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Shared by Rita and Eno Vandertil, AIM Star Sapphire Directors

In January 2002, we started our first jar of BarleyLife and Herbal Fiberblend. I shared AIM with a few people, but I wasn’t interested in building a business because I didn’t think I knew enough or that anyone would listen to me.

At a Women’s Aglow meeting in October 2004, two ladies told me that there would be “suddenlies” in my life, maybe in business. The next spring the Lord brought Ken Campbell (AIM Director) into my life. His miraculous recovery from leukemia and prostate cancer gave me a passion to share the AIM products.

I began attending AIM meetings to learn more about the products and improve my own health. This made me realize the importance of offering meetings, so I have helped to organize many in our area.

It has been such a blessing for Eno and me to attend many AIM Celebrations.

When planning meetings, I do an email blast; however, I still like to phone my Members personally to invite them. It gives me an opportunity to catch up on what is going on in their lives, and I find that people still like that personal invitation. Even if the member does not attend the meeting, I have been able to connect with them. The key is FOLLOW-UP, FOLLOW-UP,  FOLLOW-UP, especially after the meeting is over to see if they need help in any way.

It has been such a blessing for Eno and me to attend many AIM Celebrations. I won a prize to go to San Antonio in 2006. Eno thought I should go by myself, but later decided he would join me. We enjoyed it so much that Eno told me to work hard to be able to participate every year. We have been able to see many lovely places and meet wonderful people who have become dear friends.

We are very thankful for the integrity of The AIM Companies™ and for the help and encouragement we receive from them and from our upline. I enjoy being part of the AIM Prayer Team and continue to pray for The AIM Companies to excel in every area and to be able to provide the best products on the market!

Testimonials should not be construed as representing results that everyone can achieve.

NOTE: The AIM Companies is an international network marketing company that has been in business since 1982.  We provide wholefood powder concentrates and nutritional supplements.

Yes, You Can Make Money with The AIM Companies

Since 1982, The AIM Companies has provided the world with a competitive, enduring business plan and the highest quality and healthiest wholefood juice concentrates and nutritional supplements worldwide.

We believe that free enterprise allows dynamic entrepreneurs the keys to securing financial success, but also that success goes hand in hand with helping others achieve better lives. The best way to create a thriving business is to provide people with quality products that improve their health.

We have a business philosophy that is built upon care and concern for others, a business philosophy that demonstrates the highest ideals of free enterprise in action and a business philosophy that knows that communication and cooperation between AIM’s corporate headquarters and the Members (distributors) in the field are necessary for success.

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Director Promotion: M & M Healthy Sales-Marlene and John Miller

Director Promotion.png

This achievement took perseverance. Our goal was to reach Royal Emerald Director. Marlene liked the color and name. When we became Members, the sign-up fee was $25.00, but it was the best investment we ever made. Marlene had been in a vitamin MLM company. She wanted to feel better and have more energy. After having ten children, she was sick, tired and seeing a doctor about three times a month. As an Amish farmer’s wife, she constantly baked pies, cookies, cakes and big farm meals and ate herself into heaviness and tiredness.

After a terrible episode of indigestion, she talked to Chairman’s Club Director Charlotte Thompson about the Healthy Cell Concept. Immediately, she knew she needed BarleyLife, Herbal Fiberblend and PrepZymes. Her enzymes were depleted due to over-cooking, eating meat and baked goods. In a matter of weeks, her colitis improved, she had more energy and lost 20 pounds.

Charlotte invited them to attend a BarleyLife Conference. There were 50 people there, but those who stood out were Chairman’s Club Director Dr. John Shewfelt and our upline Chairman’s Club Directors Jim and Carolyn Kling. When Jim and Carolyn walked into the room with such dignity, I remarked to Johnny, “I bet they’ll never sit beside us Amish people,” but they did. Jim told his story of how he learned about BarleyLife from the Japanese. The Klings were enthusiastic about the product and business. We didn’t think we could do that because we lacked conveniences. Jim put his hand on Marlene’s shoulder and said, “Sister, if a dummy like me can do this business, you can too!”

After walking to the phone an eighth mile in rain, sleet and snow, setting up booths in small towns and many in-home meetings, we got our first check which she still has a copy of. In three months, we advanced to Directors. That was a WOW moment.

We are thrilled to become Blue Diamond Directors. Thanks, Dennis and Kay, Ron and Opal, AIM staff and especially our upline and downline who helped us reach our goal. Only God knows what the future holds and may He keep blessing The AIM Companies.

Teaching the Virtues of Nutrition and Free Enterprise


Royal Emerald Director Loren Schiele of Dallas, Texas, is the proud father of four grown, successful boys — all raised on BarleyLife and the AIM products and instilled with the virtues of nutrition, hard work and free enterprise.

