The Internal Time Clock

Have you ever wondered what humans did before the external telling of time and the gadgets that followed: sundials, clocks, watches, iPhones, etc.

When considering the circadian clock and its rhythm of time is built into every cell and organ in our bodies, it’s as though technology has been trying to catch up to what the body has instinctively known since day one. Maybe not as digitally accurate but probably healthier than the daily use of timely gadgets. Does anyone really know what time it is?

We all have this built-in clock even though it gets little respect these days. Modern life has changed how our bodies respond to the rising and setting of the sun. These natural indicators for waking up and going to sleep have been overwritten for a very long time.

The widespread use of devices that emit blue light extend our exposure to daylight, which can interrupt healthy sleep patterns, has further impacted the circadian clock.

Research shows that in spite of being ignored, our internal time clocks are going about their business with or without us. For example, the time a person takes a medication may actually affect its effectiveness because of circadian rhythm. Or when you eat your biggest meal of the day can affect weight management.

It may be time to become more aware of what has been going on inside our bodies since the dawn of time to help us maintain good health.


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