BarleyLife: Looks, Nutrition and Taste

#1 The Clump Factor For testing purposes only, not consumption, AIM has conducted “hot water” experiments for years. When barley grass powders of competitors are added to hot water, the powders disperse and dissolve, becoming light green liquid because, unlike BarleyLife, these products are processed using heat that essentially kills any active enzymes. If nothingContinue reading “BarleyLife: Looks, Nutrition and Taste”

You’ll Never Guess Why We Harvest Our Barley at Night

Plants, for the most part, live outdoors. A few have cushy jobs bringing that “natural feel” to office buildings, and some are raised under sterile conditions in greenhouses. But for most of history, plants have resided beneath the blue, wide-open sky. Pelted by rain and hail, battered by wind and clobbered by cold, plants haveContinue reading “You’ll Never Guess Why We Harvest Our Barley at Night”