Loren married his wife Kathleen at age twenty-six. The two were already interested in nutrition before they had their first child. They ate healthy and even made homemade bread. When Kathleen’s father became ill, they learned about the AIM products and phoned AIM for more information. AIM provided Loren with a list of local sponsors who, unfortunately, didn’t return his calls. This shows how important follow-up is, especially considering Loren and Kathleen have reached the Million Dollar Club. So Loren searched online and discovered Star Sapphire Director Marion Hayden who called him back within five minutes.

“She’s been a very, very good sponsor. Every single contact is important. You never know which person is going to take it and turn it into a business,” Loren said. “When I first started, I didn’t intend to be in business. But I had some experiences with MLM and knew the potential and what it was all about.”

In 1995, Loren was given a couple months of free internet service through a coworker’s son, and from that starting point, Loren built his now-flourishing AIM business. Loren and Kathleen’s hard work and business acumen allowed them to teach their children through example.

“They are all pretty much self-starters and self-motivated,” Loren stated. “That was our lifestyle. It’s what we instilled in them. We home-schooled our boys and did everything from an adventure-learning standpoint. We took them to the AIM Conferences because everything was a possible learning experience.”

Their son, Jason, is the youngest firefighter ever in Carollton, Texas, and is currently undertaking paramedic training. Steven won a fellowship at Ohio State University where he’s a grad student studying psychology. Daniel works in marketing and finance for the Fossil Group, and their eldest, Michael, is an information technology whiz for a financial company.

All the boys were raised on BarleyLife and continue to use the AIM products to this day. The three youngest sons enjoy weightlifting and have all used Red Rush and ProPeas.

“I tried to teach them the importance of whole foods and eating as natural as possible,” Loren said. “It was considered a rare treat to eat something that wasn’t a whole food. To make natural foods the norm, that was the biggest thing.”

The Business of Improving Lives


When you have products like AIM BarleyLife®, there is no limit to the number of people who will benefit from Nutrition that Works! Just ask Doug and Fran Gray in Bond Head, Ontario.

In July 2015, the Grays reconnected with George and Muriel McPherson (AIM Chairman Club Directors) and promoted from reinstated Members to AIM Directors by October. Within five months, they signed up thirty-one new Members, offering them the health benefits of the AIM nutritional line-up.

Doug and Fran’s motivation is to make people well and improve the quality of their lives. While some of their new downline have known the Grays for years, others became Members after Doug and Fran told them about the simplicity of getting great nutrition with products such as the AIM Garden Trio®.

By introducing people to AIM, Doug and Fran earned $1,167 in the Branson Bucks Contest. They are already looking forward to traveling to Missouri for the 2016 conference. AIM congratulates them on their remarkable achievements.

As husband and wife and great friends, Doug and Fran’s journey together has allowed them to travel the globe. Their many life experiences include starting a drug clinic at an orphanage hospital in Toronto, befriending Mother Theresa in India and becoming life members of the American, British and Canadian Societies of Dowsers (water diviners). In 2013, the Grays were invited to the eightieth anniversary of the British Society of Dowsers in Cirencester, England, where Doug was the keynote speaker.

A respected elder of the Mi’gmaq (Micmac) First Nation, Doug, whose given name is White Eagle, has conducted ceremonies at notable locations around the world including the Cu Chi Tunnels of Saigon, the Great Wall of China and the Taj Mahal. Being an ordained, nondenominational minister, Doug also presides over baptisms, weddings, funerals and other ceremonies.

Doug and Fran feel their involvement with AIM adds much to their long list of life-enriching experiences. AIM nutrition can be a key for turning people’s poor health around. “Miracles can happen, and BarleyLife is a miracle,” Doug stated. “People need to be healthy and happy, and they have the right to fulfill their journeys. Why would we not help each other?”

Achieve Your Goals with AIM



With AIM’s natural whole-food concentrates and supplements, you have the nutritional power to maintain your health. By introducing others to this wealth of health support, you also have an opportunity to build a home-based business and earn an income.

Look what you have at your disposal: the finest natural products that promote good health and offer targeted nutrition for specific conditions, including constipation, poor circulation, joint pain and high blood sugar, just to name a few.

With nutrients that provide the building materials for wellness, concentrated greens such as AIM BarleyLife® and AIM LeafGreens™ can be the foundation of any

goal to improve health. The alkalizing, detoxifying and anti-inflammatory benefits of these nutritious greens begin at the cellular level and deliver whole-food nutrition for whole-body wellness. As opposed to a product that is synthesized in a laboratory and, therefore, foreign to the human body, BarleyLife and LeafGreens offer a natural multivitamin/mineral supplement made from a plant source produced by nature. As a result, these essential nutrients are accepted and easily assimilated by the body. The same can be said for the wealth of enzymes, chlorophyll and antioxidants and the myriad of unique plant nutrients found in BarleyLife and LeafGreens.

