Why Supplement with a Wholefood Juice Concentrate?

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Most doctors, nutritionists, health coaches, etc. will tell you that wholefood nutrition is superior to supplements. It’s not that supplements don’t have their place. They do, and The AIM Companies makes a handful of high-quality, effective nutritional supplements, but our bread and butter–or our beets and barley grass rather–is wholefood nutrition (as well as herbal supplements!).

Wholefood supplements have several key advantages over vitamins and their ilk while matching them for convenience. The available market research tells us that people aren’t getting adequate vitamins and minerals from their diets and are citing “inconvenience” more so than any other factor. Folks look to vitamins and synthetic supplements to quickly and easily “patch the leak.”   But with BarleyLife nutrition, you don’t have to sacrifice quality and efficacy in the name of convenience.

A Full Nutritional Profile

Mangoes have plenty of vitamin C, but when you eat a mango, you don’t just get vitamin C; you get protein, fiber, vitamin A, calcium and iron. Plus, you also receive scads of phytonutrients and antioxidants, not provided by a vitamin C pill (which only provides one nutrient).

There are literally tens of thousands of micronutrient cofactors in fruits and veggies and science has barely scratched the surface as to how they all work together, but they seem to.

Which Seems to Be More Effective 

A recent study compared the dietary nitrate in everyday vegetables against sodium nitrate supplements and found that people who ate the vegetables had much healthier blood pressure levels than those who took the nitrate supplements.  The researchers believed that the other substances in the vegetables were responsible, in part, for these pressure-lowering results because the other substances may have helped to facilitate the creation of nitric oxide, the naturally occurring vasodilating agent that lowers blood pressure.

And Has Yielded Better Results

There have been several studies which have illustrated the many benefits of a balanced diet.   Notably, a couple of studies have been released in the past five years that have shown that if a person eats 5-7 servings of vegetables per day, they significantly lower their overall risk of death.  Vitamins and multivitamins don’t have that kind of research to back up their usage and the studies on vitamins have had mixed results.

Without Creating Deficits or Problems with Absorption 

If a person were to take a large dose of a mineral, like calcium, that mineral could compete with other minerals for absorption. It is even possible that this scenario could create mineral deficits. Additionally, animal trials indicate that high-doses of fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E, K) may reduce absorption of other vitamins by up to 50% when taken at the same time. (Food Chemistry, 2015). Taking the vitamins/minerals with food seemed to negate some of these problems in some of these instances. However, we ask, why take them with food when you can get them as food?

Supplements and vitamins have their place, especially when taken for something specific like vitamin B12 during your golden years when its harder for your body to absorb it from food or folic acid during pregnancy, but when it comes to overall, day-to-day wellness, wholefood nutrition is king!

Try BarleyLife 

Our breakthrough technology allows us to offer a wholefood juice concentrate a step above the rest. BarleyLife maintains its micronutrient cofactors (as fiber is a macronutrient), including enzymes, polyphenols and antioxidants. This means you can get wholefood nutrition with the convenience of a supplement!


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