Becoming Maskless

Shared by Amanda West
AIM Director in Pretoria, South Africa

For years, and long before the pandemic, I have been wearing a mask: Amanda’s “mask” of fabulously fantastic, bubbly fun, always smiling and laughing. However, deep inside I was desperately crying out to God to save me.
I was struggling with my weight, bloated and at dis-ease with myself. In truth, I was in turmoil and agony.
At the same time, my wonderful and supportive husband and I raised four teenagers whom I home-schooled while working as a nail technician. My life was and often still is an undeniably crazy, full-time, juggling act.
At the very depth of my despair, I received an invitation to an event that would literally change my life. In May 2021 at the age of 40, I stepped into a room full of angels.
At the invitation of my friend, Merleen von Cause, I attended an AIM meeting at Ilze van Pletzen’s home. Each person I met was filled with grace, inner beauty and knowledge.
Joan van Rensburg was a speaker at this event. Before she started, Joan approached me saying that God had an appointment with me today . . . this will change my life and give me hope again. This amazing event created an opportunity to improve my health and start an AIM business.
Using the AIM products has helped my family and me become healthier. My greatest desire is to leave a legacy of wellness for my children that lives on.
I’ve lost weight . . . and bad habits. I use the products religiously so that I can be an example of someone who walks the talk! My financial health has also improved.
My salon is a beehive of activity where I get to have intimate conversations with clients turned friends, providing the perfect platform to share my newfound knowledge.
Month after month, my commission amounts have grown, motivating me to work even harder and set new goals. We were even able to take a first-ever family holiday at a resort on the coast. It has all happened through AIM, my amazingly supportive upline and my downline.

Testimonials should not be construed as representing results that everyone can achieve. Contributors who submit a published testimonial in Living Well magazine receive a nutritional gift valued at $9.00 US.

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