Messy in the Middle


By Cheryl Lucas Chairman’s Club Director 

When I have written or spoken about my AIM journey previously I tended to focus on my road to Chairman’s Club or the beginning stages of my journey as a business owner partnering with The AIM Companies.

This time as I sat down to write it was different. I kept thinking about an interesting place in my journey.  The middle.  Around the same time I was reading a book by Brene Brown and I read something she had written that stood out  “The middle is messy but its also where the magic happens.”  This made so much sense!  Let me tell you about how I found the “mystery in my middle”

The beginning of most journey’s are filled with new experiences, excitement and wonder.   The beginning of my journey was much the same.   I have clear and wonderful memories and experiences that today 20 years later continue to inspire and encourage me to keep on moving forward.

What I never anticipated or fully understood was what it would take and require from me to sustain a growing business.  As I moved on in my journey there was an internal tension that emerged and interestingly hasn’t subsided as I moved through the different stages of growth personally and professionally.  It has been an ongoing process, filled with learning’s, celebrations, wins and yes those uncomfortable revelations about myself around what I did not know.  Each new phase brought new revelations and development points.

I have always had an internal drive and curiosity to uncover the things that were hindering or interfering with me and my business growing and moving forward. This drive allowed me to embrace the “messy” and dive into learn about what I was going through and how I could navigate the uncertainty and the uncomfortable-ness of growing a business and developing personally.

I cant tell you how many times when things were feeling tough I would step back and say “this is not what I signed up for.” Hindsight now allows me to see that in the midst of the mess “the mystery“ of my passion and calling were brought to the fore, even though it was not immediately recognisable.

In the middle I had a revelation that business is life and life is business.  I also realised the current state of a business is a metaphor for the life of the owner or leader.

Wow!  Convergence! My inner drive to develop, grow myself and help others do the same coupled with my love for all things entrepreneurial finally made sense to me.

Businesses, irrespective of the type or size are about its people, as people are the creators of culture. Meaning the condition of hearts and minds of the people and more specifically the owners and leaders of the business are what informs and influences culture.  The culture of a business ultimately creates the future and longevity of businesses.

I wanted to support others create a culture of honor and excellence in their lives so they could live the best life possible for them!  As I continued to support business owners and leaders in growing and cultivating their businesses based on a culture of honor, excellence and integrity my passion grew.  I then started to notice whilst most people started off well with this as their vision in the beginning…. as they got to the middle  …..  they got stuck in the messy and didn’t always make it through.

I asked myself the question: If operating from a culture of honor and excellence is so valuable how come most business owners and leaders don’t operate this way?

I realised the answer is complex, however it can also be answered simply.  The monetary investment is low, however the personal price is too high – it is way beyond what most are prepared to pay, it means letting go of comfort zones, facing and conquering limits imposed by our thinking patterns, values, socialization and choosing to take a road less travelled.

My awareness’ around the growing of a sustainable business then came fast, it was not related to a specific kind of business or to people.  However, it was specific to each individual business owner or leader, this was about the personal growth and skills development of the individual. This was “personal”. It was transformation on a mental and emotional level that changed everything and it was a conscious choice I was required to make  .No one else could make the choice for me or do the follow through for me.

 This led to the development of a business system that I’ve successfully implemented in all sizes and types of businesses and organisations in the public and private sectors.    At the heart of this system is the developing of business owners, leaders and their teams with the intention of unearthing their passion and calling, while growing successful sustainable businesses. Whilst I have three established businesses the Minding your own Business™ is the framework that brings them all to life and ensures their sustainability.  Whilst the system has been developed for business owners in my network marketing business MLM and direct selling world. I see how it transforms people no matter where they are planted.

So many years on, challenges still arise, different ones and these still create uncomfortable moments.  I now know these are growth moments.  So what I want to do is encourage you. Are you in the messy middle? Are you in a development and growth moment?  If so , keep going and keep in mind in this growth moment is the discovery of your mystery.  Are you willing to open yourself up to grow yourself so you can keep moving through?

 I want to encourage you to reconnect with why you started out on the Aim journey and remind you Your business will not grow unless you choose to grow as a person.   If you want to lead others, you have to lead yourself first.

I want to encourage you with my story of how I found my mystery in the middle .

Cheryl is a Transformational Coach, Coach Trainer and Business Development specialist.  Her passions is to equip individuals, businesses and organisations to thrive in all areas of life and in Body, Soul and Spirit. 


