What’s at the Source of Your Pain?

Physical pain can occur anywhere in your body. It may be the result of an injury, such as banging your knee or toe, straining your back to lift something, or tripping and falling. The resulting pain is the inflammatory response of your body to heal the damage. Even when the source is not so obvious it is usually inflammation that generates the pain you feel.

Inflammation signals that the body is trying to heal itself from external or internal injury by removing or neutralizing harmful materials, including bacteria, damaged cells, free radicals and viruses. However, long-term inflammation is not a healing thing; it is the root cause of most health problems, such as Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, heart disease and many types of cancer. Lifestyle—lack of exercise, exposure to environmental toxins, stress, etc.—contributes to chronic inflammation. Poor dietary choices play a huge role in internal inflammation that, over time, manifests itself as illness.

It is so easy to reach for a drug in response to pain for immediate relief without healing at the source of the problem. However, the most common over-the-counter and prescription drugs can have side effects and increase the risk of various conditions: perforated ulcers, gastrointestinal bleeding, acute liver failure or even heart attack1. It is an individual choice, and one that should not be taken lightly.

Fortunately, there are natural options available. Choosing the whole food in AIM BarleyLife® to internally bathe your body with anti-inflammatory greens is just one of the natural alternatives. How much you take depends on the severity of your condition, so you can take more than one spoonful. BarleyLife is concentrated, whole food, so instead of synthetic chemicals, it gives your body naturally balanced vitamins, minerals, enzymes, antioxidants, and chlorophyll—the green cleanser and healer.

If you have painful joints, supplement with the pain-relieving ingredients in AIM Frame Essentials: glucosamine, boswellia resin, and methyl-sulfonyl-methane (MSM).

Getting to the source of your pain by using natural nutrients is the healthiest way to help your natural body to heal itself. Supplementing with AIM products is one of the best lifestyle choices a person can make. Ultimately, you determine the destiny of your health.




The Inflammatory Core of Arthritis

People suffering with arthritis have a great need to cool the inflammation associated with pain and stiffness. Arthritis is just one of many diseases with the suffix -itis, which indicates an inflammatory condition.

Osteoarthritis—the degeneration of joint cartilage and underlying bone—is the most common type. Although this chronic disease has been classified as non-inflammatory by the medical community, research published in 2013 shows inflammation plays a role in this debilitating disease that, in effect, can turn an affected joint into a chronic wound1. One of the article’s headings says it all:

Chronic, low-grade inflammation sets the stage for chronic disease

The AIM solution is ‘Nutrition that works’ at the source of joint pain, providing support that can reduce inflammation and help the body to repair cells.

Joint Relief with Frame Essentials

The synergistic effects of glucosamine, boswellia and MSM in Frame Essentials work wonders in relieving joint pain and providing nutrients to help soothe inflammation, relieve osteoarthritic pain and support joint health.

Inflammation Reduction with BarleyLife

By alkalinizing an acidic system, AIM BarleyLife® keeps disease-inducing inflammation at bay. The best action for preventing inflammation throughout the body is to take these nutrient-rich greens daily.

Cellular Overhaul with AIMega

The omega-3 and -6 essential fatty acids (EFAs) in AIMega® provide the good fats required to build and maintain healthy cells on a daily basis. Two of the numerous benefits of omega-3 are reducing inflammation and helping to lower the risk of chronic diseases, such as arthritis, cancer and heart disease.

To get results, the body needs support on a daily basis. The positive impact of all three nutritional supplements working together can have a healing effect on a body ravaged by arthritis.

According to Dr. Michael Greger (NutritionFacts.org), “The best kept secret in medicine is that, given the right conditions, the body heals itself … the power of nutrition as medicine may be the best investment we can make.”

AIM has never kept any of this a secret.

1 http://bit.ly/2Inflammatory

Alex Frisk in the Net!


AIM nutrition powered AIM-sponsored Athlete Alex Frisk through academic and athletic demands at Red Deer College during the fall of 2016.

“The term was awesome! I found it easier to be awake all day in terms of energy,” Alex stated. “Even staying after class to study in the library after getting through a day of studying. Not taking naps at all. And the best grades I’ve gotten yet.”

