5 Ways to Support Your Immune System

1  Regulate Sleep and Stress

When we sleep, our body heals, repairs and restores itself, so do everything you can to get 7–9 hours of sleep nightly. AIM Composure is a calming blend of herbs that can help you to avoid sleepless nights.

Learn to manage your stress levels, which suppress your immune system and the ability to fight infections.

2  Avoid Refined Sugars

Eliminate or reduce your intake of refined sugars, which suppress the immune system and can diminish the performance of white blood cells and increase inflammatory markers.

3  Stay Hydrated and Know Your Vitamin D Number

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! When you don’t drink enough water, your mucous membranes become dehydrated, and you become more susceptible to viruses.

Natural sunlight is still the best form of vitamin D, which is critical for immune function. If your vitamin D numbers are low, consider supplementing with CalciAIM. It contains 7.5 mg of vegan vitamin D per serving.

4 Ramp Up Your Fruits and Vegetables

Aim to eat fruits and vegetables that are bright in colors to increase your intake of immune-enhancing plant nutrients.

If you are not eating enough vegetables, then mix the Garden Trio in a blender bottle with cold water. Or for an extra boost of vegetable goodness, add these whole-food concentrates to smoothies.

5  Take High-Quality Probiotics

The gut microbiota is a dynamic ecosystem that aids digestion and immune function. FloraFood is an excellent source of probiotics that increase good gut bacteria. It helps balance the internal pH of the body, strengthening your immune system.

Excerpted from an article by Leré Robinson, AIM Star Sapphire Director

Published by The AIM Companies

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