and young in the sun is through the use of omega-3 fatty acids. Sun damage can cause wrinkles, and omega-3s may help reduce inflammatory compounds that speed up the wrinkling process. Get your essential fatty acids from AIMega.



5 Nutritional Strategies for Acne


The connections between diet and acne are often overlooked. This is strange due to the fact that one of the most common treatments for acne is prescribing 13-cis-retinoic acid (RA) to suppress sebum in both pill and topical form. This chemical (that sounds like a Star Wars robot) is “a retinoid that could derive from the metabolism of Vitamin A.” (–“The Relationship Between Diet and Acne”).

From the aforementioned paper.

Let’s also not forget that most dermatologists are influenced by nutritional studies to recommend ingestion of isotretinoin with fatty foods. Retinol (Vitamin A), carotenoids (provitamin A) and retinoids (Vitamin A metabolites) are absorbed better with parallel intake of vegetable oils.

Therefore how could we ever rule out the possibility that diet has no effect on acne? Especially when diet influences the absorption of a nutrient or a drug that affects the mitigation of that disease? May be we cannot treat acne with nutrition but we can certainly influence it

With that quote in mind, let’s look at some nutritional choices that could influence acne.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A plays a big role in the health of the skin. A-vitamin deficiency can cause dry skin among other, greater problems. As stated previously, synthetic vitamin A is used to treat acne. This vitamin also helps the skin repair itself and boosts the immune system which can help the body fight off acne-causing bacteria.


According to Web MD,  “Omega-3s have been shown to control the production of leukotriene B4, a molecule that can increase sebum and cause inflammatory acne.” This finding comes from a study released in 2008 where test subjects consumed omega-3s for two months. At the end of the study, the subjects saw a significant reduction in lesions and inflammation.

Vitamin D 

A 2014 study showed that vitamin A and vitamin D regulate the inflammatory response in acne and suggested that they could be effective nutritional tools.

Low GI Foods

A 2007 study looked at the diets of over forty test subjects. Some subjects were asked to follow a 12-week low-glycemic index diet. The subjects who did had less acne and even lost some weight.

Cut Out Cow’s Milk 

It has been suggested in several studies that the hormones in cow’s milk may worsen acne.  (Instead, you can get your calcium and vitamin D from CalciAIM).

The AIM Companies provides several nutritional supplements that can fit into a low GI diet. Additionally, we have AIMega for omega-3s, CalciAIM for calcium and vitamin D and Just Carrots and BarleyLife Xtra for your vitamin A needs.

Finding Nutrition that Works!


History often repeats itself when it comes to family generations. AIM Preferred Member Paul Eilers of Conway, Arkansas, experienced this when both his mother’s father and his own father died of cancer. Paul recognized unhealthy lifestyle choices made while he was growing up, so he made a mental note to himself not to make the same mistakes when he had children of his own.

As a sports enthusiast throughout his education leading to the college years, Paul believed that what you put into your body has an enormous effect on your health. “Too many people rely on doctors, so they don’t take responsibility for their own health,” Paul surmised, deciding to be his primary health care practitioner even though he believes in doctors.

After going through the seemingly endless health information available online, Paul came across AIM in 1999. For fifteen years now, he and his wife, Laura, have been Members of the company that provides Nutrition That Works!

Their health has benefited from products such as AIM BarleyLife® and AIM BarleyLife® Xtra. As a result, their seven-year-old son, Brady, has enjoyed better health ever since his entrance into the world.

Seven years into their marriage, Paul and Laura discovered they were pregnant. Laura immediately upped her intake of BarleyLife, taking up to twenty-one capsules daily in three servings.

When Brady was born, he had a number of health issues and would never breast feed. Adding BarleyLife Xtra to a baby bottle full of breast milk, Paul and Laura gave their child supplemental nutrition that has helped keep Brady a healthy young boy. Having had AIM nutrition while still in the womb and since infancy, Brady still loves drinking his BarleyLife Xtra every day. He also insists on going to bed with a sippy cup of it mixed with mostly water and some apple and grape juice. It’s his security blanket.