Alex’s knee injury that she received while playing on a men’s roller hockey team in July 2016 hasn’t held her back on the ice. As one of three goalies on the Red Deer College Queens, Alex helped her team to reach first place in the league. Highlights of the fall include being in net for the first annual Pink in the Rink fundraiser in support of women’s cancer. “My parents were there to watch me play,” Alex said. And in the game that put her team in first place, Alex had a shutout, blocking twenty-three shots on net.

In April, Alex will participate in the trials for a spot on Team Canada’s roller hockey team. And in May, she is getting married, so 2017 is shaping up to be an incredible year for this talented young woman.

Frisk h.png

AIM Nutrition Helped Me Through RA and Surgeries


As an Internationally Certified Prevention Coordinator, I know a lot about avoiding disease, but I never expected that rheumatoid arthritis and two cervical surgeries would be in my future. I had tried to do all the right things to stay healthy, but when horrible pain left me pacing and moaning at night, I knew that this was something more than what my chiropractor could fix.

Two surgeries later, I was beginning to feel like myself again, but the surgeries weren’t the only assistance that enabled me to get back to my busy schedule. I faithfully drank BarleyLife in juice every morning and made sure that Frame Essentials were a part of a twice-daily regimen.

I am pretty confident the cadaver bone they used to fix my neck got along with my own cervical bone because of good nutritional supplementation from BarleyLife and Frame Essentials. Unfortunately, I may have waited a little too long to have the repair surgery, and there seemed to be permanent nerve damage in my right hand. I have been steadfast in continuing my nutritional regimen and increased the number of Frame Essentials at my sister’s urging, and the rewards are beginning to show.

My inflammation rate has been normal when visiting my rheumatologist, and I was told that I am in remission from my rheumatoid arthritis. I am playing my violin again, almost impossible several months ago, and the feeling is steadily returning to my fingers. I also take fit ‘n fiber and Herbal Fiberblend together before dinner. It is helping me lose some weight and keep the toxins from building up in my body. A lean body is important with RA to reduce pressure on the joints.

Since the AIM Conference in Branson, I have become excited about ProPeas and Just Carrots as well and have recently added them to boost my immune system and keep my autoimmune disorder from winning. I love my AIM products and hope to introduce many people to their healthy benefits.

Are You Being Framed?


How much thought do you give to your frame? Your skeletal frame is movable because of joints. Otherwise, you’d be one inflexible bone. When it comes to the point where one bone meets another, you have three main kinds of joints:

1 Fibrous – immovable joints like teeth joined to bone sockets
2 Cartilaginous – partially movable joints like those in the vertebrae of your spine
3 Synovial – freely movable joints including knees, elbows and shoulders

The buffer that covers bone ends making up a joint is mostly cartilage. This smooth, strong, protective tissue can become inflamed or start to deteriorate over the years. A past injury can return as joint pain later on in life. Most commonly, the onset of joint inflammation—osteoarthritis—can occur as the years go by. It is a sad fact of life that the aging process often sends warning signals in the form of joint pain. That’s the time to consider being framed … by Frame Essentials®.

The four effective ingredients in Frame Essentials were chosen to create the finest team of nutrients that combat joint pain and provide building blocks for healthy joints.

Glucosamine is a vital component that the body uses to not only make cartilage but tendons, ligaments and joint (synovial) fluid as well as bone, heart valves and skin. Studies show the longer the use of supplemental glucosamine, the greater the benefits, so Frame Essentials is ideal for long-term use.

Boswellia extract has been used for centuries as treatment for inflammatory conditions. Most of the research focuses on this tree resin’s triterpenoids, including the boswellic acids that reduce swelling and stiffness in the joints.

Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) is a natural sulfur compound that the body uses to form connective tissue in muscles and joints. Supplemental MSM helps to reduce inflammation and repair joints as well as provide additional antioxidant protection and immune system support.

Frame Essentials: Natural Pain Relief

Frame Essentials

Pain is instantly recognizable but can be hard to describe and define because it can vary in duration and severity; however, pain does have three major classifications: Nociceptive (injury to a body tissue, usually aching, sharp, or throbbing,) psychogenic (pain caused from a psychological source) and neuropathic (pain often caused by nerve damage). Nociceptive is the most common type and is associated with the classic manifestations of inflammation: pain, heat, swelling, and redness. Arthritis is a form of nociceptive pain but is unique in that it can persist indefinitely.