AIM Nutrition Helped Me Through RA and Surgeries


As an Internationally Certified Prevention Coordinator, I know a lot about avoiding disease, but I never expected that rheumatoid arthritis and two cervical surgeries would be in my future. I had tried to do all the right things to stay healthy, but when horrible pain left me pacing and moaning at night, I knew that this was something more than what my chiropractor could fix.

Two surgeries later, I was beginning to feel like myself again, but the surgeries weren’t the only assistance that enabled me to get back to my busy schedule. I faithfully drank BarleyLife in juice every morning and made sure that Frame Essentials were a part of a twice-daily regimen.

I am pretty confident the cadaver bone they used to fix my neck got along with my own cervical bone because of good nutritional supplementation from BarleyLife and Frame Essentials. Unfortunately, I may have waited a little too long to have the repair surgery, and there seemed to be permanent nerve damage in my right hand. I have been steadfast in continuing my nutritional regimen and increased the number of Frame Essentials at my sister’s urging, and the rewards are beginning to show.

My inflammation rate has been normal when visiting my rheumatologist, and I was told that I am in remission from my rheumatoid arthritis. I am playing my violin again, almost impossible several months ago, and the feeling is steadily returning to my fingers. I also take fit ‘n fiber and Herbal Fiberblend together before dinner. It is helping me lose some weight and keep the toxins from building up in my body. A lean body is important with RA to reduce pressure on the joints.

Since the AIM Conference in Branson, I have become excited about ProPeas and Just Carrots as well and have recently added them to boost my immune system and keep my autoimmune disorder from winning. I love my AIM products and hope to introduce many people to their healthy benefits.

Her Allergies, Constipation and Cough Just Vanished!

Shared by Cassie (Shaoqin) Yang, AIM Director in San Ramon, California

I am so thankful that Director Kathy Kong introduced me to the AIM products and to Chairman’s Club Director Dr. Yu-Shiaw Chen for sharing her knowledge about nutrition. In less than a year, I have experienced several improvements in my health.

I began taking AIM LeafGreens in February last year. It solved my constipation almost immediately. Because those results were so amazing, I ordered more products, like the AIM Garden Trio and Herbal Fiberblend. My spring allergies also vanished. I expected allergies in May because I’ve had allergy problems stretching back to 2004: nose bleeds, itchy eyes and a runny nose. They really bothered me. The medicine my doctor prescribed didn’t help at all. Surprisingly, I didn’t have any allergy symptoms in May. I believe that the AIM products helped to improve my immune system and kept me from having an allergy attack.

I always had throat problems, too. This caused me to cough a lot, and I typically
lost my voice at least twice a year. I used to see Chinese herbal doctors for acupuncture or bought herbal soups to deal with this. The cough would often last for one month, and I suffered a lot. I use the LeafGreens and the Herbal Fiberblend twice daily, and I recover very quickly now. I don’t need to see the herbal doctor anymore. It saves me money, and I don’t cough!

Last year, I had neck and back pains, which caused weakness in my legs and numbness in my toes sometimes. Around Thanksgiving, my Testimonial legs felt very weak. Dr. Yu-Shiaw Chen suggested Mag-nificence lotion. After I used it, my legs felt better. I use the lotion every day now, and my legs feel stronger and my toes aren’t numb anymore.

I am so impressed with the AIM products that I use: LeafGreens, Herbal Fiberblend, BarleyLife, CalciAIM, Herbal Release, Renewed Balance and Mag-nificence. My husband, my two sons and my parents-in-law all use and appreciate the AIM products as well. They make our lives easier, healthier and more enjoyable. Thank you, Kathy, Dr. Chen and The AIM Companies. I can’t wait to share the wonderful products with family and friends. I want them to be as healthy, as energetic and as happy as me!

He Recovered And Became a Champion Once More


Shared by AIM Director Akbar Hassim

I joined AIM in 2006 during a time when I was facing very serious health challenges. I had lost about 20 percent of my body weight and suffered severe joint pain, headaches and other ailments. Prior to that, I was fit, athletic, had a very successful boxing career and was even featured on a reality TV show about the sport. So these health problems not only prevented me from living a normal life but also lowered my self-esteem.


At the height of my dilemma, I attended a three-day seminar, and I literally stumbled upon a man who was sitting on the ground with all sorts of containers, capsules and green, orange and red powders. He appeared to be making some crazy concoction. The man was Star Sapphire Director Rashid Abass. I explained my health situation, and he told me about the AIM products and his own experiences, which I related to. With guidelines and help from Rashid, I made lifestyle changes and began using AIM products: The Garden Trio, Herbal Fiberblend and PrepZymes. My joint pain stopped, my sinuses and post-nasal drip improved, my headaches ceased and I was a lot more energetic. I stopped getting ill as frequently, and when I did get ill, it was not as severe as before, and recovery was very quick.


