Mom Shines Brightly

Kate Price has been taking the AIM products ever since she was five years old. She is now the mother of two beautiful children.

Since graduating from school, Kate has acquired a number of qualifications. Her Bachelor of Music (jazz piano performance with first class honors) and teaching diploma allow her to work from her home in New Zealand. As an AIM Preferred Member, Kate supplements her teaching income by sharing the AIM products. This work situation lets her be a stay-at-home mom for her children.

Kate-Price-blogAfter the birth of her second child, Kate returned to competitive athletics, particularly off-road running and CrossFit. In the initial months of 2020, Kate won both the Tough Guy and Gal Challenge and her division in the WOF Championships CrossFit Competition.

Kate relied heavily on a range of AIM products to boost and manage her nutrition to help her train and compete as well as continue breastfeeding her 12-month-old. She knows her long-term training, work and motherhood depend on having a solid base of nutritional support that includes Peak Endurance, RediBeets, BarleyLife,  and ProPeas.

As a professional musician, mother and athlete, Kate has quite a following on social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram and Snap­chat. Having a back­ground in social media marketing has allowed Kate to converse easily with peers in her different circles to discuss the AIM products that she uses.

Keep up the great work Kate, and we look forward to hearing about your future successes!

Note: AIM recommends consulting a phy­sician prior to using Peak Endurance if you are pregnant or nursing.

Testimonials should not be construed as representing results that everyone can achieve. Contributors who submit a published testimonial in AIM’s Living Well magazine receive a nutritional gift valued at $8.00 US.


The AIM Companies has been dedicated to improving the quality of people’s lives with life-changing products like BarleyLife and Herbal Fiberblend and by rewarding passionate Members with a free-enterprise compensation plan.

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