Circulation and Energy

The natural vegetable nitrate in beets is a current focus of research because the body converts it to nitric oxide. You can think of nitric oxide as a natural vasodilator, meaning it relaxes blood vessels and makes them wider. The result is improved circulation throughout the body.

Doctors often prescribe vasodilating drugs for high blood pressure, so studies that show beet juice as a natural way to increase nitric oxide levels, lower blood pressure and improve circulation are certainly receiving a lot of attention.

AIM BIG for Nitric Oxide

During the 2019 AIM Celebration in Orlando, Phillip Jermann, AIM QA Manager and Biologist, circulated among 10 Members to thermally measure blood circulation in their hands before and after taking RediBeets, a juice powder that delivers impressive amounts of beet nitrate. The results were equally impressive, showing improved blood flow in everyone tested.

Royal Emerald Director Gene Blasingame did some testing with RediBeets during the Celebration and afterward using a PEMF device, which produces a signal that helps improve impaired pumping movements of tiny blood vessels. As Gene related, “The PEMF device by itself does not measure up to the effects of RediBeets.”

Gene also combines the nitric oxide benefits of RediBeets with Peak Endurance. Phillip emphasized its importance for ATP, noting that it improves blood flow just like nitric oxide but levels of both decrease as we age.

ATP is our energy molecule that is produced in the mitochondria of our cells. Nitric oxide helps fuel mitochondrial production of ATP, so RediBeets and Peak Endurance go hand in hand with increasing energy and improving circulation.

Testimonials should not be construed as representing results everybody can achieve.


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The AIM Companies pioneered the use of plants—barley, carrots, and beets—as vehicles to deliver the body concentrated nutrition conveniently. Founded in 1982 in Nampa, Idaho, The AIM Companies has operations in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa, providing AIM products to more than 30 countries around the world.

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