Messy in the Middle

By Cheryl Lucas Chairman’s Club Director  When I have written or spoken about my AIM journey previously I tended to focus on my road to Chairman’s Club or the beginning stages of my journey as a business owner partnering with The AIM Companies. This time as I sat down to write it was different. I kept thinkingContinue reading “Messy in the Middle”

For Healthy Lunches

    by Leré Robinson, Star Sapphire Director and Nutrition Consultant This month I want to share some helpful information about healthy lunches, which not only apply to children but also to those who work and desire to pack a nutritious lunch. Today, so many kids eat unhealthy lunches, yet parents still expect their children’s brains to function properly. In their book,Continue reading “For Healthy Lunches”

Healthy Aging

Is it really true that if you have your health, you have everything? The answer may depend on the people you ask, especially those who go through life suffering from long-term ailments or coping with life-threatening illnesses. What it may boil down to is that you can have all the luxuries that money can buy, but if youContinue reading “Healthy Aging”

See Every Obstacle as a Challenge

Chairman’s Club Directors Joan and Chris van Rensburg were inducted into AIM’s Two Million Dollar Club at the AIM Conference in Branson. Joan is a world-renowned health consultant with over twenty years of experience. She’s helped countless people improve their health and their lives. She’s a crusader for women’s health issues and practices from Eastleigh Womens’ Health Center in Pretoria, South Africa. Joan becameContinue reading “See Every Obstacle as a Challenge”

Bacteria Derived from Human Strain

Three strains of bacteria  derived from a single sample were donated by the University of Tokyo and the Medical University of Japan. They were obtained by an oral swab from a healthy, living infant. This one-time collection of bacteria was then isolated, identified, purified and mass produced. The bacteria, acquired nearly thirty years ago, have been naturally replicated. Q: Why Use Human Strains? A: Human strain/natural probiotics are proven toContinue reading “Bacteria Derived from Human Strain”

Long-Time Success with Herbal Fiberblend

Shared by Mili and Henry Huff, AIM Group Builders in Rossville, Georgia One day I was in the AIM office and Ron Wright (AIM Senior Vice President and co-owner) handed me a plastic bag full of different kinds of not-so-good-smelling herbs. He said they were for healthy bowels and asked me to try them. I knew that one of myContinue reading “Long-Time Success with Herbal Fiberblend”

Back to School

You may not want to remind your children (or yourself) while still in the heat of the summer, but August sounds the call of BTS—back to school—whether a student wants to hear it or not. And there’s good reason to hear how AIM nutrition can help with the enrichment of mind and body, regardless of age or level of studies. ForContinue reading “Back to School”