No Bones About It! A Healthy Diet Strengthens Your Skeleton

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The National Osteoporosis Foundation recommends women over the age of fifty add more calcium and vitamin D to their diets. That’s because as we age, we lose bone density, and this is especially true for women. Both of the aforementioned nutrients are well-known guardians of skeletal health. However, recent research indicates that there could be a new way to maintain your skeleton during your golden years, by fighting inflammation.

Research published in the Journal of Bone and Mineral Research indicates that dietary-related inflammation may play a role in overall skeletal health.  Scientists looked at the six-year dietary patterns of over 160,000 women recorded in the Women’s Health Initiative and found that women with “anti-inflammatory” diets had greater bone densities than women with “high-inflammation” diets.   An anti-inflammatory diet is one high in fruits, veggies, whole grains and beneficial fats.  A high-inflammation diet is composed of red meats, processed foods, sugar and alcohol.

What’s even more surprising is that the women on the anti-inflammatory diet who had lower bone densities to begin with, had better scores when compared six years later to the women consuming inflammation-causing substances. Additionally, those with lower levels of inflammation had fewer hip fractures.

The AIM Companies offers a wide variety of inflammation-fighting wholefood supplements. BarleyLife, our flagship product, is a well-known anti-inflammation champion.  In fact, any of our wholefood supplements can help defend your skeleton from the dangers of rampant, unchecked inflammation.

It should also be mentioned that CalciAIM, our Vitamin D, calcium and more! supplement, has the lowest PRAL* score of any of our products. It’s the perfect thing for protecting your bones.

PRAL Score.png*A PRAL Score is a way of measuring the acidic or alkaline effect that a food has on the body. Acidity increases inflammation and alkalinity reduces it. The lower the score, the more alkaline it is.

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