The Start of an AIM Business Came With the End of Ulcerative Colitis

AIM Member Tiffany Berry of Aurora, Illinois has been helping people improve their lives for over ten years. She started off as a yoga instructor, has both her Spin and CrossFit certifications — she’s currently a CrossFit coach at a nearby box — and teaches high-intensity fitness training from her garage gym. In March of 2016, she signed up as an AIM MemberContinue reading “The Start of an AIM Business Came With the End of Ulcerative Colitis”

AIM Turned My Life Around

Shared by Suzanne Atkinson, AIM Group Builder in Mono, Ontario.    My story goes back to my late thirties. I felt held captive by a chronic fatigue that I could not shake. I never knew from day to day if I would have energy for even mild physical activities. Even enjoyable things like dancing orContinue reading “AIM Turned My Life Around”