BarleyLife: Looks, Nutrition and Taste

#1 The Clump Factor

For testing purposes only, not consumption, AIM has conducted “hot water” experiments for years. When barley grass powders of competitors are added to hot water, the powders disperse and dissolve, becoming light green liquid because, unlike BarleyLife, these products are processed using heat that essentially kills any active enzymes. If nothing is living in a product, there’s
no point in consuming it.

When BarleyLife powder is added to hot water, it clumps, which is a good thing. The juice powder of barley plants coagulates in hot liquid because its enzymes are active, not dead. We don’t call it BarleyLife for nothing!

#2 Superoxide Dismutase

One of the many active enzymes in BarleyLife is superoxide dismutase (SOD), a powerful antioxidant that counteracts the damaging effects of the ever-present free radical superoxide. As long as you’re breathing, you cannot avoid superoxide. Even though the body can produce superoxide dismutase to protect you, the more you supplement with the SOD in BarleyLife, the more protection you get from superoxide damage. AIM regularly tests for the presence of SOD to measure its antioxidant capacity. High levels of this enzyme indicate freshness and the cool temperatures used to make BarleyLife.

#3 Chlorophyll

AIM has taken a lot of care over the years to improve the levels of chlorophyll in BarleyLife. Monitoring the fields of barley before harvest to optimize nutrient levels has increased the level of chlorophyll from 19 mg per serving to 22 mg per serving. It may not sound like a lot, but it is an enormous increase.

#4 Some Like It Frothy

Mix BarleyLife with cold water in a shaker cup and you’ll notice a frothy head of green foam on top. Once again, this indicates freshness and life within the powder that AIM has developed over the years. This froth adds a creamy note when you drink BarleyLife this way. Many people enjoy this creamy texture; it’s a healthy enjoyment. Some people consume the powder dry while others avoid the fresh grass taste by taking capsules. To froth or not to froth . . . all are healthy choices simply by taking BarleyLife.

AIM is committed to improvements that make BarleyLife rawer, fresher and better overall.


The AIM Companies has been dedicated to improving the quality of people’s lives with life-changing products like BarleyLife and Herbal Fiberblend and by rewarding passionate Members with a free-enterprise compensation plan.

BarleyLife Now with More Chlorophyll


For over three decades, The AIM Companies has sold the finest green juice on the planet–BarleyLife.  Made from the raw, leaves of the young barley plant,  BarleyLife has helped countless people take control of their health through nutrition.

BarleyLife is jam-packed with nutritional gems like beta-carotene, folate, superoxide dismutase, vitamin K, lutonarin and saponarin. But one of the most notable and popular aspects of BarleyLife is its chlorophyll, straight from the leaves of pristine barley grass.

Chlorophyll is a powerful antioxidant that helps put the kibosh on unhealthy chronic inflammation. It has also been shown to aid in detox, recovery and odor control. Every serving of BarleyLife contains 19 mg of fresh, delectable chlorophyll. Until now, that is.

Third-party laboratory testing has confirmed that BarleyLife now yields 22.4 mg of chlorophyll per 4-gram serving. This is due, in part, to technological advances and The AIM Companies’ continued efforts to improve on a nearly perfect product. We are more than proud to bring Members the greatest, green juice product in the world.

So if you’re interested in sampling a wholefood juice breakthrough like none other, there is no better time to order BarleyLife.

5 Reasons to Get More Chlorophyll in Your Diet


We all remember chlorophyll, one of the main characters from our 8th grade Biology textbook, the green pigment found in plants and algae that absorbs sunlight for photosynthesis. It’s the veritable lifeblood of plants, resembling, also, the hemoglobin found in human blood.

Every time we eat a raw green, vegetable, we also consume nutritious chlorophyll. What many people do not know is that cooking a vegetable will destroy its chlorophyll content along with other important enzymes. Ideally, we should aim to keep our food’s chlorophyll intact because of the numerous benefits it provides. Here are a few of those benefits.

1.Antioxidant Action

Probably the most well-documented benefit of chlorophyll is its powerful combination of antioxidants. A 2013 study published in Food and Nutrition Sciences called chlorophyll compounds “important health-promoting dietary factors which can protect the body through multiple chemical mechanisms.” The study cited that chlorophyll and pheophytins (a chlorophyll molecule lacking a magnesium ion, just FYI) function as antioxidants that help prevent oxidative DNA damage and lipid peroxidation (cell damage caused by free radicals). Chlorophyll is believed to scavenge free radicals and chelate (to bond with and neutralize) reactive ions.

  2. Reduces inflammation 

Because chlorophyll contains a great deal of antioxidants, it will also help combat chronic inflammation.

 3. Possible Carcinogen Removal 

Chlorophyll has been shown to reduce carcinogen bioavailability and biomarker damage in animals as well as aflatoxin (a fungal toxin that can attach to grains and spices) in human studies.  A smaller study, found that chlorophyll might also aid in  removal of carcinogens associated with fried-meat products.


” Effects of chlorophyll and chlorophyllin on low-dose aflatoxin B(1) pharmacokinetics in human volunteers.”  —Cancer Prevention and Research, 2009

“Inhibition of fried meat-induced colorectal DNA damage and altered systemic genotoxicity in humans by crucifera, chlorophyllin, and yogurt.” PLOS ONE, 2011

4. Promotes Better Wound Healing

Since the 1940’s chlorophyll has been used topically on wounds to promote healing, reduce inflammation and is still used for those purposes today. It is believed that chlorophyll slows the growth of some kinds of anaerobic bacteria and, therefore, aids in the healing process.

5. Odor Control 

If you were to slap a bunch of chlorophyll under your armpits, you’d wind up with green armpits. However, chlorophyll has been used for over a half-century as a way to control internal odors.  It is used topically to dampen fouls smells from wounds.  It has also been employed internally to reduce the smell of colostomy bags, urine and feces.  A new study on people who suffer from Fish Odor Syndrome– a genetic disease that causes some people to smell like fish–found that 60 mg of chlorophyll daily reduced that smell.

Get Your Chlorophyll from BarleyLife

Each 4-gram serving of BarleyLife contains over 19 mg of chlorophyll, and BarleyLife is processed cold, locking in the freshness and nutrition of other chlorophyll and other digestive enzymes one would  normally find in a fresh vegetable. As a powder, the nutrients in BarleyLife can be absorbed quickly and more effectively than a garden-variety vegetable.  It is also easier to digest and only contains 15 calories per serving.