The Best of Beets

RediBeets provides all the best of beets from a pure extracted juice that is dried into a concentrated powder.

One of the many healthy benefits of beets is that they contain an incredibly rich source of nitrate, a nitrogen-oxygen compound that is absorbed from soil by these root vegetables.  Your body uses this healthy form of nitrate, converting it into a molecule called nitric oxide (NO).

Although negatively abbreviated as NO, nitric oxide plays a positive role in keeping you healthy. As a messenger molecule, NO transmits signals to cardiovascular-, immune- and nervous-system cells. 1

Where Relaxation Begins

One of the body’s main locations for beet-nitrate conversion into nitric oxide is the endothelium: the inner layer of blood vessels. From there, nitric oxide molecules move to the cells of smooth muscle, making them relax. As a result, blood vessels widen, increasing blood flow and decreasing blood pressure. 1

By supplementing with RediBeets daily, you increase your dietary intake of nitrate. This gives your body what it needs to continuously produce nitric oxide: an essential molecule for good health.

RediBeets has been my breakfast for the past 25 years although I love it any time of day. I take two teaspoons daily.

Harold Harrison, AIM Director

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One thought on “The Best of Beets

  1. Thank you. It was nice to read the articles on Aim products today. I like taking Aim RediBeets, too. I am thankful to the Lord God for the Aim supplement products to go with my meals and water! It just makes me feel wholesome and so healthy. I like reading about the Aim products etc.

    Deborah Ironstand


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