Exercise Ave.

The AIM Healthy Cell Concept™ covers five avenues we can use to improve and maintain our physical and mental well-being: food, exercise, environment, protection and attitude. All are mutually related in achieving balance.

The Choice of Exercise
Exercise is one avenue that has many definitions, depending on where you get your information. Some people never join a gym or fitness class yet lead physically active lives in the course of their day-to-day movements, whether cleaning, doing other home chores or simply commuting on foot or bicycle.

Aerobics, cycling, running, swimming, skiing, skateboarding, weight-training and even plain old walking all qualify as popular types of exercise. Whichever physical activity is chosen, fitness and health goals determine the level of intensity required.
People Gotta Move!

Physical activity promotes good health while a lengthy lack of it has the opposite effect. Prolonged, stationary moves of sitting and lying down contribute to a primarily sedentary position in life. People are made to move. Even getting up and going for walks is a simple way to regularly stay active.
With summer in the rearview mirror and winter on the way, going outside for a walk on a regular basis will likely require adapting to changes in the weather. But it’s worth the effort both for the physical and mental benefits. Along with its simplicity, walking delivers head-clearing and mood-boosting effects that represent some of the advantages of choosing this easy form of physical activity.

Exercise in general is great for mind and body, making it a vital ingredient for good health, right down to the individual cells of the body. So, it’s not surprising that exercise is one of five avenues in the Healthy Cell Concept.

No matter the person’s age, regular strolls on exercise avenue are a healthy lifestyle choice.

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