4 Things You Should Know About the Microbiome

1 Antibiotics have a detrimental effect on the microbiome, destroying good bacteria along with those that cause infections. Many people take antibiotics for a cold or the flu, but both illnesses are caused by viruses that antibiotics cannot kill. Studies indicate long-lasting disruption of the microbiome even from short-term antibiotic use. Childhood exposure to antibiotics impacts microbiome development and can result in the onset of illnesses through adulthood.

2 The microbiome’s connection to mental health is controversial pri­marily because most of the research has been done on animals. However, one study revealed that people with a variety of psychological issues had similar gut microbiota profiles. It is known that gut bacteria are involved in producing the brain’s chemical messengers, neurotransmitters that include mood-influencing dopamine and seratonin, so a bacteria deficiency or lack of diversity may negatively impact mental health.

3 Exercise improves the microbiome of mice and men . . . and women. In studies that monitored mice, six weeks of voluntary wheel running created positive changes in mice microbiota. On a human level, a study showed that exercise altered the composition and metabolic capacity of gut microbiota. In these human and animal studies, exercise stimulated bacteria that produce butyrate, a short chain fatty acid that reduces inflammation and supports gut health.

4 AIM nutrition supports a healthy microbiome with a variety of whole-food powders and targeted health supplements. FloraFood and Fit ‘n Fiber are particularly beneficial for the microbiome. Repopulating the gut with FloraFood’s three species of probiotics–3 billion live cells per capsule—gives the microbiome an influx of friendly bacteria. The prebiotic fiber in Fit ‘n Fiber feeds the good bacteria in the microbiota community.


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