Herbal Strategies for Women’s Health

If you’re starting menopause or think you’re about to, then we have good news. Statistically speaking, it’s not going to wreck your life. If you think menopause is going to cause weight gain, steal your muscle tone or thin out your hair, those symptoms are largely caused by the aging process and menopause not soContinue reading “Herbal Strategies for Women’s Health”

Are Hormones Hindering Your Weight-Loss Goals?

As people age, fat tends to build up around the midsection. For some, the reason is clear. We sneak one too many brownies at the church potluck, or the only time we spend with our exercise bike is wiping away the cobwebs with an old rag. But there are others who eat a strict regimenContinue reading “Are Hormones Hindering Your Weight-Loss Goals?”

GinkgoSense Is a Smart Move

Women, you know that keeping your senses about you in a chaotic world is a challenge. It would be great to have supplemental brain power at your fingertips. From the time you’re young enough to collect thoughts right on through the more mature stages of life, you are bombarded with too much information. Time can take a toll on a jam-packed memory. TakingContinue reading “GinkgoSense Is a Smart Move”

Ageless Women–Make the Most of Menopause

Back in the 1960s, menopause was defined as a deficiency disease by gynecologists, and hormone therapy was the cure. Often referred to as the “change,” “one of nature’s mistakes,” or “a sign of aging,” negative attitudes about that phase of female life blossomed. Such determinations have no reasonable place in the world we live today and should be forever discarded like bell bottomContinue reading “Ageless Women–Make the Most of Menopause”