Health and Happiness with AIM


By Emily Liu (Translated by Dr. Yu-Shiaw Chen)

I hope people can benefit by reading my testimonial. I live in the small, quiet town of Hillsborough, New Jersey. Twenty years ago, my friend introduced me to AIM’s green barley powder, and I haven’t gone a day without it since. Before becoming an AIM Member, I usually had a sore throat or an infection of some kind. Now, I rarely catch a cold or have a sore throat. Here’s another interesting thing: I don’t have to dye my hair. It is shiny and black, the color of someone twenty years younger. I believe this might be due to my persistent use of AIM BarleyLife®.

Another great product is AIM FloraFood®. One day in the summer of 2009, I woke up with several red bumps on my left arm. I thought they were bug bites, so I applied some drugs for swelling. None of them worked. The bumps got bigger and more appeared. I went to see a doctor and was diagnosed with herpes. The illness wasn’t as painful or as uncomfortable as the doctor predicted because I was very health conscious and took AIM products consistently. The doctor even teased me saying, “You don’t look like you have any pain at all.”

I am very grateful for AIM’s FloraFood. I believe it alleviated my suffering and made my recovery from herpes much quicker. A month later, I was able to help a friend who had poison ivy all over her feet and legs. I immediately told her about FloraFood as a solution to her poison ivy problem. I gave her capsules. Two days later, I followed up with her and her feet were much better.

In the New Jersey springtime, many people are aggravated by hay fever and allergies as well as poison ivy and other plants. I recommend everyone take advantage of BarleyLife and FloraFood for protection against those threats. That way you can enjoy all the flowers in bloom.

Finally, I am grateful for the research done by The AIM Companies™. They have come up with so many superb and beneficial products. In the past decade, so many different health food supplements have appeared in the marketplace, but I have never lost my faith in the AIM products and will never give up the privilege of using them. The AIM Companies has given me unexpected health and happiness.

Note: Emily Liu takes AIM’s Garden Trio® and CalciAIM™ as her morning drink. She also uses AIM Proancynol® 2000, CellSparc 360®, and AIMega®.

Testimonials should not be construed as representing results everybody can achieve.

In the Business of Helping People


Snake River CrossFit boasts a capable staff of well-trained athletes and fitness experts, but the heart and soul of the gym are its owners, Frank and Michaela Beauvais (AIM Members.) They have been married for thirteen years and have two children. As a Captain and a fitness trainer in the Nampa Fire Department, Frank knew that marriage was often difficult for rescue workers due to long, irregular hours, so he suggested CrossFit as an activity that he and his wife could share. They started in their garage, and that home gym grew into their current business.

Michaela, who shoulders the task of running the gym while Frank spends days at a time stationed at the firehouse, studied Exercise Physiology at Boise State and has years of experience studying and working in the fields of injury rehabilitation, massage therapy, and nutrition to name just a few.

CrossFit has allowed her to “pull from all of her studies and work experiences to help people find connection, function, and wholeness as they create stronger versions of themselves.This might mean someone returning to physical activity after just having a baby, regaining their strength after surgery, or finding courage to attend class after years of inactivity. I just feel like the more I can learn, the more people I can help. We have many athletes who have been able to get off of blood pressure and cholesterol-controlling medications because of the changes they have made in their nutrition and physical activity. Many have stopped taking anti-depressants, anti-anxiety prescriptions, and pain medications. We’ve had some people lose substantial amounts of weight. We have one gentleman who is under 300 pounds for the first time in years and others gain weight along with new-found confidence, wellness, and strength.”

As a firefighter, Frank uses fitness every day. “The population isn’t getting any smaller, and I’m not getting any larger. That means I need to become stronger. I don’t want to face someone’s wife or husband and tell them that I wasn’t strong enough to save their spouse. Firefighters are in the business of helping people.” This is a philosophy that the couple shares in their gym and in their relationship with AIM. “There has never been an element of ‘How can I profit off this?’ and granted there is an underlying monetary piece to everything, but it’s so far down on the list of importance that it doesn’t get in the way of the greater good of making people feel better.

