AIMing for Vitamin K

Most people are aware of the vitamins they need to stay healthy. The ones that immediately come to mind are the first four letters of the alphabet: A, B, C, D and E. For the most part, getting these essential nutrients primarily from your whole-food intake is the way to go.

One vitamin that may not immediately jump to the front of the nutrient line is fat-soluble K, named after the word koagulation from the German language. Vitamin K is required for coagulation, the formation of blood clots, wherein liquid blood thickens into a gel, an essential process for healing from injuries.

Along with blood coagulation, vitamin K plays a cofactor role for the proteins involved in bone building, calcification prevention and cell-function regulation. Unfortunately, your body does not store much vitamin K, so it is rapidly depleted. All of the functions that require this nutrient can be affected if you do not get enough from your dietary intake.

Green leafy vegetables give you the predominant form of vitamin K1 , also known as phylloquinone. Then there’s vitamin K2 as a range of forms called menaquinones, which are found in fermented foods, dairy and other animal products. K2 is also synthesized by your gut bacteria.
AIM provides exceptionally healthy ways to supplement your intake of vitamin K1 from two plant-based powders: BarleyLife and CoCoa LeafGreens.

Each 4-gram serving of BarleyLife delivers 94 micrograms of vitamin K1, just one of the nutritious benefits of the juice powder of young barley leaves. The recommended two 4-gram servings of CoCoa LeafGreens gives you

84 micrograms of vitamin K1 from its powder combination of leafy greens and cocoa beans.
Given that you should get most of your vitamin K and other essential nutrients from plant sources, both BarleyLife and CoCoa LeafGreens fit the bill with supplemental whole food.


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