Our Journey with The AIM Companies™

Shared by Carolyn Kling, AIM Chairman’s Club Director

The fall of 1981 was the very beginning of a future we could only have dreamed about. God had our future ordained for us and it began when one of Jim’s real estate clients brought a jar of green powder into our office. Being an entrepreneur, Jim immediately saw something in this jar that sparked a fire under him.

After a thorough investigation and seeing folks getting well from their ailments, Jim was convinced to get involved sharing this with others. So we jumped in with both feet and closed our real estate business. Soon we had a business growing up around us.

We organized many meetings, shared with all our family and friends and anyone else who would listen, and the excitement grew. We experienced a new energy level and wellness that we had not had before. We began to travel as our network began to spread. We set our goals and made plans to carry them out. We worked as a team, and it was so exciting seeing what God was doing, not only in our lives, but in so many others. As we taught the health message and how to share it, folks were not only getting improved health but also financial rewards with a nice paycheck.

Our excitement and determination just kept growing and now as we look back, we stand in awe seeing how we reached for every promotion available. With that business success and our teaching and training came countless folks with improved health and incredible incomes.

What an incredible life God had planned for us and we listened. We were able to not only enjoy a lifestyle far beyond our dreams, we also were able to help our family in many ways.

Jim’s big dream was to own a beautiful ranch in the central mountains of Idaho and set up a ministry there and our AIM business helped this dream come true. Jim’s sign on the big gatepost is “Kling Ranch, On Loan from God.” This ranch has provided not only R&R for us and our family, but we have youth and church camps, pastors, R&R retreats, family hunting and so much more.

In the beginning we felt very strongly that we had hold of something bigger than us, and that has certainly proved to be true.

Our lives were truly enriched in every way possible. Thanks be to God and thank you to Ron Wright, Dennis Itami, the AIM staff and our team around the world.

Testimonials should not be construed as representing results that everyone can achieve.


Northern Lights Contest Standings

The Northern Lights international AIM contest runs through December 31, 2017. With $75,000 in cash prizes and celebration packages to AIM’s 2018 Celebration in Toronto, Canada, you will want to work hard to be in the top 60 Memberships to earn prizes.  Below are the current standings as of Sunday, August 6 at midnight.

Name Points
Jada, Razia 1139
Jada, Muhammad 971
Miller, Joseph W. and Emma M. 644
Toft, Heidi and Mike 571
Miller, Matthew and Karen D. 486
Quantum Knowledge Pty. Ltd. 474
Schiele, Loren E. and Kathleen 442
Weitsz, Vanessa 429
Upfold, Jon and Julie 420
Paquin, Ginette 420
Van Rensburg, Chris and Joan 404
Knipp, Cara D. 385
Jada Shaik, Raeesa 356
Peterson, Ralph S. 348
Van Den Bosch, Marinda 330
Ascent Strategies, Inc. 326
Raber, Daniel and Soloma 318
Bloemhof, Herman 302
Greens For Life, Inc. 279
Robinson, Leré and Eddie 269
Mohamed Helmy Abdella, Abdel Aziz 243
Van der Westhuizen, Tanya 232
Natures Warehouse 229
Bernhardt, Marsha and Lawrence P. 229
Brogan, Lisa 216
Markotter, Elzette 210
Vivienne Myburgh c/o Something Natural 207
Orlando, Wanda E. 207
Helm, Madaleine 201
Beachy, Eli E. and Martha 188
Chupty, Fathima 180
Maas, Liesl 175
Kuret- Coetzer, Tanya 168
Bowers, Claudia 167
Rawls, Marlene and David 167
Vandertil, Rita and Eno 165
M & M Healthy Sales Inc. 163
Burkholder, Elaine and Michael 162
Avodah Financial, LLC 155
Sante 2000 152
Casavant, Monique 150
Lagace, Louise L. 150
Karolia, Raheema 147
Ponchot, Cynthia K. 146
King, Michael and Mary C. 143
Revolution Solution Inc. 143
Lim, Jian 141
Bender, Lonnie and Brenda 135
Wilkerson, Tina 134
Wilkie, Nikola 132
Baty, Erin and Michael 130
De Villiers, Yolanda 122
Eicher, Delilah 116
Lee, Kathy L and Trout Robert J. 111
Jooste, Carey 109
Guillaume, Jepsie 108
Long, Michelle and Tad 108
Thompson, Joy and Nathan 105
Lherisson, Pierre-Saurel 102
Mary A. (Toni) Lund Family Trust 101
Pearson, Michelle 101
The Natural Way Network 100
Pemberton, Lee 100
Du Toit, Rene 100
Rolle, Carol 99
Vawda, Moonira 97
Townley, Jason H 91
Durrant, Janine 89
Badenhorst, Chiralle 88
Katinka Boverhoff c/o Art of Health 87
Fausett, Grant and Heather 87
Brandow, Terry L. and Diane 86
Yoder, Linda and Samuel 84
Keefer Chiropractic Clinic, PC 82
Miller, David W. and Anna D. 82
Chiang, Peng 81
Zeluf, Melanie Anne 80
Leck, Cathryn 80
Cole, Tami L. and Michael J. 78



