Plant-Based Back-to-School Protection

For students who are physically going back to school this month, there is a combination of relief and concern about this return. Things are simply not the same as they were pre-pandemic, and the new normal suggests that we are not out of the woods just yet.

Being cautious is a good thing. Preventive strategies in the halls of learning will continue to be used to help ensure safe learning environments. From a personal perspective of prevention, adding body-boosting nutrition to external protocols goes a long way in supporting a student’s internal defense: a strong immune system.

Students of all ages do not always eat the healthiest foods. Along with what is absorbed into their minds, focus should also be placed on what is ingested, digested and absorbed by their bodies.
It’s always a good time to make plant-based food a major part of dietary intake at any age. These days it may be an essential way for students to nutritionally maintain good health.

Snacks of fresh fruit and vegetables instead of chocolate bars, packaged potato chips or other processed goodies promote healthy habits for young minds.

Replacing sugar-filled juices and soft drinks with juice-powder beverages such as Just Carrots and RediBeets delivers a superb source of easily absorbed and utilized plant-based nutrition that helps maintain the immune system’s protective function.

Dietary supplements that include GarlicAIM and Proancynol 2000 (for older students) provide targeted immune-system support.

Keep in mind that adolescents go through hormonal changes that affect the development and regulation of their immune systems. Wholesome food that includes supplemental greens from BarleyLife or CoCoa LeafGreens can give them a nutritional boost into adulthood.

In the end, the importance of plant-based nutrition for good health may be one of the most valuable lessons ever learned.

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