Northern Lights Contest Standings

The Northern Lights international AIM contest runs through December 31, 2017. With $75,000 in cash prizes and celebration packages to AIM’s 2018 Celebration in Toronto, Canada, you will want to work hard to be in the top 60 Memberships to earn prizes.  Below are the current standings as of Sunday, August 6 at midnight.

Name Points
Jada, Razia 1139
Jada, Muhammad 971
Miller, Joseph W. and Emma M. 644
Toft, Heidi and Mike 571
Miller, Matthew and Karen D. 486
Quantum Knowledge Pty. Ltd. 474
Schiele, Loren E. and Kathleen 442
Weitsz, Vanessa 429
Upfold, Jon and Julie 420
Paquin, Ginette 420
Van Rensburg, Chris and Joan 404
Knipp, Cara D. 385
Jada Shaik, Raeesa 356
Peterson, Ralph S. 348
Van Den Bosch, Marinda 330
Ascent Strategies, Inc. 326
Raber, Daniel and Soloma 318
Bloemhof, Herman 302
Greens For Life, Inc. 279
Robinson, Leré and Eddie 269
Mohamed Helmy Abdella, Abdel Aziz 243
Van der Westhuizen, Tanya 232
Natures Warehouse 229
Bernhardt, Marsha and Lawrence P. 229
Brogan, Lisa 216
Markotter, Elzette 210
Vivienne Myburgh c/o Something Natural 207
Orlando, Wanda E. 207
Helm, Madaleine 201
Beachy, Eli E. and Martha 188
Chupty, Fathima 180
Maas, Liesl 175
Kuret- Coetzer, Tanya 168
Bowers, Claudia 167
Rawls, Marlene and David 167
Vandertil, Rita and Eno 165
M & M Healthy Sales Inc. 163
Burkholder, Elaine and Michael 162
Avodah Financial, LLC 155
Sante 2000 152
Casavant, Monique 150
Lagace, Louise L. 150
Karolia, Raheema 147
Ponchot, Cynthia K. 146
King, Michael and Mary C. 143
Revolution Solution Inc. 143
Lim, Jian 141
Bender, Lonnie and Brenda 135
Wilkerson, Tina 134
Wilkie, Nikola 132
Baty, Erin and Michael 130
De Villiers, Yolanda 122
Eicher, Delilah 116
Lee, Kathy L and Trout Robert J. 111
Jooste, Carey 109
Guillaume, Jepsie 108
Long, Michelle and Tad 108
Thompson, Joy and Nathan 105
Lherisson, Pierre-Saurel 102
Mary A. (Toni) Lund Family Trust 101
Pearson, Michelle 101
The Natural Way Network 100
Pemberton, Lee 100
Du Toit, Rene 100
Rolle, Carol 99
Vawda, Moonira 97
Townley, Jason H 91
Durrant, Janine 89
Badenhorst, Chiralle 88
Katinka Boverhoff c/o Art of Health 87
Fausett, Grant and Heather 87
Brandow, Terry L. and Diane 86
Yoder, Linda and Samuel 84
Keefer Chiropractic Clinic, PC 82
Miller, David W. and Anna D. 82
Chiang, Peng 81
Zeluf, Melanie Anne 80
Leck, Cathryn 80
Cole, Tami L. and Michael J. 78



The Results Are In!

Congratulations to the following AIM Member winners of the Spring Into Action Cash Contest:

  Member Winners Cash Award*
1 Muhammad Jada $5,000
2 Razia Jada $4,000
3 Miriam Haffejee $3,000
4 Ramiah & Shakti Selwood $2,000
5 Karen & Matthew Miller $1,000
6 Moonira Vawda $1,000
7 Marinda Van Den Bosch $1,000
8 Jon & Julie Upfold $1,000
9 Vanessa Weitsz $1,000
10 Leré & Eddie Robinson $1,000

* U.S. Dollars

Thank you to all AIM Members who gave their best efforts in this contest! Stay tuned for a new contest announcement in coming weeks.


AIM BarleyLife Is Now Gluten-Free

It’s official! AIM is excited to announce that all BarleyLife 360 gram (Family size) and BarleyLife 180 gram (Convenience size) canisters are AIM certified Gluten-Free!
How is a gluten-free BarleyLife achieved? As you might guess, it starts in the field. BarleyLife growing conditions and harvesting methods were carefully analyzed and refined to minimize the possibility of gluten in the finished powder. Then over the past year, AIM began rigorously testing all BarleyLife produced for gluten content. The test results were conclusive—BarleyLife consistently achieved the gluten-free standard of less than 20 ppm. And from now on we will test every batch of BarleyLife to confirm it meets the Gluten-Free standard. And don’t forget, AIM BarleyLife is also certified kosher, vegan and non-GMO!
A Gluten-Free symbol will soon be added to all 360-gram and 180-gram canisters and eventually to labels in the months to come. But you can tell your customers, downline, and prospects the great news today!