People Know How Much We Care

AIM Partners Message in its entirety (excerpt printed in June Living Well magazine)
Shared by Jenny (and Bill) Brown, Chairman’s Club Directors

As an ageing Baby Boomer I grew up in the era where there was a strong social sanction against ‘blowing one’s own trumpet’, or ‘being too big for one’s britches’. (I doubt that our younger readers even know what britches are!). We now live in a culture of self-promotion which says “recognize my accomplishments – I am pretty special”

“Let not the wise man boast in his wisdom” is a quote from the Bible (Jeremiah 9:23) so please understand right up front that my gratitude goes to God for the wisdom and opportunity He afforded me through The AIM Companies­™. I hope something in this article will trigger some inspiration for you to make use of AIM’s Healthy Business Opportunity.

The bottom line in a successful AIM business is that people know how much we care, rather than how much we know, or how many degrees and accomplishments we may have to our credit!

Since my husband retired nine years ago, we have been able to continue with our comfortable lifestyle, as my AIM income has enabled us to go easy on withdrawals from our investments.

This was my “retirement plan” and it has worked!  In no business other than network marketing, can one earn in this way without needing capital, premises and staff, or having to work at a 9 to 5 job.

But WORK I did as I built my downline in the form of the following and I hope this helps you.

One of the foundation principals I learned from AIM was … USSBT


Use the products
Share the products
Build strong relationships
Teach others to do the same

My husband Bill, and myself, are our own best customers. We have both had close calls after medical operations. We both recovered remarkably well after the causes were found, and thanks to the AIM products (the Garden Trio in particular) we made speedy headway which astounded the Medics. So use the products … we certainly do!

Sharing the products is so easy with the money back guarantee from AIM. We don’t try to sell … we just share our stories and of those people we have helped, and the benefits of the products. You don’t have to be a salesman/woman!

To sponsor someone interested in becoming a wholesale member, is to make oneself responsible for their success. This is where you offer to hold meetings in their homes and invite others to share success stories of using the products, including – Before I used the product followed by the benefits After using the products, and always include the name of the products and quantity used.

Work deep and wide (sounds like a Sunday school song about God’s love)!

In a home meeting you don’t sign people up under yourself – you sign up the Hostess/Host and then sign up her/his invitees under them. That way you build a team that you can work with and you still benefit.  Biblically, this is called sowing and reaping!  Entrepreneur Zig Ziglar said “You will get all you want in life, if you help enough other people get what they want”.   Do the right thing – that is most effective.  Some of my best friends are my AIM first line members (wide) and other amazing friends are those I have worked with who are 3 to 4 levels below me in my downline (deep).

Building strong relationships comes with encouraging the new signees when they achieve a goal. Giving a gift, or a card, or some acknowledgement in a home meeting will go a long way to inspiring them. They will duplicate what they see, and teach their downlines to do the same.

John Maxwell said “Efficiency is the foundation for survival – it means doing the thing right.” BUT he also said …. “Effectiveness is the foundation for success – it means doing the right thing!”