I continued to use the AIM products and got back into sports, focusing on triathlons and duathlons. In 2009, I won the Duathlon Challenge. I also run marathons frequently and am working toward improving my half-marathon time. I recently completed a 24-hour, 55-km non-stop Xtreme challenge, which consisted of obstacles like tire pulls, log-throwing and carrying sand bags. During the event, I consumed Red Rush every 3-4 hours while replenishing with a combination of Peak Endurance and CalciAIM.


My current daily training routine consists of very high intensity training. (Up to 1,000 push-ups, 500 sit-ups, 500 dips, 100 pull-ups and 45 minutes of speed-skipping). When preparing for a race, I usually train twice daily, a 5-10 k run in the mornings and conditioning and strength and weight training in the evenings. The high intensity is made possible due to the AIM products. I take the Garden Trio 2 to 3 times a day, a mixture of Peak Endurance and CalciAIM during training and Red Rush for a pre-workout. For joint health, I use Frame Essentials twice daily and Bear Paw Garlic with meals. I have very recently also introduced CellSparc 360 for cardiovascular health. I massage Magnificence onto sore areas. This reduces recovery time considerably. Every now and then, I soak in Cell Wellness Restorer, which is probably my favorite of the lot.


I have tried almost every product on the market, and to this day, I have not come across one as consistent with its results, as pure, nutritious or effective as the products from The AIM Companies. I wish every person on Earth would make AIM a part of their nutritional intake. I say this because my wife and I have personally seen our own lives and the lives of many others— from those with basic nutrition goals to those with severe life-threatening illnesses—change when they used the AIM products.


Teaching the Virtues of Nutrition and Free Enterprise


Royal Emerald Director Loren Schiele of Dallas, Texas, is the proud father of four grown, successful boys — all raised on BarleyLife and the AIM products and instilled with the virtues of nutrition, hard work and free enterprise.

Loren married his wife Kathleen at age twenty-six. The two were already interested in nutrition before they had their first child. They ate healthy and even made homemade bread. When Kathleen’s father became ill, they learned about the AIM products and phoned AIM for more information. AIM provided Loren with a list of local sponsors who, unfortunately, didn’t return his calls. This shows how important follow-up is, especially considering Loren and Kathleen have reached the Million Dollar Club. So Loren searched online and discovered Star Sapphire Director Marion Hayden who called him back within five minutes.

“She’s been a very, very good sponsor. Every single contact is important. You never know which person is going to take it and turn it into a business,” Loren said. “When I first started, I didn’t intend to be in business. But I had some experiences with MLM and knew the potential and what it was all about.”

In 1995, Loren was given a couple months of free internet service through a coworker’s son, and from that starting point, Loren built his now-flourishing AIM business. Loren and Kathleen’s hard work and business acumen allowed them to teach their children through example.

“They are all pretty much self-starters and self-motivated,” Loren stated. “That was our lifestyle. It’s what we instilled in them. We home-schooled our boys and did everything from an adventure-learning standpoint. We took them to the AIM Conferences because everything was a possible learning experience.”

Their son, Jason, is the youngest firefighter ever in Carollton, Texas, and is currently undertaking paramedic training. Steven won a fellowship at Ohio State University where he’s a grad student studying psychology. Daniel works in marketing and finance for the Fossil Group, and their eldest, Michael, is an information technology whiz for a financial company.

All the boys were raised on BarleyLife and continue to use the AIM products to this day. The three youngest sons enjoy weightlifting and have all used Red Rush and ProPeas.

“I tried to teach them the importance of whole foods and eating as natural as possible,” Loren said. “It was considered a rare treat to eat something that wasn’t a whole food. To make natural foods the norm, that was the biggest thing.”

How to Stay Healthy through Life’s Adversities


Shared by Barbara Bird AIM Director in Brights Grove, Ontario

Here is a little of what I have learned over the years, right up to how AIM helped me stay healthy through 2015: one of the most difficult years of my life.

In June 2006, Rita Vandertil (AIM Star Sapphire Director) convinced me to become an AIM Member even though I had no real health issues. I ordered three each of Herbal Fiberblend and BarleyLife. To be perfectly honest, I did not like them. It took a year to finish the canisters. That is when Rita called me and asked if I wanted more.

