The Need for Enzymes

One of the most recently rebranded supplements in the USA is PrepZymes, a dietary supplement that supports digestive health. Its combination of nine cultured enzymes, alpine wild garlic and papaya puts the “prep” in PrepZymes, preparing effective backup for your body’s own supply of beneficial enzymes.

“Each one of us is given a limited supply of bodily enzyme energy at birth,” according to Dr. Edward Howell, author of Enzyme Nutrition: The Food Enzyme Concept (written in the 1920s). “The faster you use up your enzyme supply, the shorter your life.” It makes a strong case for the more enzymes you have, the healthier you can be.

The Need for Enzymes

To initiate or speed up the ongoing chemical reactions in your body, you need enzymes. They are required to digest food, produce cellular energy, stimulate the brain, replicate DNA, break down toxins, make repairs to your body and the list goes on. In other words, you can’t live without enzymes.

Current research shows that as we age, we produce a reduced number of enzymes. A deficiency can contribute to poor health.

Consuming raw fruits and vegetables helps to replenish the enzymes your body requires to operate optimally. Food that is cooked at temperatures above 118°F destroys enzymes.

PrepZymes is another way to replenish your body’s enzymes. Whatever you eat, this dietary supplement gives your body a digestive break, allowing it to utilize its own enzyme supply for other vital functions. When digestive enzymes are taken on an empty stomach, they go to work at reducing inflammation1. Either way, your body gets a boost from PrepZymes.



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