5 Nutritional Strategies for Dry Skin

Not only is the wintertime cold, but it is also dry. This is because cold air holds less water, making it drier. A parched, arctic environment can wreak havoc on the skin, causing an array of discomforts: itching, pain, outbreaks of eczema and psoriasis and, of course, the dreaded dry eyes.  Faithful applications of lotion and moisturizerContinue reading “5 Nutritional Strategies for Dry Skin”

Can a Lack of Vitamin D Cause Diabetes?

By now, you have probably heard that a high-fat diet can increase your risk of metabolic syndrome–a cluster of symptoms that may lead to maladies like diabetes or heart disease. However, new research on mice indicates that those darn fats may not be the only culprit behind these ailments. The study published in Frontiers found that a fatty diet may not causeContinue reading “Can a Lack of Vitamin D Cause Diabetes?”

Vitamin D Linked to Fewer Asthma Attacks

Vitamin D–which is free and sprinkled down upon us by our solar system’s sun–is also, somehow, one of the nutrients that the most people are most unlikely to get. So, of course, researchers are constantly researching the positive effects of getting adequate amounts of the stuff. A review of studies published all over the world has providedContinue reading “Vitamin D Linked to Fewer Asthma Attacks”

Vitamin D Helps Sports Performance, Heart Health

They call vitamin D “the sunshine vitamin” because it’s one of the few vitamins that you can acquire just by sitting in a turtle-shaped kiddie pool in the backyard or just while being outside in the sunlight generally. Despite being a free vitamin that literally falls right out of the sky, nearly seventy-five percent of American adultsContinue reading “Vitamin D Helps Sports Performance, Heart Health”

Nutrition That’s Working!

Shared by Pascale Raphaelle Dennery, AIM Preferred Member in Sacramento, California I was first introduced to AIM in 2011 by my best friend’s beau, AIM Director Bill Marriott. I had heard of Bill’s health business, but I had not met him in person because both of them lived so far away. My husband and I drove thousands of miles to meet upContinue reading “Nutrition That’s Working!”

7 Nutritional Strategies for Headaches

If you suffer from headaches, migraine or otherwise, finding dietary strategies may prove difficult. Take the banana as an example.  The banana has a lot of good stuff in it: potassium, magnesium, vitamin B 6 and vitamin C. A lot of these nutrients and minerals appear on this list of headache fighters. However, bananas alsoContinue reading “7 Nutritional Strategies for Headaches”

Your Best Calcium Source

For supplemental calcium, you want the most effective product available. That’s why your best choice is CalciAIM™—the most absorbable form of calcium because it comes in a powder, not a tablet or capsule. How much calcium is enough? The recommended dietary allowance (RDA) for healthy adults from ages nineteen to fifty is 1,000 mg a day. When taking CalciAIM, absorption is highest inContinue reading “Your Best Calcium Source”

Magnesium vs. Diabetes: 4 More Things You Should Know

It’s National Diabetes Month, and it would be remiss of us to not mention magnesium. To be fair, we’ve mentioned magnesium and its inverse relationship to diabetes on more than one occasion, but this month, a large meta-analysis was published in Nutrition.  So, it’s worth bringing up, at least, one more time. Here’s four new thingsContinue reading “Magnesium vs. Diabetes: 4 More Things You Should Know”

5 Nutritional Strategies for Acne

The connections between diet and acne are often overlooked. This is strange due to the fact that one of the most common treatments for acne is prescribing 13-cis-retinoic acid (RA) to suppress sebum in both pill and topical form. This chemical (that sounds like a Star Wars robot) is “a retinoid that could derive from the metabolismContinue reading “5 Nutritional Strategies for Acne”

Nutrition for Lifelong Skeletal Health

Osteoporosis International recently published an article that examined the nutritional needs of the skeleton during its bony lifetime.  Using the results of over 130 studies, the researchers set out to outline ideal nutritional goals to aid the bones during their journey from the cradle to the Craftmatic adjustable chair. Here are some highlights: During Pregnancy:  An overall healthy dietContinue reading “Nutrition for Lifelong Skeletal Health”