BarleyLife: Looks, Nutrition and Taste

#1 The Clump Factor

For testing purposes only, not consumption, AIM has conducted “hot water” experiments for years. When barley grass powders of competitors are added to hot water, the powders disperse and dissolve, becoming light green liquid because, unlike BarleyLife, these products are processed using heat that essentially kills any active enzymes. If nothing is living in a product, there’s
no point in consuming it.

When BarleyLife powder is added to hot water, it clumps, which is a good thing. The juice powder of barley plants coagulates in hot liquid because its enzymes are active, not dead. We don’t call it BarleyLife for nothing!

#2 Superoxide Dismutase

One of the many active enzymes in BarleyLife is superoxide dismutase (SOD), a powerful antioxidant that counteracts the damaging effects of the ever-present free radical superoxide. As long as you’re breathing, you cannot avoid superoxide. Even though the body can produce superoxide dismutase to protect you, the more you supplement with the SOD in BarleyLife, the more protection you get from superoxide damage. AIM regularly tests for the presence of SOD to measure its antioxidant capacity. High levels of this enzyme indicate freshness and the cool temperatures used to make BarleyLife.

#3 Chlorophyll

AIM has taken a lot of care over the years to improve the levels of chlorophyll in BarleyLife. Monitoring the fields of barley before harvest to optimize nutrient levels has increased the level of chlorophyll from 19 mg per serving to 22 mg per serving. It may not sound like a lot, but it is an enormous increase.

#4 Some Like It Frothy

Mix BarleyLife with cold water in a shaker cup and you’ll notice a frothy head of green foam on top. Once again, this indicates freshness and life within the powder that AIM has developed over the years. This froth adds a creamy note when you drink BarleyLife this way. Many people enjoy this creamy texture; it’s a healthy enjoyment. Some people consume the powder dry while others avoid the fresh grass taste by taking capsules. To froth or not to froth . . . all are healthy choices simply by taking BarleyLife.

AIM is committed to improvements that make BarleyLife rawer, fresher and better overall.


The AIM Companies has been dedicated to improving the quality of people’s lives with life-changing products like BarleyLife and Herbal Fiberblend and by rewarding passionate Members with a free-enterprise compensation plan.

You’ll Never Guess Why We Harvest Our Barley at Night


Plants, for the most part, live outdoors. A few have cushy jobs bringing that “natural feel” to office buildings, and some are raised under sterile conditions in greenhouses. But for most of history, plants have resided beneath the blue, wide-open sky. Pelted by rain and hail, battered by wind and clobbered by cold, plants have persisted through all that strife and, weirdly, have become more nutritious because of it.

For thirty-five years, The AIM Companies has pioneered several methods that ensure BarleyLife remains the most nutritious green juice on the planet. We harvest only young, nutritionally dense plants. We protect our enzymes through a proprietary process, and rather then selling a leaf powder, BarleyLife is a juice powder concentrate. This means BarleyLife packs more nutrition per ounce while retaining more enzymes and simultaneously protecting against oxidation.

Another thing that we do is harvest our young barley plants at night.


It’s colder at night.

Plants have natural defenses against the cold. There is quite a bit of moisture inside plants, so you can imagine the consequences if that moisture were to turn to ice. (Hint: The plant dies). Plants are also in big trouble if the moisture on the outside freezes around them. Luckily, they have an arsenal of tricks that help them stay warm.

Under duress, plants will utilize a series of non-enzymatic and enzymatic antioxidants to combat the cold. They send compounds to the leaves to lower the freezing temperature of their internal moisture. They produce polypeptides commonly known as “anti-freeze” proteins that keep water from freezing outside their cells, and other proteins are utilized to protect the cell membranes and walls. A 2004 study (Czech University of Agriculture) even shows that barley leaves under stress produce more antioxidants. Those compounds get passed on to the consumer.

We harvest our crops at night because that’s when our plants are the most nutritionally rich. It’s just another thing that The AIM Companies does to provide the most nutritious juice powder concentrate on the planet.

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