This habit is a nutritional blessing since Brady is a picky eater, just as his father was as a child. This led Paul to name his MyAIMStore “I market a product for parents who have kids that don’t eat enough fruit and vegetables,” Paul stated. “BarleyLife Xtra will offset this by giving them real food, real nutrition. Everybody’s taught that they should eat vegetables and fruit. I say here’s BarleyLife Xtra with a wealth of fruit and vegetable nutrition at about 50 cents a serving.”

As a picky eater, Brady doesn’t always eat enough, but thanks to BarleyLife Xtra, his weight is normal for a boy his age. Besides, their doctor had once told them that he had never seen a child like Brady starve himself to death. “We did not have to take him to the doctor this past winter. No medicine. No staying home from school,” Paul explained. “Brady doesn’t get sick very often.”

Paul knows that many parents believe that it is normal for their children to get sick during the winter and to have to regularly see doctors. These same parents often think that nutrition doesn’t matter, that fast food is fine. He tries to keep in mind that different things work for different people, so Paul doesn’t try to convince people with different beliefs even though he found out what works for him and his family. This leaves the door open for them to contact him when health problems do arise. Because Brady started taking BarleyLife Xtra from the time he was born, there was less resistance as he got older. It’s a healthy lesson that Paul shares with parents willing to listen for the benefit of their own children.

Paul sets a good fatherly example by regularly taking AIM nutrition that also includes AIM Herbal Fiberblend®, AIM Peak Endurance™, AIMega®, and AIM ProPeas™—just to name a few. It would seem that he kept his word to not make the same nutritional mistakes he witnessed while growing up. It’s a simple step any dad can take to prevent or change an unhealthy family history.

Testimonials should not be construed as representing results everybody can achieve.

I Lost 55 Pounds and I Feel Healthy


By Kesha Smit, AIM Member

I am twenty-two years old and currently a child/youth worker student. This is my last year and so I am looking forward to graduation! I am living with one roommate and have an amazing boyfriend who will hopefully in the next year be my husband.

I heard about the AIM products through Barbara Bird. She was posting updates on Facebook about health food and products and what they can do. I was frustrated and was about to block her updates when I saw her update about the enzymes and benefits to digestion.

The doctors here in Canada had just told me that unless some miracle happened I was going to die by Christmas. Through stress I had worn out all my organs. I had fluid and infections everywhere and surrounding all my organs as well. The damage was quite substantial. For now they could only help me become more comfortable. I was twenty-one and quite honestly I didn’t want to die. There are tons of things I still want to do.

So, I messaged AIM Director Barbara Bird, thinking what did I really have to lose. I was
desperate to try anything and why worry about the cost when I was supposed to die anyway. I might as well try to help myself and since digestion was one of my issues and stomach pain was so constant, I figured at least get the enzymes.

I bought everything I needed for weight loss plus a bit extra. My first order was humongous and it was quite overwhelming, trying to figure out when and how to take all these products. I figured things out and quite frankly, I have never felt so good!

I have lost fifty-five pounds using the AIM weight loss products. I decided to cleanse my body using the My Busy Healthy Life 21-day cleanse at around the same time. I have just started the cleanse again. Detoxing from sugar, wheat, corn, milk and other substances made this difficult and the AIM products made me feel good and full. I have so many allergies that being that careful made eating very difficult and I felt like I was on a liquid diet.

My favorite AIM product is BarleyLife® Xtra. It has a bit sweeter taste than BarleyLife. I use it twice daily during “snack” time. I put it in a shaker bottle with water. This allows me to actually feel full but also helps me with how much I eat at meal times, too.

At this stage I am feeling okay, but I am determined to lose the last forty pounds. I am right in the middle and I definitely plateaued for the past few weeks and have recently just started losing weight again. When I take these products, I feel good.

Testimonials should not be construed as representing results everybody can achieve.