“That’s why it has been so easy. I have no reservations about the company. It’s an open book to me. They talk about a CrossFit honesty where we don’t miss a rep, where we don’t miscount. We will always do what we think is right. That’s a pretty broad statement, but it rings true. So when people do approach a CrossFit gym, I think knowing that you have a good product that is backed by an American company that is doing good things and employing good people, I think that is where you’ll be able to make in-roads. Letting the products speak for themselves. You can pronounce everything that’s on the label. We work way too hard to put stuff into our bodies that we don’t need. So if we can get a product that is priced right that is made by Americans and if we can get a product that we feel is good, it will be a great relationship. If Red Rush didn’t do what it says, we wouldn’t have it in the gym. It actually makes me happy. “

AIM Energizes at Any Age

Medicine Hat

“I believe that any kind of exercise is important for aging well. That’s why I began taking hockey lessons offered at a military base. I later met a group of women who get together to play recreational hockey.

“I’m forty-three years old, but the group is made up of women of all ages and abilities. We all get together once a week to shoot the puck around. Some have played hockey for years. One player is twenty-one years old and plays on a junior hockey team, so it is a challenge for me to keep up.

“I definitely noticed a difference in my performance since I started taking AIM Peak Endurance® and AIM Red Rush™ before playing hockey. I have more energy and don’t feel as tired. I can race for the puck even faster without feeling out of breath. For recovery after playing, I take Peak Endurance again, so I don’t feel sore the next day. Overall I’m more relaxed as well.

“After sitting in on a ProPeas teleclass, I decided to try AIM’s pea protein to help me build muscle mass. I think it’s working. So all three AIM Sports products are helping me.

“By the way, I also take the Daily Essentials on a regular basis as well because I’m in this for the healthy long run. People say I look younger than my age. That’s great, but what’s important is that I’d like to be playing hockey twenty years from now. And when I’m eighty, I hope to have the energy of a sixty-year-old! Along the way, I’m going to keep on letting people know about AIM products.”

Kimberley Schaeffer, Preferred Member Medicine Hat, Alberta
Testimonials should not be construed as representing results everyone can achieve.

Our AIM-Nourished Travels

Aim Nourished Travels

Shared by Jan Baxter, AIM Director in Waterloo, Ontario

My husband Wayne and I are both in our early seventies, and we do enjoy traveling. The first thing I pack is our First AIM Kit to help us maintain our health. We use recycled containers for our nutritious AIM powders such as the Garden Trio®, ProPeas®, and CalciAIM™. Depending on how many days we’ll be traveling, I pack an equal number of small, plastic bags containing a daily supply of encapsulated supplements that include AIM GinkgoSense™ and AIM PrepZymes®.

In celebration of our forty-second anniversary, we planned a Caribbean cruise over Christmas 2014. A few days before our trip, I sent a message to AIM Online to check which products we would need for Jamaica after hearing about the chikungunya virus spread by mosquito bites. Symptoms include fever, muscle pain, headaches, nausea, and rash. It affected hundreds of thousands of people in the Caribbean, spurring a state of emergency in Jamaica. Keith Duff (AIM Regional Meeting and Training Director) suggested that I also pack extra AIM Proancynol® 2000 for antioxidants and AIM FloraFood® for friendly bacteria.

We like adventure but opted for a taxi ride around the town of Falmouth, Jamaica instead of taking a bamboo raft trip down the Martha Brae River that runs through lush, green vegetation where mosquitoes breed.

On the beautiful island of Roatan, we went on a five-hour, 20-mile, guided bike tour through tropical rainforests with fourteen others despite the 900 F (300 C) temperature and the hilly, narrow roads. We took a well-deserved break at a beach to unwind and do some snorkeling. Thank goodness I had some convenient sample packs of AIM BarleyLife® (for energy) and AIM Peak Endurance® (for ATP and electrolytes) to mix in my water bottle. Biking back to the ship gave us an interesting insight into the life of the locals. Back onboard, it was wonderful to rub on AIM Mag-nificence™ lotion to relax our sore, stressed muscles.

Two days later, sixteen of us took a 5-hour, clear kayak and snorkel trip. The transparent kayak made it even easier for us to see the incredible variety of colorful fish and coral below us in the crystal clear water. Later, our snorkeling adventure gave us an even closer look at the marine life.

Not only did we enjoy these excursions, we also survived them due to the wonderful AIM products that we’ve been taking daily for over seventeen years. We owe our health, wellness, and active lifestyle to them. Thank you, AIM, for Nutrition that Works!