In 1998 when I joined AIM, the internet broadband era hadn’t arrived yet in S.A., so no Google or AIM website.  We had to get a fax to see how our downline was progressing.  Now we have so many tools – one can download video clips, data sheets, magazine articles, listen to webcasts, email newsletters, study without cost on AIM’s online Academy, and enjoy wonderful back-up support from the AIM offices in each centre where AIM is represented.

When we had our house painted many years ago, we were most impressed by one fellow who gave us a quote.   He said he worked on the 3 P Principle.     With interest we asked him what that was….


So in preparation for your home meeting, I suggest printing out beforehand some Price Lists, some Wholesale Membership Forms, buy some tot glasses and mix something for attendees to taste … could be Peak Endurance for sporty people, CalciAIM for older folk with osteoporosis, or Garden Trio for folk who don’t eat enough of the good stuff.    Let them handle the containers and taste something – this always generates great interest.

If you are reaching people with digestive challenges, mix up some stiff oats for the occasion.  Then in the meeting open two capsules of PrepZymes – stir them into the oats and leave this mixture until the end of your meeting which is when you show them how it has turned to liquid!!  Most impressive as a digestive aid.

Be enthusiastic – don’t wait for all your ducks to be in a row .….. JUST DO IT!!

Those that fail to plan, plan to fail!!


Testimonials should not be construed as representing results that everyone can achieve.

Since 1982, The AIM Companies (AIM) has been promoting health and providing a business opportunity through network marketing with whole-food powder concentrates and nutritional supplements.

The Results Are In!

Congratulations to the following AIM Member winners of the Spring Into Action Cash Contest:

  Member Winners Cash Award*
1 Muhammad Jada $5,000
2 Razia Jada $4,000
3 Miriam Haffejee $3,000
4 Ramiah & Shakti Selwood $2,000
5 Karen & Matthew Miller $1,000
6 Moonira Vawda $1,000
7 Marinda Van Den Bosch $1,000
8 Jon & Julie Upfold $1,000
9 Vanessa Weitsz $1,000
10 Leré & Eddie Robinson $1,000

* U.S. Dollars

Thank you to all AIM Members who gave their best efforts in this contest! Stay tuned for a new contest announcement in coming weeks.


We Need to Be Bold!

Recently promoted to Chairman’s Club Director, Ralph Peterson joined AIM in 1989. His doctor had told him that his knees would be replaced one day due to painful arthritis. His friend AIM Director Wendell Berg stepped in. He said, “Ralph, why don’t you try this green stuff?” Ralph said that his knees were totally worn out and that “green stuff” wasn’t going to help. So Wendell offered to give Ralph a free canister if Ralph promised to use the whole thing. Ralph agreed and decided to take large doses to get rid of the pain faster. Within two weeks, his knees stopped hurting. Ralph hasn’t looked back.

“I’m so thankful that Wendell was persistent,” Ralph said. “He was bold enough to share with me the green stuff, known today as BarleyLife. How can I even say thank you? He changed my life, made it livable again because he was bold. We need to be bold. We need to share. We know what BarleyLife does. It’s our obligation to share with those around us.”

After taking BarleyLife for a while, Ralph got to thinking that a lot of people could benefit from it. At that time, Ralph had two stores where people came to shop. He made sure each one of his customers learned about BarleyLife. He realized that he could build a business by selling BarleyLife. His checks from AIM kept getting bigger, and Ralph kept on sharing the product. Twenty-seven years later, Ralph’s
business has really grown!

Ralph worked alongside his late wife Phyllis. He did most of the talking, but she did the legwork. She prepared things and sent mailings. If someone asked for information, she’d be the one who sent a packet. She kept inventory, made copies, did the ordering, all that stuff. She allowed Ralph to do the talking, the thing he enjoyed most while she toiled behind the scenes. They worked together run­ning multiple businesses, but Ralph says that their AIM business was their favorite.

Ralph has shared AIM with numerous people. He shared the product with Star Sapphire Director Marlene Rawls, who shared with her sister-in-law Chairman’s Club Director Charlotte Thompson, who went on to share the products with people who shared the products throughout the whole country. Neither woman wanted to create a big business, but by sharing it with one person and then another, they were able to affect many lives in a positive way, including their own.