Arthritis is not a single disease, but a term that includes over 100 unique medical conditions. The US National Library of Medicine says that common indicators of arthritis are pain, stiffness, and difficulty moving about. Osteoarthritis is the most common form of the affliction, affecting nearly 27 million adults in the US, though osteoarthritis is sometimes called non-inflammatory arthritis, (rheumatoid being its opposite) it still causes inflammation due to wear and tear.

AIM Frame Essentials® contains three all-natural ingredients that may help to relieve the inflammation commonly associated with arthritis and other types of nociceptive pain.

Boswellia Extract
There is growing body of evidence that boswellia extract has anti-inflammatory properties. A small study published in Phytomedicine found that osteoarthritis sufferers who supplemented with boswellia extract saw greater improvement in knee mobility and walking distance when compared with those who were taking a placebo. The participants also reported a significant reduction in knee pain. Additionally, two further studies on rheumatoid arthritis patients reported that boswellia relieved their symptoms.

MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane)
MSM is thought to deliver much-needed sulfur to the joints, strengthening their tissues. The MSM Advisory Board has said that “cartilage integrity is a sulfur-dependent state.” Studies have shown that MSM relieves pain associated with osteoarthritis and has also shown promise as an anti-inflammatory compound in lab tests done on animals.

Glucosamine is commonly found in the body, but as people age, their glucosamine levels drop. This can cause the joints to wear out. There is evidence that glucosamine supplementation may reduce the deterioration of the joints caused by the aging process and may also ease osteoarthritis pain. There are no major food sources of glucosamine, so this makes Frame Essentials especially essential.

The Essentials of Frame Essentials

Frame Essentials


Frame Essential Facts



cartilage frame essentials

As we age the water content of the cartilage decreases as a result the cartilage becomes less resilient.
•Inflammation surrounding the joint can occur.
•The inflammation is usually the result of the cartilage breakdown which is released into the synovial space.

Osteoarthritis can also be caused by other factors such as:
•Obesity  (1 lbs of weight loss = nearly 4 lbs of stress relief on the knees).
•Infection of the joint

Osteoarthritis signs and symptoms:
•Pain – during or after movement
•Tenderness – when you apply light pressure
•Stiffness – in the morning or after a period of inactivity
•Loss of flexibility – loss of full range of motion
•Grating sensation – hear or feel when using the joint
•Bone spurs – hard lumps, form around the affected joint

–Sulfate (shrimp shell)
–Hydrochloride (shrimp shell)

Glucosamine Sulfate

A study published in 2009 in Current Therapeutic Research on the use of oral glucosamine sulfate.
–Objective: The aim of the study was to assess the efficacy and tolerability of glucosamine sulfate (GS) in the treatment of knee OA.
–Results: Patient demographics were similar in the GS and placebo groups. Of 60 patients, 56 completed the study. Statistically significant improvements in knee OA were observed, as measured by differences in resting pain at weeks 8, 12, and 16 and in pain during movement at weeks 12 and 16. Drug consumption was lower in the GS group than the placebo group at weeks 8, 12, 16, and 20.
–Conclusions: GS 1500 mg for 12 weeks was associated with statistically significant reductions in pain and improvements in functioning, with decreased pain-relieving consumption, compared with baseline and placebo in these patients with knee OA. A carryover effect was detected after treatment ended.

Glucosamine Hydrochloride
A study published in 2008 on the use of oral glucosamine hydrochloride
–Objective: To evaluate the results of glucosamine hydrochloride in the treatment of knee degenerative osteoarthritis (DOA).
–Results: The ages of patients ranged from 41 to 67 years with an average age of 57.5 years. The disease course ranged from 6 months to 3 years. Oral glucosamine hydrochloride was given twice a day, each 750 mg, for a 6-week course of treatment; another course of treatment was repeated after 4 months All 60 patients finished treatment, various clinical symptoms for DOA disappeared completely in 31 cases and subsided in 27 cases; the cure rate was 51.7% and the total response rate was 96.7%.
–Conclusion: Glucosamine hydrochloride can benefit knee DOA with symptom-relieving and joint function-improving action.