Testimonials should not be construed as representing results everybody can achieve

Red Rush Athlete Jedidiah Snelson: Stronger in the Second Round

Jed Snelson

Red Rush Athlete Jedidiah Snelson learned hard work, determination, and discipline growing up on a farm in Buhl, Idaho. As a child, he loathed the mind-numbing repetition of the hard and thankless chores, but as an adult he appreciates the values that the life agrarian had instilled in him. These values helped shape the man he would become, a man who climbed to prominence in the Motocross world, became famous for training champions and not only survived a devastating, life-altering accident, but rose above it.

Jed Snelson knew he would never be the fastest dirt bike racer in the world because most Motocross/ Supercross racers begin their training while still in short pants. (The difference between the two types of races are based on how the courses are created and when they are raced. Supercross is indoors and starts the season. Motocross is outdoors and comes second). Snelson began his obsession with the sport, riding around a homemade track on his Idaho farm in his teens, a veritable silverback from a scouting standpoint. Not to be deterred, Snelson focused on fitness. To the untrained eye, Motocross doesn’t seem like a physically demanding activity, but studies have shown that the cardiovascular demands of Motocross athletes are higher than those of professional road cyclists racing on a similar course. Snelson compares the strain of racing Motocross to doing weighted front squats while your legs are being disrupted by electroshocks.


And soon Snelson made a name for himself among the professionals as an endurance rider. The races are usually composed of two rounds lasting over thirty minutes each. In basketball or soccer, you might be able to rely on your team to catch a breath, or if you’re a cyclist or rower, you’re doing one repetitive motion over and over again and can train for that. Motocross is infinitely varied. The rider has to adjust and adapt to every curve, every bump while being buffeted and jarred with no rest. While the other racers faltered in the second round, Snelson’s superior fitness allowed him to excel and win.

When one of Snelson’s colleagues, Jake Weimer, received a “factory deal,” the sponsors told Weimer that he needed to hire a personal trainer, and so he hired Snelson. Weimer found a lot of success after making that decision and podiumed several times during his breakout, big-league season, even winning one of the larger races. Snelson soon gained renown as an elite conditioning coach. If an up-and-coming junior racer was almost old enough to go pro, Jedidiah Snelson was the person they wanted to see about proper fitness and conditioning. Snelson’s training focused on strength, balance and reflexes. The riders could feel confident and secure, able to move fluidly with the flow of the bike to improve their overall speed. Snelson had his students stand on fitness balls, swinging kettlebells, or passing weighted medicine balls back and forth to get riders used to having to apply strength and move rapidly while maintaining perfect balance.


Snelson eventually retired from the fast-paced life of a professional Motocross trainer and moved back to Idaho with his wife and daughter, but began racing in the Idaho Vet Class for fun, even picking up a couple of regional titles last year. After a long winter, the first scheduled race took place on a sand track. On a chilly 27-degree F morning, a dozer came out and disked up the steep-graded, downhill course. The race began. Jedidiah came around a corner and hit a patch of soft sand thatsent him off the racetrack and down the side of a hill. He didn’t panic. He maneuvered his bike, attempting to coast to safety, but at the bottom, he hit a large frozen divot at 35 miles per hour and was thrown over the handlebars, landing forty feet away face first on the icy ground, his helmet crushed. The force of the impact caused his heels to collide with the back of his head. He rag-dolled for another thirty feet and was knocked out for over a minute. Snelson’s spine and shoulder were dislocated; his sternum, four ribs and spine were fractured. His lung was punctured and when his left hip dislocated, it sheared off the top of his left femur. He would never walk again.

Put in a position that would break so many of us, Jed Snelson, always stronger in the second round, drew strength to strive and thrive from the perspective he learned during his bucolic upbringing and his faith and trust in God. Ten months after the accident, Snelson applied and was accepted into Red Rush Athlete program. He says AIM’s Red Rush™ helps with his circulation which has been affected negatively by his injuries. He’s currently training to become a downhill cyclist. (His bike will be a customized model with hand pedals). He’s also a motivational speaker, sharing his story with those who may be able to draw strength and hope from his experiences.

Jed Snelson 2

Read the extended interview here:

The Best Day of My Life

The Best Day of My Life

By Lorraine Grove, AIM Group Builder from Camrose, Alberta

My name is Lorraine S. Grove, and I have Multiple Sclerosis (M.S.). I was lying in bed fairly regular; the fatigue was really bad, no energy. My husband was doing all the cleaning, cooking, and laundry, and driving me wherever I wanted to go. I was too tired to do anything.

