No Bones About It! A Healthy Diet Strengthens Your Skeleton

The National Osteoporosis Foundation recommends women over the age of fifty add more calcium and vitamin D to their diets. That’s because as we age, we lose bone density, and this is especially true for women. Both of the aforementioned nutrients are well-known guardians of skeletal health. However, recent research indicates that there could be aContinue reading “No Bones About It! A Healthy Diet Strengthens Your Skeleton”

AIM Nutrition Helped Me Through RA and Surgeries

As an Internationally Certified Prevention Coordinator, I know a lot about avoiding disease, but I never expected that rheumatoid arthritis and two cervical surgeries would be in my future. I had tried to do all the right things to stay healthy, but when horrible pain left me pacing and moaning at night, I knew that this was something more than what my chiropractorContinue reading “AIM Nutrition Helped Me Through RA and Surgeries”

Are You Being Framed?

How much thought do you give to your frame? Your skeletal frame is movable because of joints. Otherwise, you’d be one inflexible bone. When it comes to the point where one bone meets another, you have three main kinds of joints: 1 Fibrous – immovable joints like teeth joined to bone sockets 2 Cartilaginous – partially movableContinue reading “Are You Being Framed?”

Frame Essentials: Natural Pain Relief

Pain is instantly recognizable but can be hard to describe and define because it can vary in duration and severity; however, pain does have three major classifications: Nociceptive (injury to a body tissue, usually aching, sharp, or throbbing,) psychogenic (pain caused from a psychological source) and neuropathic (pain often caused by nerve damage). Nociceptive is the most common type and is associated with the classic manifestations of inflammation: pain,Continue reading “Frame Essentials: Natural Pain Relief”

The Essentials of Frame Essentials

      As we age the water content of the cartilage decreases as a result the cartilage becomes less resilient. •Inflammation surrounding the joint can occur. •The inflammation is usually the result of the cartilage breakdown which is released into the synovial space. Osteoarthritis can also be caused by other factors such as: •InjuryContinue reading “The Essentials of Frame Essentials”