A Miracle for a Little Lilly

Shared by Linda Pretorius, AIM Preferred Member in Nelspruit, South Africa.   
Miracle-AloneWe adopted two tiny kittens that were not in very good shape. I took them home, fed them a good meal and then gave them a bath to get rid of their fleas so that we could at least handle them.
Two days later, the smallest kitten we had named Lilly was very sick. She wouldn’t eat or drink and wanted to sleep all the time. I assumed that her bath that morning had tired her out.
When I checked up on her an hour later, she wouldn’t react to my call or touch. I picked her up, but she couldn’t even open her eyes. My heart sank, knowing that we were about to lose her. I called my husband and 5-year-old daughter, and we prayed.
After all the tears and deter­mination to help her, I decided to give Lilly some BarleyLife Xtra. It works as first defense on my family.
Mixing one heaping teaspoon of BarleyLife Xtra with a little bit of water, I administered it drop by drop every 15 minutes for nearly five hours.
Finally, Lilly opened her eyes and lifted her head. Eventually, she got out of her blanket and stood up on her own. I gave her a little more BarleyLife Xtra, and then she ran toward her food and milk, eating and drinking like never before.
She began playing with her sister, Sky, as though nothing had ever happened. I honestly believe BarleyLife Xtra was the answer to our prayers.
We changed Lilly’s name to Miracle, as that is exactly what we believed happened.
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