Red Rush Powers Sue On!

In April 2018, AIM-Sponsored Athlete Sue Phillips-Leclerc faced another beast . . . the Spartan Beast in New Jersey that is. This means Sue endured over 12 miles and more than 30 obstacles that include climbing ropes and crawling under barbed wire until crossing the finish line.

This is something Sue does for fun: testing her strength, endurance and resolve. In the end, she placed 3rd in her age group in the Spartan Beast. Red Rush is an essential supplement for her intensive training and challenging competitions.

The Beastly Beginning

“I guess I was always big into working out, mostly just going to the gym and lifting weights,” Sue explained. “I was a spin instructor for probably 15 years. And I love the mountains and trail running.”

After Sue entered her first Spartan Beast in Killington, Vermont, she was hooked. Both her husband, John Leclerc, and her daughter, Red Rush Athlete Taylor Witkiewicz, were great motivators because they competed as well.

Mountain Life

Sue and her family live in Plattsburgh, New York, in the Adirondacks, so their virtual backyard contains 46 high-peak mountains. “We spend a lot of time on the trails in the summertime,” Sue said. “Sometimes we’ll go hiking, and I’m religious about taking Red Rush. But occasionally my husband will say, ‘Oh man, I forgot to drink my Red Rush!’ It’s so funny the difference that it makes. It gets the blood flowing and increases stamina.”

Even their 2018 travels took them to high heights and physical challenges: Banff and Jasper in the Canadian Rockies and the 6-Pack of Peaks Challenge™ in Southern California. Red Rush came along for the bumpy ride.

Training Schedule

Sue’s day job as a speech therapist in a public school means that she has an interesting work-week exercise routine. “I get up at 3 a.m. and train for 2 hours, a combination of running and weight training,” Sue stated. Her husband set up a workout room in their garage that she half-jokingly refers to as a torture chamber. “I work out six days a week.”

Her job gives her the summers off to focus on training for upcoming events, such as the August 10 North American Obstacle Course Racing Championships and the September 15 Killington “ULTRA”, which is at least 30 miles and double the obstacles of the Beast.

To power Sue on, Red Rush will be her supplement of choice because “Red Rush makes a world of difference for training and competitions.”

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Meet the Newest AIM Athlete Sue Phillips-Leclerc


Obstacle course racing is an up-and-coming sport, growing exponentially in popularity. The competition is fierce, but the activity is enjoyable and accessible enough that any fitness-minded person who wants to can sign up and spend an afternoon leaping walls, swinging from monkey bars or crawling through mud beneath barbed wire. In 2011, one million Americans participated in an obstacle course race of some type and the number has grown from there.

With that in mind, The AIM Companies is proud to announce our newest sponsored athlete: AIM Member Sue Phillips-Leclerc, an obstacle course racer from New York State. If she looks familiar, that’s because she’s a long-time Red Rush athlete who was also featured in an article alongside her obstacle-course-racing daughter. Sue’s positive attitude and dedication to fitness and nutrition made her an ideal candidate for sponsorship.

“Nutrition has always been very important to me,” she said. “I find that balance is the key. I try to make healthy choices for most of my meals but definitely like ‘treats’ that aren’t the healthiest. I had to stick to a strict diet for figure competitions, —Sue is a former professional bodybuilder—and it was very hard for me. The great thing about obstacle course racing is I find that I don’t have to obsess about my diet. The training keeps me pretty stoked.”

In 2016, Sue has her sights set on the Master’s podium at the Battlefrog Racing series and the Spartan Races, but she’s most excited about the Obstacle Course Racing World Championships in Toronto. The OCRW is only two years old, but it’s already Sue’s favorite due to the variety of obstacles and the chance to meet and run with elite athletes from all around the world. She’s spent the winter months training hard for the upcoming season.

“I’m currently on a running program to increase my mileage and trying like heck to get faster. I’ve never been a good runner or very fast, so this has been challenging for me. I’ve also continued with weight training and exercises to help increase my grip strength. I live in upstate NY, very close to the Adirondack Mountains, so trail running and hiking are a big part of my training as well.

“My husband has renovated our garage into an awesome OCR ‘Torture Chamber.’ There are uphill monkey bars, hanging items (nunchakus, rings, cones, ropes, balls, etc.), a rowing machine, weights, incline trainers, climbing walls and various other apparatus to build grip strength. The climbing rigs are getting longer and more challenging at OCRs, so I am making sure that I’m prepared.”

Another way that she’s preparing for the races is through AIM nutrition and Red Rush. “The only supplements I take are protein, greens and Red Rush. After taking Red Rush for the first few workouts, the difference was considerable! Some mornings I wake up with muscle soreness to the point I don’t think I can train, and then I drink a Red Rush. It’s remarkable how it gets the blood flowing, and I can get a great workout in. I have never used another product so convenient and effective!”