Long-Time Success with Herbal Fiberblend


Shared by Mili and Henry Huff, AIM Group Builders in Rossville, Georgia

One day I was in the AIM office and Ron Wright (AIM Senior Vice President and co-owner) handed me a plastic bag full of different kinds of not-so-good-smelling herbs. He said they were for healthy bowels and asked me to try them. I knew that one of my AIM customers had chronic bowel trouble, so, without telling Ron, I accepted them and gave them to her. In a few days, she called and said her bowel trouble was completely gone.

Some time later, I was traveling to Hawaii and offered to put on a couple of AIM product meetings there. Toward the end of one of the meetings, I could tell that one lady in the front row was anxious to say something, so I acknowledged her waving hand. “Aren’t you going to talk about the new herbal product that AIM is coming out with?” she asked. ”Why don’t you?” I offered with a smile, whereupon she got up and enthusiastically told of intestinal parasites and other problems she no longer had.

Flying home, I decided to give the herbs an honest try. I bought some. Ten days went by, and I didn’t have any bowel movements! I kept taking it. Two days later, I had my bowel movement. It looked exactly like one of the pictures in a booklet that Chairman’s Club Director Teresa Schumacher had given to me called Cleansing the Body and the Colon for a Happier and Healthier You. I learned that the molecules in some of AIM’s herbs are smaller than the molecules of the accumulated, hard-packed grunge inside some colons; the herbs work their way between the grunge and the wall of the colon.

Happy to say, I’ve had healthy bowel movements every single day since then. On the rare occasion that I get diarrhea, I just sit down with a teaspoon of Herbal Fiberblend mixed into a small bowl of applesauce and the diarrhea clears right up.

My husband still takes it every few days to stay regular. I am now seventy-one and my husband is seventy-three. In July we’ll be taking a cruise to Alaska for our 50th wedding anniversary and think we might possibly be the only people on board our age who are not on any kind of drugs or medications. Praise the Lord for Ron and Opal, Dennis and Kay, Teresa Schumacher and AIM’s nutritional supplements.

Published by The AIM Companies

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