Herbal Strategies for Women’s Health

If you’re starting menopause or think you’re about to, then we have good news. Statistically speaking, it’s not going to wreck your life. If you think menopause is going to cause weight gain, steal your muscle tone or thin out your hair, those symptoms are largely caused by the aging process and menopause not soContinue reading “Herbal Strategies for Women’s Health”

The Healthy Art of Betty Ann Brush

Betty Ann Brush was born with a 1 in a 1,000 chance of living. She came into the world with a cancerous tumor growing near her left eye. The tumor was surgically removed. Radiation and cobalt treatments were given when she was only six weeks old. It was confirmed that she was legally blind in her left eye. Diagnosed with anemia, jaundiceContinue reading “The Healthy Art of Betty Ann Brush”