Cardiovascular Fitness Is One of the Best Indicators of Health at Any Age


Exercise can slow down the aging process according to extensive new research.  This is good news for people attempting to commission magical paintings that age for them and those wandering around the gator-filled Florida Everglades looking for youthifying fountains. It may, however, be bad news for plastic surgeons and the makers of fine walking canes.

All jokes aside, it is reported that we lose ten percent of our cardiovascular fitness or VO2 Max —the maximum amount of oxygen used during intense exercise–every decade starting in our 20’s.  This is because our bodies, sadly, become less efficient as we get older. The good news is that people who are highly fit have about 50 to 60 percent higher cardio fitness capacity when compared to people in the lowest fitness spectrum and that’s across all ages. Cardiovascular fitness has also been linked to a up to 25% decrease in mortality.

Additionally, cardiovascular fitness is one of the best ways to prognosticate a person’s overall likelihood of death and disability. It’s even a better indicator than smoking, obesity, diabetes and hypertension.

From Ball State University: 

“However, despite the fact that low cardiovascular fitness is one of the most important determinates of health outcomes, it is often neglected in favor of risk markers more familiar to more clinicians who are likely to focus on conditions treatable with drugs or invasive procedures,” —Leonard Kaminsky director of Ball State’s Fisher Institute for Wellness and Gerontology.

The study which looked at the treadmill tests of 7,800 healthy participants will be published in the November issue of Mayo Clinic Proceedings. 

Proper Nutrition for Fitness 

Starting a new exercise routine can be somewhat overwhelming at first. That’s what makes proper nutrition so important. It builds a foundation for success.

Red Rush beet juice provides 500 mg of dietary nitrate in every shot. It’s been shown that simple, natural vegetable nitrates can increase muscle power, improve endurance and lower the oxygen cost of exercise.  It’s a great way to get that extra boost before a workout.

ProPeas pea protein provides 12 grams of premium vegan protein in every scoop. As we age, protein becomes more and more important for retaining muscle mass.

Peak Endurance sports drink provides B vitamins essential for the production of energy, Peak ATP and a full battery of electrolytes to replenish what’s been sweated out during exercise.

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