Boswellia Extract


–Boswellia serrata tree
–65% Boswellic Acid
–Maintain mobility

Boswellia Extract
A study published in 2008 in Arthritis Research & Therapy on the use of oral Boswellia extract.
–Introduction: A 90-day, double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled study was conducted to evaluate the efficacy of Boswellia extract (30% boswellic acid) in the treatment of osteoarthritis (OA) of the knee.
–Methods: Seventy-five OA patients were included in the study. The patients received either 100 mg (n = 25) or 250 mg (n =25) of Boswellia extract daily or a placebo (n = 25) for 90 days. Each patient was evaluated for pain and physical functions by using the standard tools.
–Results: At the end of the study, both doses of Boswellia extract conferred clinically and statistically significant improvements in pain scores and physical function scores in OA patients. Interestingly, significant improvements in pain score and functional ability were recorded in the treatment group supplemented with 250 mg Boswellia extract as early as 7 days after the start of treatment.
–Conclusion: Boswellia extract reduces pain and improves physical functioning significantly in OA patients. Boswellia extract may exert its beneficial effects by controlling inflammatory responses through reducing pro-inflammatory modulators, and it may improve joint health by reducing the enzymatic degradation of cartilage in OA patients.

MSM, Methylsufonylmethane
–Biologically-active mineral sulfur

–Passes through cellular membranes of the body.
–It dilates blood vessels (vasodilation) and increases blood flow.
–Reduces muscle spasm. Injury or inflammation commonly cause spasm in a muscle or group of muscles. Spasm involves a sudden contraction, which is followed by pain and interference with function. MSM taken orally produces a muscle-relaxing effect.

–Alters the cross-linking process in collagen, thus reducing scar tissue. Cross-linking is the process in which new structural proteins are knitted to existing healthy tissue.
–It has an immune normalizing effect, as observed in some autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis.
–Provides sulfur which is needed for the structural integrity of joint cartilage and connective tissue.
–AIM’s MSM has been shown in research to inhibit inflammation by decreasing influx of certain white blood cells.
–Reduced inflammation increases circulation to aid recovery of sore muscles.

A study published in 2006 in Osteoarthritis and Cartilage on the use of oral methylsulfonylmethane.
-Methods: A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial was conducted. Fifty men and women, 40-76 years of age with knee OA pain were enrolled in an outpatient medical center. Intervention was MSM 3 g or placebo twice a day for 12 weeks (6 g/day total).
-Results: Compared to placebo, MSM produced significant decreases in osteoarthritis pain and physical function impairment. MSM also produced improvement in performing activities of daily living when compared to placebo on overall health-relate quality of life evaluation.
-Conclusion: MSM (3 g twice a day) improved symptoms of pain and physical function during the short intervention without major adverse events.

MSM / Glucosamine
A study published in 2004 in Clinical Drug Investigation on the use of oral glucosamine and methylsulfonylmethane.
•Objective: The aim of the study was to compare the efficacy and safety of oral glucosamine (Glu), methylsulfonylmethane (MSM), their combination and placebo in osteoarthritis of the knee.
•Patients and design: A total of 118 patients of either sex with mild to moderate osteoarthritis were included in the study and randomised to receive either Glu 500mg, MSM 500mg, Glu and MSM or placebo capsules three times daily for 12 weeks.
•Results: Glu, MSM and their combination significantly improved signs and symptoms of osteoarthritis compared with placebo. The combination treatment resulted in a more significant decrease in the mean pain index. After 12 weeks, the mean swelling index significantly decreased with Glu and MSM, while the decrease in swelling index with combination therapy was greater after 12 weeks.
•Conclusion: Glu, MSM and their combination produced an painkilling and anti-inflammatory effect in osteoarthritis. Combination therapy showed better efficacy in reducing pain and swelling and in improving the functional ability of joints than the individual agents. The onset of painkilling and anti-inflammatory activity was found to be more rapid with the combination than with Glu. It can be concluded that the combination of MSM with Glu provides better and more rapid improvement in patients with osteoarthritis.

Q: May children and pregnant women take Frame Essentials?

A: There should be no reason for children to be using this product. Pregnant women should consult a health practitioner.

Q: May I take Frame Essentials with other medications?

A: There are no indications that glucosamine interacts with other medications. Of course, you should always consult a health practitioner when adding new supplements to your regimen.

Q: Is glucosamine actually absorbed?

A: Yes, in one study on glucosamine sulfate (pill form), ninety percent of the glucosamine was absorbed.

Q: Does Frame Essentials have any side effects?

A: Glucosamine and MSM is safe. A few people have reported upset stomach and nausea. In a year of formal testing of glucosamine, no significant side effects were found

materials By Phil Jermann