The Beets of RediBeets

The Beets of RediBeets A little digging into the beets that end up as the juice powder in RediBeets reveals an interesting background of facts and figures about Beta vulgaris. Beets (Beta vulgaris) are one of the flowering plants in the  Amaranthaceae family, which includes over 2,500 species that are primarily shrubs and herbs. BeetsContinue reading The Beets of RediBeets

A Healthy Diet Keeps You Happy According to Science

If you think about nutrition at all–and I’m pretty sure that you must–then you’re aware of the positive impact of a healthy diet on the human body: lower risk of disease, fewer illnesses and a good body weight. What you may not know–but you probably at least suspect–is that healthy food choices can influence your mental healthContinue reading “A Healthy Diet Keeps You Happy According to Science”