Stress Ages

Stress Ages

Of all the negative aspects of life that affect our wellness, stress can be a constant that has an immeasurable effect on our long-term health. Although it is difficult to fully gauge the impact of stress on our bodies, a blood test can reveal cortisol levels. Higher than normal ranges of this stress hormone may indicate a number of health concerns.

To reduce its negative impact on our lives, stress has to be managed effectively through lifestyle adjustments that include a wholesome dietary intake, regular exercise, sufficient sleep and a positive mental attitude. These stress-reducing steps form a major part of the AIM Healthy Cell Concept.

Health starts at the cellular level. We begin life as cells that multiply into the roughly 100 trillion body cells that create individual versions of ourselves. The unique landscape of human beings in different physical presences around the world is a marvel to consider, given that we all start life from a pairing of cells. Over the years, stress factors into the aging of body cells.

Stress at the Cellular Level

Visible signs of stress are different depending on the amount experienced. The face of someone who has the means to enjoy the necessaries, conveniences and amusements of human life without financial concerns can look very different compared to the face of someone who continuously struggles to survive on a daily basis. Life is notably more stressful for the latter individual.

It’s a known fact that stress ages right down to the cellular level. One measurable indication is the accelerated shortening of telomeres (protective caps of sequenced DNA on the ends of chromosomes). Another is inflammaging, the increased presence of blood inflammatory markers caused primarily by oxidative stress.

A recent study published in Cell Metabolism (April 2023) reports that stressful events can cause fluctuations in the biological age of cells. However, being able to recover from the stress can reverse its aging effect. This certainly supports the concept of stress management for healthy cells.

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