AIM ProPeas™ contains a vegetable source of protein from green peas, providing an essential component of every human cell. The body uses protein for building and repairing tissues; for making body chemicals, enzymes and hormones; and for the building blocks of blood, bones, muscles, cartilage, and skin.

As with alkalizing greens, the vegetable source of protein in ProPeas contributes to a healthy body pH, so it offers a meat alternative. Meat has an acidifying effect on the body, and an acidic body environment literally opens the door to disease. In fact, as of October 2015, the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) classified the consumption of both red meat and processed meat as probably carcinogenic to humans.

Natural health products such as AIM Herbal Fiberblend® and AIM fit ’n
fiber™* contribute to a high-fiber intake, which research has revealed to be a leading dietary factor in the prevention and treatment of chronic diseases, such as heart disease and type 2 diabetes. The detoxifying properties of the fiber and herbs in Herbal Fiberblend provide a cleansing first step in health-improvement goals. Adding hunger-satisfying fit ’n fiber to a daily weight-loss routine will assist the goal of shedding unwanted pounds.

The balanced 2:1 ratio of omega-3 and-6 essential fatty acids (EFAs) in AIMega® deliver the good fats that can only come from EFA-rich food or supplements. The body cannot survive without EFAs because they are essential for the repair and function of cells. The fact that omega-3 is a vital component of every cell membrane makes it less surprising that they are fundamental for so many workings of the human body, including the brain, the digestive system, the eyes, the heart, the hormonal (endocrine) system, the immune system and the skin. The EFAs in AIMega come from organic seed oils such as flaxseed, one of the richest plant sources of omega-3.

All you have to do is glance through an AIM product catalogue or visit the website to discover even more to assist you in your goals for the future. The entire AIM product line-up is available as supplemental health support for you, your family and friends. By introducing AIM benefits to others, you can become a commission-earning AIM Member. It’s a healthy win-win situation overall.

Simple Plans for Completing Goals

Motivation and willpower are necessary, but both can be short-lived. If you plan the when, where and how of your behavioral changes, you are far more likely to achieve your goals. For example, suppose you want to improve your health. Tell yourself, “Thirty minutes before every meal, I’m going to take AIM BarleyLife.” It’s much easier to accomplish health goals by giving yourself achievable tasks.

Having back-up plans when obstacles get in the way keeps you on track with your goals. For example, tell yourself, “If I’m not at home for meals, then I’ll carry some BarleyLife Sample Packs or capsules so I never miss taking these health-improving greens.”

Believe it or not, studies confirm the effectiveness of what psychology professor Peter M. Gollwitzer calls implementation intentions—simple plans that move you around obstacles and closer to your goals. It works for business building as well. So keep telling yourself, “Even if some people say no to AIM, I’m still going to find people who say yes to Nutrition that Works!”

Dixie Shaw: Mom Knows Best!

Dixie Shaw

Dixie Shaw, Royal Emerald Director from Gilmer, Texas, knows nutrition. She and her husband Eddie own and operate an online health store where they sell the AIM products alongside other equipment essential to a healthy lifestyle. She discovered AIM shortly after giving birth to one of their children. “I wanted to lose weight and get in shape,” Dixie said. A friend told her to try AIM Herbal Fiberblend. After using it for a few months, she signed up as a Member.

“I use AIM BarleyLife often, but Herbal Fiberblend is probably my favorite product. I take it almost every day. We use a lot of the other AIM products: Cell Wellness Restorer, CalciAIM, AIMega, Composure and CellSparc 360. Our new favorite product is AIM Red Rush. We rotate in a lot of the other products when we need them.”

Dixie also knows motherhood. She’s had five children and home-schooled them all. Reading, writing and arithmetic weren’t the only things that she instilled in her kids. She also taught them the value of eating right and healthy living.

“We took BarleyLife nearly every day. We ate healthy and cooked everything from scratch. We ground our own grains and almost never ate out. I taught them everything that I could about nutrition. They’d listen to me talking to clients on the phone. I showed them how to read food labels at the supermarket. If one of them brought home something like a cake mix full of artificial ingredients, I didn’t like that too well. I’d say ‘We don’t do that here.’ We tried to make everything from scratch. Then you know what goes into your food. Our youngest child just graduated chef school and became a chef.”

Today, Dixie and Eddie’s children are all grown. The oldest is thirty-three and the youngest—a fan of dry BarleyLife while growing up—is twenty-one years old, each one of them married. They all remember AIM conferences fondly. The first conference they attended as a family was in Phoenix, and the whole clan even journeyed all the way to Hawaii. The Utah conference was the final AIM-related trip the Shaws made together.

“My kids were almost never sick. Little kids are sick all the time, but ours just weren’t. We hardly have anyone sick in our family. That’s probably our greatest AIM success story. After using the products for twenty years, we are still healthy. We look about ten years younger than our actual ages. That’s something I’ve noticed about a lot of AIM Members. I think it’s the anti-aging effects of the products. I love that.”