“That is what building a business does. You never know what may happen, but you’re faithful, and sharing with one person can touch thousands. People ask me ‘how can I get to Chairman’s Club?’ Well, it takes a lot of hard work, but you just have to start with one person and introduce them to the products: BarleyLife, RediBeets, Just Carrots. Then do it again. Share with one more and then one more, and pretty soon you’re a Director. Just never give up. You don’t have to do it overnight. It took me twenty-seven years, but I’m here. It’s a great journey! Some do it in less time because they work harder at it. It’s not easy, but you can do it. Everybody can. Don’t say, ‘oh, there’s some easier way.’ ”

“Now that I’ve reached my goal of Chairman’s Club, I just want to do more of it. I want to share with more people. One of the things I really appreciate because of my achievements from AIM is the freedom I have to do things now that I didn’t get to do with my own family. I can do them with my grandkids. I can go to their sporting events, their musical events and take them out for dinner. And that’s why I really appreciate the things that AIM has given me, and again I say, thank you, AIM.”

Testimonials should not be construed as representing results that everyone can achieve.

Note: Since 1982, The AIM Companies (AIM) has been promoting health and providing economic opportunity with an unparalleled product line and a rewarding compensation plan.

Earn an Income with The AIM Companies

Shared by Mary-Ann and Mark Shearer, AIM Chairman’s Club Directors

We love and use AIM products and have seen them help thousands attain great health. However, we also have watched many struggle to build businesses.

A Business Builder Is:

  1. Someone who wants to own and build a business
  2. Someone prepared to invest time and money in that business
  3. Someone committed to that business
  4. Someone who won’t give up after 3 months
  5. Someone who wants to help others

What to do

  1. Identify 3 people to build with – people with the aforementioned qualities.
  2. All 3 need to commit to at least $100 a month for 6 months to put into their businesses.
  3. They must find 3 people who are the same kind of business builders, who must in turn find 3 more that are builders.
  4. Sign them up and tell them to “Repeat their order for at least 6 months.” If you want your business to grow, sign up 3 more each month.

Your Reward

  1. If you sign up 3 people with this method on your 1st level and they each sign up 3 on your 2nd level, your check will be over $50 in the next month.
  2. If all the people on your 2nd level sign up 3, your check will be over $150.
  3. If all the people on your 3rd level sign up 3 people, your check will be over $500. Fill up the next two levels in the same way, and you’ll be making as much as $2,500.
  4. Soon you’ll be earning enough to pay off debt, build your dream house, give to the less fortunate and become a leader in your community.

The Results

When the levels are filled, you will have a strong business and promote to Director.

You will earn bonuses on yourself and the Directors. If you add 3 new like-minded Members every month, you will quickly become an elite Director with and eventually qualify for maximum bonuses.

We challenge you to start building in 3s today. Present this information to your downline (Members/distributors signed up under your sponsorship) and help them to teach new business builders.

Testimonials should not be construed as representing results that everyone can achieve.

Spring Into Action Contest Leaderboard

Disclaimer: Contest dollars may include points that have not been validated as of the posting date. For more info, check your points on the AIM Member website. 

As of right now, here are ‘AIM’s Spring Into Action’ contest leaders vying for a total of $20,000 in cash prizes. The top 10 competitors can earn $5,000, $4,000, $3,000, $2,000 and six chances at $1,000.

These standings may change as you have until May 31 to move ahead, so keep up the excellent work. We wish you the best!

Jada, Razia                                           120
Jada, Muhammad                              118.5
Haffejee, Miriam                                 40
Quantum Knowledge Pty. Ltd.         40
Miller, Matthew and Karen              40
Weitsz, Vanessa                                    28.5
Robinson, Leré and Eddie                 27.5
Vawda, Moonira                                   27.5
Upfold, Jon and Julie                           27
Baty, Erin and Michael                       26
Schiele, Loren and Kathleen            24
Miller, Joseph and Emma                  22
Van Den Bosch, Marinda                   22
Ascent Strategies, Inc.                       20.5
Chupty, Fathima                                  19
Donald, Lanny and Ken                     18
Greens For Life, Inc.                           18
Byler, Lamar and Ruth                      17.5
van Rensburg, Chris and Joan         17
Yoder, Linda and Samuel                  16.5
Toft, Heidi and Mike                           15.5