Help from The AIM Companies and God’s Provision

My dad, Chairman’s Club Director Ralph Casey, was a minister, but both my parents used to do a lot of work for churches. It didn’t pay much, but that wasn’t why they did it. My father liked to quote the expression Jehovah-jireh, which roughly translated means “God will provide.” When my parents were about toContinue reading “Help from The AIM Companies and God’s Provision”

See Every Obstacle as a Challenge

Chairman’s Club Directors Joan and Chris van Rensburg were inducted into AIM’s Two Million Dollar Club at the AIM Conference in Branson. Joan is a world-renowned health consultant with over twenty years of experience. She’s helped countless people improve their health and their lives. She’s a crusader for women’s health issues and practices from Eastleigh Womens’ Health Center in Pretoria, South Africa. Joan becameContinue reading “See Every Obstacle as a Challenge”

Nancy Fitzmorris Reaches AIM’s Million Dollar Club

Nancy Fitzmorris of Covington, Louisiana reached AIM’s Million Dollar Club in September 2015. Her journey started when she saw an ad on TV that talked about slowing down the aging process. She was thirty then and had heard that “it was all downhill after thirty.” She became a voracious reader on the subjects of health and fitness and began making positive lifestyle changes.Continue reading “Nancy Fitzmorris Reaches AIM’s Million Dollar Club”