Later in 2007, my naturopath told me my digestive system was not working very well. After doing some reading, I learned again that my digestion was not good and then discovered something that would help: barley grass powder. So the stuff I actually disliked turned out to be what I really needed. This is where my journey with AIM truly began.

I took BarleyLife faithfully and began to see amazing changes within weeks. I had more energy, so the need to sleep in the afternoon went away. My sinus problems cleared up, and my constant hunger ended. There were changes in my food choices; I enjoyed vegetables a lot more.

In the following weeks, I found myself asking God what He wanted me to do with my life. A teacher by profession but unable to get on the teacher list, I was not content with being an educational assistant. So I prayed, and that was when Rita called to ask me if I wanted to become an AIM Preferred Member. I sensed the Holy Spirit prompting me to do so and to tell others about BarleyLife.

In 2008, I went to the convention in Norfolk, Virginia, and I learned from AIM Chairman’s Club Director Mary Ann Shearer that cravings for sweet things meant I was not eating enough fruit while cravings for salty, fatty things meant I was not getting enough essential fatty acids.

By now, my husband Richard was regularly taking the Garden Trio. Like me, he noticed that he had more energy. Previously, we both would get sick and have to take time off work. That trend stopped, especially for Richard.

As AIM introduced new products over the years, we began taking more ‘Nutrition that Works!’ such as LeafGreens, which reduced my knee pain and Richard’s allergies. Proancynol 2000 and Red Rush helped us to overcome jet lag on our frequent visits to see family in South Africa.

In December 2013, I watched the AIM webinar by AIM Director Celeste Davis on cleansing in the new year. The key was to create a new default: new habits that you do when stress levels rise. This provided me with healthy habits that I applied throughout 2014.

This lifestyle came in handy as both of our children decided to get married in May 2015: two weddings in the same month! During the months leading up to the weddings, Richard and I never got sick. But what we did not know at the time was that we were at the beginning of an unimaginable journey.

Richard had his regular medical checkup in early April. A lump in his neck required tests, x-rays and scans. In late May, he was diagnosed with melanoma. Richard went through an operation, radiation and chemotherapy, but the cancer had metastasized to his brain. Throughout this ordeal and until the day God took him from this earth to be with Him, Richard looked well and enjoyed quality of life. I, too, maintained my health and continued to take my Garden Trio, Red Rush, PrepZymes, FloraFood and AIMega.

After the trauma and stress of Richard’s illness and death, my body tried very hard to get sick. My throat was sore and I was really tired, but it never went past that. I believe that I had created a new default, a different system to live my life by, and I was giving my body what it needed to stay healthy.

I’m Like a Spring Chicken

Spring Chicken

Today, AIM Member Maria Sipple of Dayton, Ohio is painting her kitchen white with a touch of blue around the trim. She’s seventy-five years old and retired, a mother, married for fifty-four years, who raised five kids and worked part-time jobs at an insurance agency and a bank. She still likes to remain active, doing exercise around the house, visiting her friends and family and helping her twin sister who has health problems.

“My kids think I’m a tough old bird. I tell them, ‘don’t forget it,’” she said. But for over the last decade, Maria struggled with diabetes and glaucoma, problems that she says she inherited from her father. Her ankles would swell up painfully from the diabetes and pressure had built up around her eyes due to the glaucoma. She was even scheduled for eye surgery.

“I went to my eye doctor. I was supposed to have surgery. They asked me if I wanted to wait three months to see what happened. I said ‘Sure. Who wants to have surgery?’”

About that time, she met with AIM Director Barbara Snodgrass, Maria’s friend since high
school. Barbara shared AIM’s BarleyLife and GlucoChrom, demonstrating how to best use the products.

“Barb was doing well. I just wanted to follow suit,” Maria said.

Around Christmastime, Maria went back to the doctor, and the swelling in her eye had gone down. They told her that she no longer needed the procedure. She attributes her success to the AIM products, specifically BarleyLife and GlucoChrom.

“I was just thrilled which anyone would be. And I am also thrilled about GlucoChrom. I used to have swelling in my ankles from diabetes. Now I have very little swelling. My A1C has gone down, and my doctor even took me off one of my medications. I don’t like to take pills. I wish I could get rid of my diabetes, but I can’t. So I’m just doing what I can.”

Maria has introduced BarleyLife to her children who are also taking it. She now uses Mag-nificence spray and RediBeets. She says she feels more energetic than ever.

“You try to do everything you can to stay in the best health that you can. At my age, who knows what tomorrow is going to bring. So I don’t sit around. I’m like a spring chicken, very happy. The secret of life is to stay as active as you can and do it for yourself. Well, I’m doing it for myself.”