Men Aging Well

Imagine a young man in his teens beginning a fitness routine and continuing it through his middle-aged and senior years. What if most men did this? How would exercise affect their health as they age?

On a nutritional level, what if this imaginary teen’s parents had been advocates of wholesome food and raised him to look at popular processed and fast food as poison for his body? What if most men grew up craving salads, vegetables, fruit and other healthy whole foods? How would this affect their aging process?

Men who can answer these “What if” and “How would” questions with “Been there, done that” answers are more than likely in good shape and health. That’s what the research says about such choices in life.

Eating well and regular exercise takes care of equally important factors, such as getting sufficient sleep and stress management, so this combo is a fine recipe for aging well.

The reality is that the majority of men have not made these healthy moves from a young age. But research also shows that it is never too late to start exercising and change eating habits. Doing so adds quality of life to the aging process, and that’s a benefit worth the effort.

AIM Jump-Start

For men of all ages, supplemental nutrition from AIM can bolster both their nutritional intake and physical activity.
In making a change to eat better food, which includes a lot of nutritiously edible plants, you can’t do much better than taking BarleyLife’s juice powder of young barley plants. And guys who have never quite enjoyed vegetables can offset that dislike (and deficiency) by increasing their green intake with whole-food concentrates such as BarleyLife, LeafGreens or chocolaty CoCoa LeafGreens.

AIM also has what a fellow needs to nutritionally support his exercise routine, whether he’s been at it for some time or just beginning. The Sports Pack gives him energy-packing Peak Endurance, nitric-oxide-boosting RediBeets and lean-
muscle-building ProPeas.


The AIM Companies has been dedicated to improving the quality of people’s lives with life-changing products like BarleyLife and Herbal Fiberblend and by rewarding passionate Members with a free-enterprise compensation plan.

Nutritional Strides with AIM


Recently, two of our Australian contingency undertook foot odysseys. Star Sapphire Director and Naturopath Nikola Wilkie marched beachside next to thunderous waves down the coast of western Victoria, Australia, and AIM Australian General Manager, Melinda Lewis walked through the Southern Alps, and both were powered by AIM products.

Nikola’s Journey
I walked 115km (71 miles) of the Great Ocean Walk along the coast line of western Victoria. It was a moderate walk with some difficult stretches. Carrying my own water for the day, food, and clothing ready for a change of weather was heavy enough to make me sink deeply into the sand along the beaches. In preparation for the walk, I had only been doing two laps at the Red Arrow, a popular hill circuit in Cairns, three or four times a week. Not much really, so I was expecting to suffer a bit during the seven-day walk.

I started each morning with AIM’s BarleyLife®, Just Carrots®, and RediBeets®, a heaping teaspoon of each and mid-morning another Garden Trio®, mid-afternoon another one. Each night, I slept well—after a 20km (12 miles) walk up hill and across sandy beaches, who wouldn’t?—and woke refreshed and bright. I was a bit stiff in the joints as I got out of bed on the first day, but after that I was amazingly good. I had plenty of energy, was alert and not too tired. My feet were worn out at the end of the day but by the next morning, I was good to go again.

I am so impressed with the effect of the juices. They kept my lactic acid levels low, the inflammation levels of my under-used joints as almost un-noticeable, my energy up and my mind alert. I couldn’t have asked for more.

Melinda’s Journey

Each year I participate in a walking holiday, and this year was a twelve-day adventure to the Southern Alps bordering France and Italy. I was with a group of eighteen, and we walked up to 18km (11 miles) per day with altitude increases of up to 950m (3,117 ft). Most days our walks started in towns and villages that were around 1200m (3,937 ft) above sea level.

After five days of walking, I witnessed the group’s fitness levels increasing. The steeper ascents didn’t feel as arduous. Keep in mind that to participate in one of these tours, a good degree of fitness and health is required. Strength and resistance training is also needed. We were up around 2900m (9,514 ft), and some parts of the walk were so rough and steep that some walkers would take as little as five steps and would be out of breath.

On the last day, we visited the peak of Mt. Blanc. Of the eighteen, only two of us were able to walk up and down steps and around the viewing platform—3842m (12,605 ft) above sea level— without becoming breathless or suffering from dizziness. Most other visitors struggled with the altitude. Also, it was amazing to watch members of the group downing multiple cups of Italian espressos to get them started each day. I didn’t feel the need for this. I took an AIM Red Rush™ nitric oxide performance shot one hour before our walks commenced. The beauty of it all was that a twelve-pack of Red Rush fit perfectly in my suitcase.