How to Stay Healthy through Life’s Adversities


Shared by Barbara Bird AIM Director in Brights Grove, Ontario

Here is a little of what I have learned over the years, right up to how AIM helped me stay healthy through 2015: one of the most difficult years of my life.

In June 2006, Rita Vandertil (AIM Star Sapphire Director) convinced me to become an AIM Member even though I had no real health issues. I ordered three each of Herbal Fiberblend and BarleyLife. To be perfectly honest, I did not like them. It took a year to finish the canisters. That is when Rita called me and asked if I wanted more.

Later in 2007, my naturopath told me my digestive system was not working very well. After doing some reading, I learned again that my digestion was not good and then discovered something that would help: barley grass powder. So the stuff I actually disliked turned out to be what I really needed. This is where my journey with AIM truly began.

I took BarleyLife faithfully and began to see amazing changes within weeks. I had more energy, so the need to sleep in the afternoon went away. My sinus problems cleared up, and my constant hunger ended. There were changes in my food choices; I enjoyed vegetables a lot more.

In the following weeks, I found myself asking God what He wanted me to do with my life. A teacher by profession but unable to get on the teacher list, I was not content with being an educational assistant. So I prayed, and that was when Rita called to ask me if I wanted to become an AIM Preferred Member. I sensed the Holy Spirit prompting me to do so and to tell others about BarleyLife.

In 2008, I went to the convention in Norfolk, Virginia, and I learned from AIM Chairman’s Club Director Mary Ann Shearer that cravings for sweet things meant I was not eating enough fruit while cravings for salty, fatty things meant I was not getting enough essential fatty acids.

By now, my husband Richard was regularly taking the Garden Trio. Like me, he noticed that he had more energy. Previously, we both would get sick and have to take time off work. That trend stopped, especially for Richard.

As AIM introduced new products over the years, we began taking more ‘Nutrition that Works!’ such as LeafGreens, which reduced my knee pain and Richard’s allergies. Proancynol 2000 and Red Rush helped us to overcome jet lag on our frequent visits to see family in South Africa.

In December 2013, I watched the AIM webinar by AIM Director Celeste Davis on cleansing in the new year. The key was to create a new default: new habits that you do when stress levels rise. This provided me with healthy habits that I applied throughout 2014.

This lifestyle came in handy as both of our children decided to get married in May 2015: two weddings in the same month! During the months leading up to the weddings, Richard and I never got sick. But what we did not know at the time was that we were at the beginning of an unimaginable journey.

Richard had his regular medical checkup in early April. A lump in his neck required tests, x-rays and scans. In late May, he was diagnosed with melanoma. Richard went through an operation, radiation and chemotherapy, but the cancer had metastasized to his brain. Throughout this ordeal and until the day God took him from this earth to be with Him, Richard looked well and enjoyed quality of life. I, too, maintained my health and continued to take my Garden Trio, Red Rush, PrepZymes, FloraFood and AIMega.

After the trauma and stress of Richard’s illness and death, my body tried very hard to get sick. My throat was sore and I was really tired, but it never went past that. I believe that I had created a new default, a different system to live my life by, and I was giving my body what it needed to stay healthy.

Published by The AIM Companies

The AIM Companies pioneered the use of plants—barley, carrots, and beets—as vehicles to deliver the body concentrated nutrition conveniently. Founded in 1982 in Nampa, Idaho, The AIM Companies has operations in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa, providing AIM products to more than 30 countries around the world.

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