Her Allergies, Constipation and Cough Just Vanished!

Shared by Cassie (Shaoqin) Yang, AIM Director in San Ramon, California I am so thankful that Director Kathy Kong introduced me to the AIM products and to Chairman’s Club Director Dr. Yu-Shiaw Chen for sharing her knowledge about nutrition. In less than a year, I have experienced several improvements in my health. I began taking AIM LeafGreens in February last year. ItContinue reading “Her Allergies, Constipation and Cough Just Vanished!”

She Was Told That She Would Have To Wear A Neck Brace for 6 Weeks, It Came Off In Two

Sandy Joslyn was seriously injured in a car accident nineteen years ago and then caused  further damage to her injury in January 2016 from a fall at home. Since her car accident, Sandy would intermittently lose the feeling in her fingers, her feet and other areas of her body at various times during the day. It took nineteen years for doctorsContinue reading “She Was Told That She Would Have To Wear A Neck Brace for 6 Weeks, It Came Off In Two”

He Recovered And Became a Champion Once More

Shared by AIM Director Akbar Hassim I joined AIM in 2006 during a time when I was facing very serious health challenges. I had lost about 20 percent of my body weight and suffered severe joint pain, headaches and other ailments. Prior to that, I was fit, athletic, had a very successful boxing career and was even featured on aContinue reading “He Recovered And Became a Champion Once More”