At this point I wasn’t sure what I was good for anymore. Depression was always around the corner. I could not take the M.S. medication; my body was not accepting it at all. I was on depression medication for many years prior to finding out about having M.S.

Then in January I met a very special lady named Melanie. She was a Member of The AIM Companies™. We got to talking about the health and wellness products, and it sounded very interesting, but I had tried so many different types of health and good-for-you stuff, so I wasn’t too interested at this time. But we did have an enjoyable time visiting.

Don, another person I knew, came by my home three days later with products in hand. “Would I please try these products?” he asked. The sincerity and kindness I saw in his eyes prompted me to say that yes, I would try them one last time. I signed up under Don that day to receive the products wholesale.

I can honestly say that day became the best day of my life. Within two days, I began getting results and feeling stronger. I no longer spend my days in bed watching TV.
First to leave was the heaviness, the fatigue. The walker nwas put back in the basement with the wheelchair. Neither is needed anymore.

Other things started changing as well, too many to put down on paper. A person doesn’t realize how out of whack you are or how truly ill you were until you put good nutrition back into your body. How many people are out there who think their bodies are okay the way they are when all it takes is a little time and effort to make your life even better?

I’m back in the kitchen cooking again. I’m driving my car again and doing my own laundry. My husband is still helping with the heavier stuff in the home, bless his heart. I still tire, but it’s a good tired.

I was only going to buy products for myself. I could not see me doing a business, but things just grow when you share a good thing. I now work two farmers markets, and I help at a third market once in awhile.

I have been taking these products for seven months now and have 19 people under me. When the word just gets around that the products are truly amazing, only great things can happen. The products I started on that changed my life: AIM BarleyLife®, AIM Just Carrots®, AIM RediBeets® (AIM Garden Trio®) AIM Herbal Fiberblend®, AIM Herbal Release®, and AIMega®.

Testimonials should not be construed as representing results everybody can achieve.

Lance Pekus: The Red Rush-Fueled Cowboy Ninja

L Pekus

If you’re a fan of the television show American Ninja Warrior, you may have seen AIM Member Lance Pekus aka the Cowboy Ninja in his iconic black cowboy hat and blue jeans, swinging from chains, leaping over water-filled pits or suspended in mid-air climbing an inverted ladder hand-over-hand.

Although Lance often competes in front of a worldwide audience, at heart he’s a downhome husband and father from Salmon, Idaho who works for the forest service and on his father-in-law’s cattle ranch. He literally is a cowboy. He even trains in a modified calving shed where he’s built small versions of the obstacles from the show. This was mostly out of necessity because when he started, the only obstacle course training facilities were in California or on the East Coast. His father-in-law told him that if he was serious about pursuing this dream, he should use the calving shed as it’s only really in use a few months out of the year.

Lance has been an athlete all his life. He wrestled in college and had always been active, but he was looking for something new and fun. He tried running a triathlon, but decided triathlons weren’t for him. He was at a friend’s house when he saw American Ninja Warrior and decided to give that a try. He qualified, and it’s grown from there.

Lance is best at the obstacles that require upper-body strength like the salmon ladder, which has one rung that competitors hang from and manipulate upward. In order to complete the obstacle, the competitors must use their upper body strength to force that rung—the same one they are suspended from–upward into the notch above until the bar rests in the highest notch possible. As you can imagine, this takes incredible strength and coordination. It also takes a whole lot of focus.

“A lot of the obstacles are mental. I know a lot of really strong competitors who can do the obstacles individually, but when you put them all together and you’re on TV, it can be tough. It’s best to focus on what’s right in front of you and not what’s coming up.

“The best thing about doing the American Ninja Warrior competition is that it’s about pushing your body. You see an obstacle and you think, ‘that’s impossible’ at first. But then you train and you adapt, and then you can achieve it, and then you go on and attempt harder ones,” he said.

He first heard about Red Rush and AIM when he joined his brother-in-law for the WOD for Warriors competition at AIM Member-owned Snake River CrossFit. Lance won the competition and the prize was a box of Red Rush.

“I tried it out and used it. I definitely saw some positive gains and decided to use it for competitions. I’ve never been a fan of energy drinks because they get me too hyped up and jittery. I didn’t get that from Red Rush. I felt relaxed and focused, and I felt like I had extra breath when I was out there on the obstacle course.”