An Ashwagandha Good Change!

The reformulation of GinkgoSense was officially announced in the February issue of Living Well magazine. Changes to the formula include the addition of ashwagandha.

This revered herbal ingredient has been used for thousands of years in Ayurveda, the traditional system of medicine in India. However, public awareness of the stress-relieving benefits of ashwagandha is fairly recent in other parts of the world.

Helping Your Body to Adapt

Ashwagandha is particularly well-known for relieving stress due to its adaptogenic properties.

Adaptogens help your body to handle all kinds of stressors that can affect your state of mind and health.

Stress is directly related to cortisol, the body’s primary stress hormone. As an adaptogen, ashwagandha may help to inhibit the release of cortisol from the adrenal glands, assisting the body in not overreacting. When your nervous system is alarmed by excessive stress, the presence of ashwagandha in GinkgoSense helps to extend your body’s phase of resistance that allows it to adapt to the presence of stressors.

GinkgoSense-USAs a result of its effectiveness com­pared to other adaptogenic herbs, ashwagandha is on its way to becoming the next big thing in plant-based ingredients, just like curcumin, which is also a recent addition to the GinkgoSense formula.

AIM goes out of its way to do its re­search and occasionally make formulaic changes that naturally enhance a product’s effectiveness. Tap­ping into thousands of years of ashwagandha use that even­tually led to modern studies of this adaptogenic herb, AIM knew the timing was right to provide even more health benefits to Members by enhancing GinkgoSense with ashwagandha.


The AIM Companies has been dedicated to improving the quality of people’s lives with life-changing products like BarleyLife and Herbal Fiberblend and by rewarding passionate Members with a free-enterprise compensation plan.

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