Aging in Good Health

Each of us would like to live to a ripe old age in overall good condition. Unfortunately, no magic wand or pill can guarantee this will happen. All we can do is adopt lifestyle choices that are known to support good health and stick with them.

In spite of endless choices available, the ones that work have never really changed: nutrition, exercise, sleep, social interaction, laughter. Simple ingredients for aging well.

Worldwide, Members have made a lifestyle choice, taking AIM supplemental nutrition to fortify their food intake. Like pulling rabbits out of a magician’s top hat, plant-based concentrates such as CoCoa LeafGreens and Just Carrots along with dietary supplements that include Herbal Fiberblend and GinkgoSense deliver nutrition that works to support physical and mental well-being, contributing greatly to healthy aging.

It’s not magic. It simply makes solid good sense to add supplemental greens and other vegetables as well as fiber and beneficial herbs to your nutritional intake. Giving your body more of the nutrients and phytonutrients it needs to thrive supports a foundation of good health for a lifetime.

The Hollander Way

One man who has made it part of his life’s mission to remain healthy into his senior years is Lew Hollander, world-champion athlete, author and physicist. Over the years, Lew has physically challenged himself to the extreme, competing in marathons, duathlons and triathlons as well as endurance horse riding and running.

At 82, Lew was in the Guinness Book of World Records for being the eldest individual to finish the Hawaii Ironman, a 3-segment race consisting of swimming, cycling and running.
Competing in the Ride and Tie World Championship, an 86-year-old Lew reached another age record by completing the incredibly tough running-and-riding race involving a team of two people and a horse.

Lew was 87 when he became the most senior competitor to finish the Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon, considered to be one of the most dangerous competitions. Ultimately, his records and awards are just too numerous to list here.

Lew believes the secret to accomplishing these physical achievements and aging well is to properly fuel your body and continue moving beyond the point that you feel you can’t go on. Now at the age of 91, Lew is still racing.

“Next year, I’m going to Australia to do a triathlon as part of the 2022 World Championships,” Lew stated during a visit this summer to AIM headquarters in Nampa, Idaho.

Having integrated a wide variety of AIM’s whole-food powders and dietary supplements into his nutritional intake many years ago, Lew is quick to stress the positive impact for mental and physical performance that these products continue to have on his life and the aging process.

To nutritionally start his day, Lew drinks a beverage that includes BarleyLife, CalciAIM, Peak Endurance and RediBeets. “I combine a ten-day supply of AIM products in a bowl and then put the powder mix in a zip-lock bag for daily use,” he explained “I give these green-colored drinks a lot of credit for me being able to stand here and say I’m 91.”

Lew believes getting sufficient nutrition allows your body to repair and rebuild itself. Knowing that you have to use your body or lose it accounts for years of pushing the limits of his physical capabilities.

Use It or Lose It also happens to be the title of his biography that was published this year.
Even though many people consider aches and pains as a natural part of aging, Lew disagrees. “I jump out of bed in the morning, able to run up the hill behind our house and return without hurting,” he exclaimed. “I’ve been able to keep my body in shape where I don’t have any pain.”

At the same time, Lew recognizes the hands of time. “I’m obviously aging. I don’t like it any more than anybody else, but it’s sort of fun too,” he acknowledged, adamant about never being an elder who is “warehoused” in a facility. “I’m still very busy with everything. And I look forward to the next 20, 30 years, why not? Life is really good.”

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