The Big Reason You Should Choose BarleyLife Over Other Types of Juices

The thinking behind the alkaline diet goes like this: Foods are either acidic or alkaline. Alkaline foods are favorable because they decrease the body’s acid load.  When the body’s acid load is too high, the body may become overtaxed and chronic low-grade inflammation can set in. This kind of inflammation is linked to a bevvy ofContinue reading “The Big Reason You Should Choose BarleyLife Over Other Types of Juices”

You’ll Never Guess Why We Harvest Our Barley at Night

Plants, for the most part, live outdoors. A few have cushy jobs bringing that “natural feel” to office buildings, and some are raised under sterile conditions in greenhouses. But for most of history, plants have resided beneath the blue, wide-open sky. Pelted by rain and hail, battered by wind and clobbered by cold, plants haveContinue reading “You’ll Never Guess Why We Harvest Our Barley at Night”

Why Supplement with a Wholefood Juice Concentrate?

Most doctors, nutritionists, health coaches, etc. will tell you that wholefood nutrition is superior to supplements. It’s not that supplements don’t have their place. They do, and The AIM Companies makes a handful of high-quality, effective nutritional supplements, but our bread and butter–or our beets and barley grass rather–is wholefood nutrition (as well as herbal supplements!).Continue reading “Why Supplement with a Wholefood Juice Concentrate?”

The Differences Between Wheat Grass and Barley Grass

Wheat grass and barley grass have a lot in common.  In fact, they are considered sister plants; both are classified in the grass family Poaceae. They have hollow stems, flat leaves and produce multiple seeds from complex flower heads. Both are cereal crops commonly cultivated for their grains but have also gained popularity as health foods inContinue reading “The Differences Between Wheat Grass and Barley Grass”

BarleyLife Now with More Chlorophyll

For over three decades, The AIM Companies has sold the finest green juice on the planet–BarleyLife.  Made from the raw, leaves of the young barley plant,  BarleyLife has helped countless people take control of their health through nutrition. BarleyLife is jam-packed with nutritional gems like beta-carotene, folate, superoxide dismutase, vitamin K, lutonarin and saponarin. But oneContinue reading “BarleyLife Now with More Chlorophyll”

5 Reasons to Get More Chlorophyll in Your Diet

We all remember chlorophyll, one of the main characters from our 8th grade Biology textbook, the green pigment found in plants and algae that absorbs sunlight for photosynthesis. It’s the veritable lifeblood of plants, resembling, also, the hemoglobin found in human blood. Every time we eat a raw green, vegetable, we also consume nutritious chlorophyll. What manyContinue reading “5 Reasons to Get More Chlorophyll in Your Diet”

Natural AIM Nutrition for Families

Seeking an all-natural source for nutrition, Directors David and Miriam Borkholder from Kalona, Iowa, turned to AIM whole-food products like AIM BarleyLife® and the AIM Garden Trio®. And through consistent use and a strong belief in whole-food nutrition, they got the results they wanted … and more. “I always liked the idea of having animals out on the grass in a naturalContinue reading “Natural AIM Nutrition for Families”

AIM Restores Health

No more pain, no more problems—Cathlene Blanton, AIM Director, had yearned for this relief. Facing the prospect of her seventeenth surgery, this one for neck pain and bulging discs, Cathlene tried AIM Magnificence™ magnesium. Within days, she could feel the magnesium working on a cellular level in her body. Two weeks later, her surgery was canceled, and her neck problems vanished. “When the doctorsContinue reading “AIM Restores Health”

Barley Grass Powder Benefits Type 2 Diabetics

With diabetes rising to epidemic proportions worldwide, effective ways of treating this debilitating and often deadly disease are of international importance. Natural supplements rarely receive scientific attention; however, a type 2 diabetes study published in the International Journal of Green Pharmacy (2010)1 revealed that barley grass powder “holds promise to be used as a functional food to optimise the health of diabetic subjects.” Researchers atContinue reading “Barley Grass Powder Benefits Type 2 Diabetics”

The Immune System Marches on Its Stomach

There’s an expression in the healthcare industry: “The immune system marches on its stomach.” Why do they say this? Well, it’s because the sciences of nutrition and immunology are interwoven. You can’t have a functioning immune system when your nutrition needs aren’t being met. In fact, the biggest cause of immunodeficiency in the world is malnutrition. That’s why takingContinue reading “The Immune System Marches on Its Stomach”