Spring Into Action Contest Leaderboard

Disclaimer: Contest dollars may include points that have not been validated as of the posting date. For more info, check your points on the AIM Member website. 

As of right now, here are ‘AIM’s Spring Into Action’ contest leaders vying for a total of $20,000 in cash prizes. The top 10 competitors can earn $5,000, $4,000, $3,000, $2,000 and six chances at $1,000.

These standings may change as you have until May 31 to move ahead, so keep up the excellent work. We wish you the best!

Jada, Razia                                           120
Jada, Muhammad                              118.5
Haffejee, Miriam                                 40
Quantum Knowledge Pty. Ltd.         40
Miller, Matthew and Karen              40
Weitsz, Vanessa                                    28.5
Robinson, Leré and Eddie                 27.5
Vawda, Moonira                                   27.5
Upfold, Jon and Julie                           27
Baty, Erin and Michael                       26
Schiele, Loren and Kathleen            24
Miller, Joseph and Emma                  22
Van Den Bosch, Marinda                   22
Ascent Strategies, Inc.                       20.5
Chupty, Fathima                                  19
Donald, Lanny and Ken                     18
Greens For Life, Inc.                           18
Byler, Lamar and Ruth                      17.5
van Rensburg, Chris and Joan         17
Yoder, Linda and Samuel                  16.5
Toft, Heidi and Mike                           15.5

The Secret Power of LeafGreens and Proancynol 2000

Oxidative stress is associated with disease, weight gain and the aging process. One of the ways that the body fights oxidative stress is with antioxidant enzymes released by the NRF2 pathway. NRF2 is a protein that lies dormant in each cell. Once that protein is activated, it slips into the cell’s nucleus and triggers the defense systems there, releasing very powerful antioxidant enzymes like superoxide dismutase, glutathione and catalase. These enzymes are very effective at destroying the free radicals that cause oxidative stress. If the NRF2 pathway is triggered regularly, it may significantly reduce overall oxidative stress.

High-quality antioxidants do battle with oxidative stress firsthand.

Although there are multiple ways to trigger this pathway, the simplest and most effective is through the foods that we eat. The dietary pathway trigger alpha
lipoic acid is found in spinach, broccoli and tomatoes. Another one, sulforaphane (Biology Redux, 2013) is found in broccoli, cauliflower and kale, and
resveratrol resides in grapes and cranberries. Drinking green tea, intermittent fasting and exercising seem to work, too.

The AIM Companies™ offers three powerful products that activate the NRF2 pathway. Proancynol 2000 contains both alpha lipoic acid and green tea. It also has a selection of other high-quality antioxidants, all of which do battle with oxidative stress firsthand.

Food sources of sulforaphane are extremely potent pathway triggers.

LeafGreens and CoCoa LeafGreens are good food sources of sulforaphane, an extremely potent pathway trigger. These products also contain the antioxidant enzyme glutathione, which is also released by the NRF2 pathway. Although it is hard to absorb dietary glutathione, food sources of glutathione are extremely important to overall glutathione bioavailability. A 2016 study in Biology Redux linked glutathione to a significant reduction in age-related decline.

If you’re looking to lose weight, put the brakes on age-related decline, or just stay as healthy as possible, look no further than the AIM product line. We hold our products to the highest standards of quality and nutrition!

NOTE: Since 1982, The AIM Companies™ (AIM) has been promoting health and providing economic opportunity with an unparalleled product line and a rewarding compensation plan. As a leader in the health and nutrition industry, AIM has pioneered green juice drinks and an assortment of whole-food concentrates while maintaining a consistent income source for its Member distributors.


Breathe Easier With Vitamin D Supplementation

Vitamin D Supplements

A study out of England found that vitamin D supplementation reduced chronic obstructive pulmonary disease symptoms by forty percent in patients who were previously deficient in that vitamin. The symptoms of this disease include coughing, overabundance of mucus, shortness of breath and tightness of chest. These problems have the potential to worsen and lead to hospitalization.  All patients who supplemented with vitamin D saw a modest reduction in their flare ups, but those patients who were not vitamin D deficient did not see the dramatic forty-percent reduction.

This is the first clinical trial to investigate the impact of vitamin D supplementation on severity and duration of COPD symptoms. One previous trial has linked vitamin D to a reduction in COPD disease flare ups but this was limited to patients with very severe conditions. This trial is larger and studied patients with a much broader spectrum of diseases, ranging from mild to severe.

Source: Science Daily

Vitamin D deficiency is so widespread that it has been recognized as a pandemic, according to the American Journal of Nutrition.   Two-thirds of US adults and children are thought to be deficient in this most necessary vitamin. Possible side effects from vitamin D may include greater risk of cardiovascular disease, cognitive impairment in older adults, severe asthma in children, cancer, diabetes 1 and 2, hypertension, glucose intolerance and multiple sclerosis: WEB MD.

The AIM Companies has two great products for vitamin D supplementation. CalciAIM and Veggie D. There is no need to go without.