Protein, Carbs Build Strong Bones after a Workout


It’s quite common for exercise enthusiasts to guzzle protein drinks after a big workout, but they’re usually doing it to add muscle mass or to aid in recovery. Some may even be doing it to look cool!

A new study published in Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise suggests that consuming some protein and some carbohydrates after exercise helped to strengthen bones.  During the trial, researchers asked male endurance athletes to run on treadmills until those athletes were exhausted. Afterwards, they either drank a protein/carbohydrate concoction or a placebo.

Those who quaffed the protein-carb mixture had smaller amounts of a specific biomarker that’s released during bone resorption (tissue breakdown inside bones).  Additionally, the scientists noted an increase in a second biomarker associated with bone formation! These effects were noticed if the athlete drank the protein/carbohydrate blend both immediately after exercise or two hours later.

The investigators believe that nutrition can be used to help mitigate the risk of fractures that are commonly associated with intense exercise. Athletes’ careers and training regimens are often negatively  impacted by such injuries.

If you’re an athlete in the market for a post-workout drink, then look no further than AIM’s Lean Team. The Lean Team is composed of our amazing, clean, vegan ProPeas protein. Made from the finest field peas this world has to offer, ProPeas can help your muscles get big! With 12 g of carbohydrates in every serving, fit ‘n fiber orchard peach provides 10 g of dietary fiber in every ten-calorie serving. Protein and fiber are also great for weight management because they team up to beat back appetite, like world-class champs.

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