Back to School


You may not want to remind your children (or yourself) while still in the heat of the summer, but August sounds the call of BTS—back to school—whether a student wants to hear it or not. And there’s good reason to hear how AIM nutrition can help with the enrichment of mind and body, regardless of age or level of studies.

For the young, AIM offers brain- and immune-boosting nutrients in whole-food concentrates, such as the chocolaty flavor of CoCoa LeafGreens and the naturally sweet taste of BarleyLife Xtra with fruit and vegetables. Children will enjoy these nutritious beverages without realizing just how healthy they are for growing minds and bodies. Older children (up to the age of ninety plus) have been known to enjoy CoCoa LeafGreens and BarleyLife Xtra drinks, so there is no official age limit for taking these delicious and nutritious supplements.

For the high school and college crowd, the plant-based power of whole-food concentrates like BarleyLife, Just Carrots, RediBeets and LeafGreens can make a positive change in school-term success. Staying healthy and focused is tied into proper nourishment, and AIM nutrition makes it easy.

For anyone heading or returning to the AIM Academy, enhance your studies with natural nutrients in the AIM product line-up. Keep in mind that nitric oxide increases circulation to the brain, so have a shot of Red Rush two hours before you begin a study session.

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