AIM Nutrition for Men over Forty

It is safe to say that nutrition plays a major part of a guy’s health, especially when he reaches his forties. Even though he may still feel immortal, a fellow needs the nutrients that will healthily double his age. AIM nutrition goes the distance in helping him make it to the age of eighty andContinue reading “AIM Nutrition for Men over Forty”

Can’t Be Beet

Eating beets has always been considered a healthy dietary factor. These days, it seems that there’s a lot of information floating around out there in regard to the health benefits of beet juice. Here are some the things that have been written about this juice: Beet juice provides incredible cardiovascular benefits that improve active functionContinue reading “Can’t Be Beet”

RediBeets Being Tested in Clinical Trials

Clare Zamzow, PhD candidate at Boise State University in Boise, Idaho, is using AIM’s RediBeets in an upcoming clinical trial at the college’s Human Performance Lab. The trial will test the effects of dietary nitrate on trained athletes during wingate trials. A wingate trial, for those unfamiliar, is similar to riding a stationary bicycle. TheContinue reading “RediBeets Being Tested in Clinical Trials”

Kosher-certified Nutritional Products

The AIM Companies™ (AIM) is proud to announce that several of our nutritional products will be certified kosher by OK Kosher Certification. Those who practice the Jewish faith can rest easy when purchasing and consuming AIM products. Furthermore, kosher food laws set a high bar in terms of cleanliness, purity and quality. This is justContinue reading “Kosher-certified Nutritional Products”

The Road to Happiness Is Paved with…Vegetables?

We live in a fast-paced modern world! We’ve zoomed right past the push-button age directly into a society full of touchscreens, 24-hour news cycles and driverless cars. It’s enough to send anyone into a tizzy, and it has! You might think that because we live in this far-flung future that there would be some sort of robotContinue reading “The Road to Happiness Is Paved with…Vegetables?”

Why Supplement with a Wholefood Juice Concentrate?

Most doctors, nutritionists, health coaches, etc. will tell you that wholefood nutrition is superior to supplements. It’s not that supplements don’t have their place. They do, and The AIM Companies makes a handful of high-quality, effective nutritional supplements, but our bread and butter–or our beets and barley grass rather–is wholefood nutrition (as well as herbal supplements!).Continue reading “Why Supplement with a Wholefood Juice Concentrate?”

Alex Frisk in the Net!

AIM nutrition powered AIM-sponsored Athlete Alex Frisk through academic and athletic demands at Red Deer College during the fall of 2016. “The term was awesome! I found it easier to be awake all day in terms of energy,” Alex stated. “Even staying after class to study in the library after getting through a day ofContinue reading “Alex Frisk in the Net!”

The Good-News Folate Update

If you’re a folate fan,–and I mean how could you not be?–then the news has been awash with goodness.  Two studies have been released that suggest folate plays a larger role in overall health than we once believed. But first some context! Folate is a B vitamin (B9) commonly found in vegetables like barley grassContinue reading “The Good-News Folate Update”

Celebrate a Healthy Cell Environment with AIM

AIM’s Mission and Promise to You  In April, we celebrate our planet and the diverse and abundant organisms (like us) that are living well thanks to the goodness and bounty of the natural world. So when selecting wholefood nutritional supplements, the first thing you want to do is to make sure that whatever you choose comes direct from nature and doesn’t contain harmfulContinue reading “Celebrate a Healthy Cell Environment with AIM”

RediBeets Video

One cup of raw beets contains phosphorous, magnesium, calcium, iron, and potassium as well as vitamin A, niacin, folic acid, and biotin. When these nutrients are captured in the juicing process, the body can quickly absorb them. AIM saves you the trouble of juicing beets by giving you AIM RediBeets®, a concentrated beet juice withContinue reading “RediBeets Video”